Could The Islamic State Be Destroying Itself From The Inside Out?

Could The Islamic State Be Destroying Itself From The Inside Out?
By Yo (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Islamic State has so far managed to weather the near constant barrage of coalition missiles and warplanes, and has largely staved off the advance of Kurdish and other forces on the ground. As terrible as it is to admit, the Islamic State is putting up a solid fight against its numerically and technologically superior opponents.

But as the Islamic State’s ranks grow and its own “borders” solidify, the group is facing a new challenge: internal dissent. The Islamic State has been working to establish itself as a bonafide government, but as it does so, leaders are finding themselves facing the problems confronted by most governments.

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From corruption, to resentment over pay disparities and responsibilities, to growing ideological differences among the group’s many soldiers, the Islamic State is facing an increasing number of internal challenges.

And the rest of the world can cross its fingers and hope that these internal challenges will help to unravel the terrorist state.

Islamic State: Fissures Growing Along Ideological and Practical Lines

The Islamic State is a mixture of local Iraqi and Syrian troops, along with soldiers from abroad. Some members within the group are r