Is US Dollar Carry Trade a Menopause in the Currency Markets?

Is US Dollar Carry Trade a Menopause in the Currency Markets?
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Is US Dollar Carry Trade a Menopause in the Currency Markets? by Capitalist Exploits

I had taken my then life savings earned from a job pushing shopping trolleys at the supermarket, and sent them overseas with a friend.

I was 16 years of age and my life aspiration was to travel the world. I’d figured out that to do so I’d be needing (strong) foreign currency. My friend banked my money in Australian dollars and this was to be my very first major currency trade. I was long AUD/ZAR – a great trade for me over the following few years.

I would look up the foreign exchange rates in the back of the newspaper my Dad brought home each night and I’d quickly calculate my P&L.

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This was my first experience with currency volatility and the ride was more uncomfortable than the notorious Cresta run.

I’d remember feeling elated when my holdings had increased showing me a profit, and terribly depressed when the inevitable opposite happened. My moods could probably have been easily predicted by that one currency pair.

Many years later I’m the proud husband of a beautiful wife and this is where I’ve realised that understanding currency markets is the key to understanding women. I knew currency markets before I knew women so I think I had a “heads up”. No excuses, heh!

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