Investing Lessons From Peyton Manning, Buffett And Munger

Investing Lessons From Peyton Manning, Buffett And Munger
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Investing Lessons From Peyton Manning, Buffett And Munger by Matt Brice, The SOVA Group

The 2011 NFL Most Valuable Player was without a doubt Peyton Manning.  Due to a quirk in the NFL rules, Manning did not win the MVP award that year because he did not take a single snap for the Indianapolis Colts.  Details….

If your hometown team was the Colts in 2011, what odds would you have taken that the Colts would not win the Superbowl that year?

There are 32 NFL teams. Knowing one team extremely well means you know 3% of the NFL.

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Buffett taught me to know my home team well.  (3% of the Russell 3000 is about 100 companies)

Munger taught me that the man with the hammer only sees nails and that the one-legged man will always lose an ass-kicking contest.

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