GoPro Inc Has A Serious New Competitor- Xiaomi

GoPro Inc Has A Serious New Competitor- Xiaomi
ciupa / Pixabay

Over the past few months, many electronics companies such as Sony, Panasonic and other have tried to take on GoPro with their own action cameras. Despite rising competition, GoPro continues to dominate the industry. The company has been planning to expand to China, where it may face a tough competition. Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has just introduced a new GoPro-like action camera.

Xiaomi’s device costs only a fraction of GoPro Hero

Xiaomi’s latest product costs just $64, less than 50% of the cheapest GoPro camera, which retails for $130. Though its “Yi Action Camera” sells for a fraction of GoPro’s price, it packs far better specs than GoPro Hero cameras. But the U.S. company can take relief in the fact that the Yi Action Camera is limited to China, at least for now. The device is available on Tmall,, and Xiaomi’s official website.

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