Google Glass 2nd Edition Coming In 2015

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Contrary to popular belief, Google still plans to make Google Glass. The wearable device was unveiled nearly three years ago. The device initially was limited to a select group of people in the Explorer program, which has since been shut down. But Google’s Eric Schmidt recently alleviated rumors and confirmed that Glass is set to return this year.

A look at the original Google Glass

Google Glass is a smart headset that uses the internet to take photos, record video footage and allow access to apps via gesture controls.  Google Glass would make it easy to take pictures or videotape people in public, which has subsequently ignited controversy. The huge price tag of $1,500 also drove interest away from Glass, particularly from third-party developers. The Google Glass Explorer program ended in January, and the search giant claimed it was shut down for developers to focus on the future. Future versions of Glass are in the works, however.

The Glass project was moved out of the lab, and the headset is now a separate unit led by Nest and Internet-of-Things division head Tony Fadell. He explained that it was a significant platform for Google. Even though the media assumed the company quit on the project, Google still had plans to work with it.

Google Glass reports

Late last year, there were reports surfacing that Google may be working on a budget-friendly version of Glass. This headset would supposedly come with an Intel chip and improved battery life. Google Glass has a lot of potential to become a key competitor in the wearable market. It could transform technology and the way people use the internet. It could give people and app developers a chance to take apps to a whole new level and create new ways for companies to market services.

Google wants to revolutionize the wearables market like Apple did with the mobile market.

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