Google Flights To Display Flights With Wi-Fi

Google plans to simplify flight searches in the near future. Google Flight Search will offer a feature that will display flights which¬†carry Wi-Fi and other amenities. Google’s new feature comes courtesy of the company’s partnership with Routehappy.

The Routehappy service helps travelers locate the best flights with the most useful amenities and roomiest seat space. The service’s data integrates with Google Flight, and users will be able to see which flights come with Wi-Fi or in-seat power.

Google’s plan to shut Google Code

Google’s Director of Business Development for the travel division, Gianni Marostica, explained he understood most people look for information about flights before booking. Google first launched this flight search feature last month. Unlike most of the flight-oriented websites and apps on the web, Google Flights doesn’t allow users to book flights. It browses the internet to find the best discounts.

In other Google-related news, the search giant also recently announced plans to shutter Google Code. The company cited an overload of spam and an influx of outside alternatives. The company shared a post on its Open Source Blog. In the post, Google states that times have changed a lot since it first launched Google Code nine years ago. Many developers have since moved their projects to other services such as GitHub.

Google to help developers transfer

Google recently disabled one project creation on Google Code. The tech giant also provided developers with tools to help them migrate their current projects elsewhere. The company will also offer support to those who need help to export their projects in the upcoming months. By late August, the website will be read-only, and early next year will be the final shut-down date.

A few Google Code users expressed frustration with Google’s decision not to continue hosting projects that can’t migrate. This announcement is bad news for project owners who have since passed or went AWOL.

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