Germanwings Flight 9525: Copilot Intentionally Crashed The Plane


French authorities are reporting on Thursday that the copilot of the GermanWings flight that crashed earlier this week locked out the pilot and intentionally crashed the aircraft. The official, Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin, emphasized that they have no further details on a motive and no reason to believe terrorism is involved.

Details on the GermanWings Flight No. 9525 disaster

Robin spoke to the media Thursday. He said the black box recorder showed that the commanding pilot left the cockpit, probably to go to the bathroom, and was then locked out of the cockpit when he returned. During that time, co-pilot Andreas Lubitz intentionally set the plane on the descent that drove it into the mountainside in the southern French Alps.

The co-pilot clearly had the “intention to destroy this plane,” Robin noted.

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Robin also noted that the co-pilot did not say a single word after the commanding pilot left the cockpit. “It was absolute silence in the cockpit.” He also said steady breathing was audible in the cockpit recording, so it is clear that Lubitz is still alive.

In addition, Robin said that increasingly desperate pounding could be heard on the door as low-altitude alarms went off just before the crash.

More on GermanWings flight copilot Andreas Lubitz

In the German town of Montabaur where Lubitz spent time, people who knew him said Lubitz showed no signs of depression when they saw him a few months ago when he renewed his glider pilot’s license.

“He was happy he had the job with Germanwings and he was doing well,” commented a member of the glider club, Peter Ruecker. “He gave off a good feeling.”

According to the Associated Press, Lubitz earned his glider pilot’s license as a young man. He became a Lufthansa pilot in training after completing a highly competitive college prep school, Ruecker noted. He said that Lubitz seemed like a “rather quiet” but friendly young man.


Germanwings said on Facebook:

The shocking statements of the French authorities are not aware recently, where it is reported that the co-pilot deliberately to brought the aircraft to crash. Our thoughts and prayers are still with all relatives and friends of the victims.

This afternoon, the next press conference will take place at 14:30.

Spanish PM, Mariano Rajoy Brey wrote (Translated):

Shocked by the latest figures provided by the researchers of the crash. again our hug excited to the families.

Lufthansa said:

We are shaken by the upsetting statements of the French authorities. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families and friends of the victims. The next press conference will take place this afternoon at 2.30 pm (German time).