Galaxy S7 Rumors And Concept Video Emerge

Galaxy S7 Rumors And Concept Video Emerge
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Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is yet to be released, yet already rumors and murmurings are emerging regarding its Galaxy S7 sequel. Reports in Korea are already outlining possible features for this flagship Samsung handset, while concert images have also emerged.

To some degree, the makeup of the Galaxy S7 will obviously be dependent on the success of the imminent Galaxy S6. This has been a difficult period for Samsung, as the Korean corporation has been forced to watch is major rival Apple establish a significant lead at the head of the worldwide mobile marketplace.

Meanwhile, Samsung was forced to endure profits plummeting by 60 percent during 2014, even though the company obviously retains a massive presence in the consumer electronics niche. After Samsung was forced to concede to the city and its shareholders that the profitability of the company had decline so considerably, the hierarchy of Samsung admitted that its approach with devices had been awry in recent months.

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So Samsung will certainly be hoping for a successful launch of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge when the two models of its flagship smartphone release in April. However, there is a feeling that the 2015 marketplace for smartphones could see the major manufacturers merely upgrading existing technology rather than producing truly revolutionary devices. This impression has been catalyzed by a report that Apple will release an iPhone 6s during 2015, which is seen as more of an upgrade from the iPhone 6 than a fully-fledged new device.

Galaxy S7 – custom chips

So the news that Samsung is currently working on a new custom chip, which is expected to be ready for the first quarter of 2016, is an intriguing notion. It seems likely that Samsung would love to have this in place at some point during 2015, so that it could form part of the Galaxy Note 5 phablet. But this particular timeframe is thought to be unrealistic, and the first Samsung device to benefit from this revolutionary chipset is likely to be the Galaxy S7.

Samsung has shown a particular taste for custom chips in recent months. The Galaxy S6 has already moved away from the Qualcomm Snapdragon series, and it is expected that the Galaxy Note 5 will also embrace Samsung’s own proprietary Exynos technology when it is released in the early days of Q4.

And this is not the first time that Samsung has been linked with developing its own custom chip. As early as 2013, the Korean company stated that it was in the process of developing a 64-bit processor based on ARM Cortex architecture. At this time, it was also stated that Samsung was developing a chip using in-house custom cores, and now this process is not only ongoing, but apparently close to being completed.

Business Korea, based in Samsung’s core marketplace, suggests that executives at the consumer electronics giant are extremely interested in developing the company’s semiconductor business. The vice chairman of the corporation, Lee Jae-yong, is said to be keen that Samsung develops its existing semiconductor design, and strengthens technological capabilities within the corporation in order to place an increasing emphasis on semiconductor development in the future.

Galaxy S7 – mobile chip integration

The publication also states that Samsung is currently working on integrating mobile chips and modems with future iterations of the Galaxy S series. Samsung is said to be motivated to do this in order to lessen its reliance on Qualcomm SoCs.

Business Korea also suggest that the corporation is currently planning to expand its foundry business, which will enable Samsung to diversify the product groups it is able to produce. This is apparently aimed at manufacturing application processors, graphics processing unit and PC chips in the near future.

It is clear from this report that Samsung is already contemplating a future in which it is the primary manufacturer of chips and other components for its own mobile units. This is something of a departure from its previous approach, but it is obviously something that the hierarchy of the company believes to be commercially important.

Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 – rumors

With the Galaxy S6 having already been confirmed as a quad HD device, the consensus of opinion is already moving in the direction of the Galaxy S7 being a 4K smartphone. This would make sense for the Galaxy S6 series, as the forthcoming Galaxy Note 5 is widely expected to introduce the concept of 4K resolution to Samsung handsets.

Reports have indicated that Samsung announced at its shareholder meeting that the corporation will be focusing on delivering extremely high resolution displays in its handsets as an ongoing policy. This would be consistent with the general approach of Samsung, with the company generally focusing on screen quality in its devices, and pioneering curved display technology.

Standard Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge versions of the smartphone are almost a racing certainty.

Galaxy S7 Edge – concept video

With information already emerging about this forthcoming smartphone, it is quite incredible that a Galaxy S7 Edge concert video has already emerged. This of course predates the release of the Galaxy S6, so we can’t expect to see this smartphone emerge for around 13 months!

But Mesut G Designs has drawn upon information that is already known about the Galaxy S7 to produce a video which teases out what this smartphone may look like. The device in the video provided by this design company includes a curved edge on both sides of the smartphone, and extremely slim bezels at the bottom and top side. This would be a natural approach for Samsung, enabling the corporation to arm the Galaxy S7 with a larger display than the existing version of the handset.

Mesut G Designs also suggest that the camera in the Galaxy S7 could be positioned to the left-hand side of the device. It may be a long time until this device comes to fruition, but it is nonetheless interesting to get a sneak peak at a possible appearance of this flagship smartphone release.

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