Galaxy S7 – Fantasy Concept Design Emerges

Galaxy S7 – Fantasy Concept Design Emerges
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It is an extremely busy time for Samsung with the imminent release of the Galaxy S6, but sources suggest that the company is already working on its successor, the Galaxy S7. This can be considered very much a fantasy device at the time of writing, as Samsung is currently in the process of examining what will be logistically possible with this flagship handset.

Already several reports have suggested that Samsung is working on some unique components and features for this important mobile release. The Galaxy S6 has already established that Samsung has aggressive intentions with regard to competing with the Apple iPhone range, and it is expected that this will policy will be cemented by its approach to the Galaxy S7.

Analysts have already suggested that Samsung will make significant changes to both components and functionality when the Galaxy S7 is released. Although we haven’t even seen the Galaxy S6 hit the shelves yet, sources close to Samsung have indicated that the Korean corporation is already working on chipsets and features which could be prominent parts of a Galaxy S7 release.

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Of course, although the Apple iPhone series is the market-leading smartphone, Samsung has always had its fair share of devotees, and many prefer the open-ended nature of Android to the closed shop which is iOS. Fans of the Galaxy range will be expecting a great deal from this flagship smartphone release when it hits the stores, as although the Galaxy S6 device is an ambitious one in its physical appearance, it isn’t a revolutionary handset in terms of its internal make-up.

So here are a range of features which would be preferable for the Galaxy S7 when it debuts in what is likely to be 2016.

Galaxy S7 display

We may see the first mass market 4K smartphone before the release of the Galaxy S7, but the likelihood is that the Samsung release will be a pioneering device. Samsung has taken a significant lead over Apple in recent years with the quality of displays that it includes in its mobile devices, and actually the most obvious direct rival in this department would be LG.

Whether LG will produce a 4K resolution smartphone during 2015 remains to be seen, but it does seem likely that Samsung will ensure that the Galaxy S7 features 4K functionality. With the Galaxy S6 capable of displaying images in quad HD resolution, there really is very little else that Samsung can do to improve on the screen quality of this device. By 2016, 4K resolution should be more of a mainstream technology, and this will incentivise Samsung to ensure that the Galaxy S7 is 4K compatible.

A larger display than the Galaxy S6 is also likely, and sources close to Samsung have suggested that this will be achieved by reducing the bezel included in the device.

Galaxy S7 design

One of the big initial rumors related to this future smartphone is that it will feature a unique physical design incorporating a folding screen aspect. This is actually not a new phenomenon in itself, even though we haven’t seen it feature in commercially available smartphones. Samsung has been showing off this potential feature of the Galaxy range for at least seven years, and it now seems that this technology could be financially viable in 2016.

With smartphones now much slimmer in appearance than back in 2008, the concept which Samsung has demonstrated for some time is now feasible from a logistical point of view as well. Folding a device up and storing it in one’s pocket via this method would now be comfortable and convenient. But this element of the Galaxy S7 could also incite Samsung to ensure that the handset is slimmer than previous devices in the series.

Galaxy S7 concept

While these physical design and display elements are likely to be tacked on to the existing Galaxy S6 framework – and a curved version of the Galaxy S7 is certain – speculation about the device is also doing the rounds on the Internet. The most interesting aspect of this to emerge so far has been a Galaxy S7 concept, which provides some possible specifications for this forthcoming flagship smartphone.

This particular concept includes a spec list of possible parameters that could be included in the Galaxy S7, which are certainly optimistic in nature, but which will get Samsung fans drooling over the prospect. The concept image also suggests, in accordance with what has been suggested previously, that the Galaxy S7 will feature absolutely no bezels.

Galaxy S7 specs

The first thing that the concept asserts is that Samsung will double the RAM included in the Galaxy S7 to 6 GB. This would be a pretty staggering quotient of memory considering that we have never seen a Galaxy series device with more than three gigabytes of RAM. Traditionally, Samsung increases the RAM in each iteration of the Galaxy S series by 1 GB at a time, but considering some of the other specs suggested by this S7 concept, some pretty hefty RAM would indeed be required.

While the Galaxy S6 claims to benefit from octa-core processing, in actual fact this is somewhat misleading. The smartphone is actually driven by two bundles of quad-core processors, which are clocked at different speeds. So to build on this concept, it is suggested that the Galaxy S7 will feature a true 3 GHz octa-core processor, with the chipset employing Cyclone HMP technology. Considering that Samsung has already dumped Qualcomm, it is certain that we will see its own proprietary Exynos technology included in this next-generation smartphone.

It has also been suggested that the camera in the Galaxy S7 could be improved to a whopping 30-megapixels. This would be seen as a very much a response to the forthcoming iPhone 7, which has been linked with some truly revolutionary and outstanding camera technology. It is also possible that the Galaxy S7 could embrace the super-fast charging technology which the corporation demonstrated recently.

All in all, the Galaxy S7 could be a mobile superpower when it is released.

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