Samsung Galaxy S6 Worldwide Pricing Leaked

Samsung Galaxy S6 Worldwide Pricing Leaked
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With the Galaxy S6 having been unveiled by Samsung this week, information about the price of the handset is now seeping out too. Samsung has confirmed that the device will be launched in twenty countries when it is released on April 10. While some of the countries in which the smartphone will launch are inevitable, and it would be possible to make an educated guess regarding several others, Samsung has actually kept the identity of these countries to itself thus far.

So working out exactly where the Galaxy S6 will launch, and precisely what it will cost when it launches there, is an extremely difficult undertaking. It is also worth remembering that Samsung has specified a different pricing policy for the two models of the Galaxy S6, with the Galaxy S6 Edge being significantly more expensive. However, we do have some indication to go on, and consumers in the United States can already be pretty certain of what they will have to shell out to purchase this flagship smartphone.

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T-Mobile leaks US price

Of course, Samsung has yet to officially reveal the price of the Galaxy S6, but leaks in the last 24 hours have given us a very strong indication of what it is likely to be. And fans of Samsung devices have T-Mobile to thank for this information, as the carrier has apparently inadvertently let the United States price slip.

T-Mobile is currently hosting a contest which will enable one fortunate to winner to receive a free galaxy S6 on launch day. Considering the terms and conditions which must form part of such competitions, it is perhaps not surprising that the T & C for this particular promotion have unwillingly revealed more information than was intended.

According to the terms and conditions, the Galaxy S6 being given away in the competition is valued at $699. Although T-Mobile has not specifically indicated which model of the Galaxy S6 will be given away as a prize, contests which have been held by the carrier previously suggest that it will be the entry-level 32 GB version. And not the Galaxy S6 Edge, or any of the devices with a higher storage quotient.

It is interesting to note this price, as it suggests that the Galaxy S6 will retail at a price which is higher than the iPhone 6. This currently retails at $649 for the most affordable version of the Apple flagship smartphone, although it is worth noting that this is for a less capacitive 16 GB model. With screen resolution ever increasing, and more storage capacity required, it seems that the concept of the 16 GB smartphone will be scrapped in this generation of handsets.

iPhone 6 comparison

Apple also charges $849 for the 128 GB version of the iPhone 6, and the prize indicated in the T-Mobile competition suggests that the Samsung device will be more expensive than this as well. It would seem to be highly likely that the 64 GB version of the Galaxy S6 will retail at $100 more than the competition prize, being priced at $799. And this would make the most expensive version of the standard Galaxy S6 likely to retail at $899.

Of course, these are off-contract prices, and unfortunately there is no indication regarding the contract-based retail price of the Galaxy S6 as of yet. But estimations from analysts have indicated that $199.99 would be a likely price point for the Galaxy S6 on contract in the United States.

The United States was always a certain location for the release of the Galaxy S 6, and although not all of the other locations are known, it has been confirmed that Spain will be among them. This was always highly likely anyway, considering that the device was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. But information identified in the last 24 hours confirms this, and suggests a possible pricing model for the European marketplace.

Galaxy S6 Europe price

Computerworld has carried out a search of the Samsung website that has apparently located the price of the Galaxy S6 in Spain. With the retail prices of consumer electronics in Europe generally heftier than in the United States market, it won’t come as a surprise that this is the case with the Galaxy S6.

It is often the case that dollar prices for the US market can be directly translated into Euro or Sterling equivalents in Europe, and this seems to be the case with the Galaxy S6. Computerworld suggests that based on the search that has been carried out that the Galaxy S6 will retail at €699 when it is released on April 10. This represents a 20 percent increase over the price for the Galaxy S5 when it was released in Europe.

Although no pricing is seemingly available for the new Galaxy S6 Edge model of the device, the general consensus is that this will retail for $100 more in the US market and €100 more in Europe. This would mean that the most expensive standard version of the Galaxy S6 Edge would retail for just under $1,000 in the United States, and slightly less than €1,000 on the European mainland.

There is no indication regarding pricing in the United Kingdom at this point in time; of course, Britain does not utilize the euro, and thus pricing will differ significantly from both Europe and the United States.

Clearly this will not be a cheap device, and it is thought that the new metal casing for the Galaxy S6 has significantly contributed to this. However, although the Galaxy S6 will evidently be more expensive than the iPhone 6, it is perhaps not entirely fair to make this comparison. This is a next generation smartphone, and we will only know whether the price tag of the Galaxy S6 is excessive once the iPhone 7 is also released.

In the meantime, Samsung will be hoping for strong results from the Galaxy S6 range when it is released on April 10 in these twenty mysterious nations.

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