Galaxy Note 5 – Release Date, Features, Rumors & Leaks

Galaxy Note 5 – Release Date, Features, Rumors & Leaks
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With the Galaxy S6 now out of the bag, attention at Samsung will shift to the release of the Galaxy Note 5. The previous iteration of this series, the Galaxy Note 4, was a significant success story for Samsung in an otherwise lukewarm 2014. This premium phablet was extremely well received by critics, and also performed creditably commercially.

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It was particularly notable that some critics deemed the Galaxy Note 4 to feature the best display in any smartphone yet to be released. So Samsung has a lot to live up to with the release of the Galaxy Note 5, but this tablet is expected to take the Galaxy Notes series to a whole new level.

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4K display

The first element to note about this forthcoming phablet is that the Galaxy Note 5 will almost certainly feature a 4K display. Numerous publications have suggested this in recent weeks, but one doesn’t need to be Nostradamus, or have any inside information, in order to predict this. The Galaxy Note 4 featured a quad HD display, and it is almost unthinkable that Samsung would stand still with the next generation in this range. Therefore there is little else that the corporation can do to improve the screen other than offer a 4K display.

It has also been suggested that the screen featured in the Galaxy Note 5 will be significantly larger than the previous device in the series. A 5.9-inch 4K Super AMOLED display with 2,160 x 3,840 resolution and 746ppi pixel density has been mooted, and this would be a truly impressive prospect. To put this into perspective, the pixel density involved in such a screen would be nearly double that of the existing iPhone 6 Plus.

Additionally, although there is still some media debate on this subject, it seems an absolute certainty that there will be a sequel to the Galaxy Note Edge. With Samsung having unveiled the Galaxy S6 Edge recently, and the company being particularly associated with curved screen technology, it would make very little sense for Samsung to abandon this concept in the Galaxy Note 5 release.


Cameras have been essential to smartphones ever since the concept was first ushered into the world, and this is becoming more true as the devices develop. There are already considerable rumors doing the rounds that Apple is about to release something truly outstanding in the camera department when the iPhone 7 hits the market, and Samsung will naturally be looking to respond to this.

Thus, early leaks relating to the Galaxy Note 5 suggest that this phablet will feature a 21-megapixel main camera, and a 5-megapixel front-facing lens. This would represent the most powerful camera that Samsung has placed in a Galaxy range device as of yet, and the impressive 5-megapixel front camera would also offer excellent selfie-snapping capabilities.

Chipset and processor

It also seems extremely likely that the Korean Corporation will utilize its own Exynos 7420 chipset in the Galaxy Note 5. Samsung has dropped Qualcomm for the Galaxy S6 range, and considering that the Exynos offers 20 percent faster performance and 35 percent less power consumption, it seems highly likely that the Korean company will opt for the Snapdragon 810. Previous editions of the Galaxy Note series have relied on Exynos technology in the East Asian marketplace, and the time seems right for Samsung to expand this now.

Battery, power saving and wireless charging

Early reports indicate that the Galaxy Note 5 will likely feature a 4,000mAh battery along with wireless charging and enhanced power-saving features. It is interesting that such a large battery is being considered for this device, as the Galaxy S6 surprisingly featured a smaller battery than its predecessor. It remains to be seen what sort of impact this will have on the battery life of the Galaxy S6, but a phablet with a 5.9-inch 4K resolution display will certainly require a large cell in order to be practical.

Galaxy Note 5 - Release Date, Features, Rumors & Leaks

With the Galaxy S6 embracing wireless charging, this also seems an entirely natural move for the Galaxy Note series. With emphasis also likely to be placed on power saving functionality in order to ensure that this extremely powerful device delivers a lot of bang for its buck, this could be an extremely convenient device for consumers to utilize despite its inherent power.

Gear VR

One of the big innovations expected with the Galaxy Note 5 is a large emphasis on virtual reality capabilities. With numerous companies currently working on virtual reality systems, Oculus Rift CTO John Carmack has already suggested that the Gear VR will get a full-fledged consumer launch with the Korean company’s next hardware cycle.

Virtual reality looks likely to become a significant technology in the immediate future. It will be interesting to see how the Cculus Rift project takes off, and indeed how its most obvious rival, the Sony PS4-based Project Morpheus, fares. Video gaming needs a kick up the backside to a certain extent, with companies struggling to deliver games that are truly revolutionary. It is hoped that VR gaming can contribute to this, and if this is the case then the Galaxy Note 5 could benefit hugely from this tie-in.

Samsung Pay

By the time that the Galaxy Note 5 hits the market, Samsung’s new proprietary mobile payment system, Samsung Pay, should be up and running. It is therefore an absolute certainty that the phablet will embrace this critical technology. Mobile payments are expected to become an extremely important commercial niche in the near future, with a Mashable article in 2012 even suggesting that mobile payments could completely replace cash and credit cards by the end of the decade.

This seems a trifle over the top, but it is certain that mobile payments will be a multi-billion-dollar market, and Samsung will be looking to compete strongly with Apple’s Apple Pay offering. The Galaxy Note 5 will benefit from this, and consumers will certainly be able to utilize it in order to make everyday purchases.


Expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to be released in late Q3 and to retail at around $900.

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  1. agree. cloud is junk, a threat to privacy.

    a company should not have the right to ask it’s users, in order to use their product, to abandon their rights – i.e. 4th amendment…

    hackers are nice guys compared to corporate / gov

    cloud = hands-up / don’t shoot

  2. I have 100gb in music and pics alone on my as card. These 32and 64 gb internal memory is not enough. I can live without a removeable battery but a sd card slot is a must. If all phone company’s truly gone away from sd. Ill find a mp3 player with sd slot

  3. Yeah and the cloud is hacked. Cellular cignal not always strong (welcome to USA) and Phones crash/factory reset.
    Micro SD Pro cards from Samsung have proven very reliable and fast relative to Sandisk equivalents when used on Samsung devices. Has saved my bacon more than once. Also, those files are just copies. If they are lost big deal you have the original elsewhere.
    And if I were on limited data plan, streaming my HD media files would cost a fortune. And I don’t need to pay the OEMs for what an SD card can provide at half the cost and falling every day.

    Disagree that this is the future. Chinese OEMs will be the disruptors to Korean and USA premium smarthphones attempting to limit users this way. Chinese OEMs are looking for market share not big margins, modularity is an easy way to accomplish market share since they manufacture the replacement parts in the first place.

  4. Well you might want to buy a few more batteries, because non-removable batteries is the future of mobile phones. No SD card is the future of mobile phones. You are in for many years of disappointment if these are truly huge roadblocks for you. SD memory is one of the most unreliable forms of memory out there, I wouldn’t trust it to hold a song I download, let alone pics or movies. Phone internal memory is increasing almost every cycle now, there should be no point in getting an SD card.

  5. Why doens’t the Note 3 compare? I received a factory replacement from Samsung because I have insurance with Verizon. I intended to sell the replacement phone on Ebay and buy the Note 4. But then I compared the 1080 screen on the Note 3 with the Note 4 screen playing the same YouTube video (F1 race in Monaco). I really could not tell much of a difference except that the whites were brighter and primary colors seem deeper. But not tremendously different. But still I decdied I was going to go for the Note 4…but then I read people complaining about the battery life not being as good as the Note 3 was. ZedoMax on YouTube I think said 3200 mAh was just no enough for a QHD display if you are heavy user and advised to go wait for the Note 5. But if the Note 5 goes even further with a 4K display (now that even 4K TV’s are cheap now.. check Costco 55″ Samsung for only $1499, Vizio probably even cheaper) and no SD or replaceable battery… all bets are off. Goodbye Note series for me. A sealed battery is a deal-breaker.
    Also, after a year and half of heavy use on my Note 3 (40GBs of data per month avg.) and 17-18 hours of use of day, mostly multitasking, I have zero lag on my phone, zero crashing, zero freezing. It is far and away the most stable and solid Android device to date. And btw, I’m not even rooted. All I did was install Nova Launcher and a Glasskart white icon pack to minimize TouchWiz down to almost nothing. I also have a Nexus 7 tablet but rarely use it because the Note 3 is such an excellent phone. Lastly, all the accessories are dirt cheap for it now too since its considered an “old phone”. I really see no real advantage to having the latest phone at this point. All the great features have already arrived on most Android flagship phones.

  6. No removable battery, no more Samsung for me. I just upgraded to a Samsung MicroSD Card Pro 32GB for only $45 on Amazon and bought a new Samsung OEM Battery on Ebay for $7. I now have 8 or 9 spare batteries that go in my laptop bag. I literally never to plug into the wall, a simple battery swap and no more looking for a place to charge.
    1080 HD is good enough for me, I don’t need QHD or 4K if it means worse battery life. I would like to see edge to edge screen like Nexus with on on-screen home button instead of on-bezel to reduce the footprint size of the phone without making the screen smaller.
    Modular phones are the future. Throwing hundreds of millions of phones away to pollute the air and water with rare earth metals is nothing but waste. Project ARA has it right.

  7. “creditably”? Don’t you mean “credibly”?

    Hopefully, it’s closer to 6″ display this time with even less bezel to keep physical size same and with design cues from S6 Edge. 4K will be beneficial for the VR Oculus push according to John Carmack.

  8. No, I’m not trolling. I would like a USB 3.1 type-c port. You are free to disagree. It is reversible. No more flipping over the cable. It comes in one size, not three sizes (standard, mini and micro). Same connector on both sides of the cable. Provides enough power to charge a laptop. One charger for all devices. Provides 4K video out. It fast. I know charging and communicating between devices are both moving toward wireless connections, but this looks like the next standard for wired connections.

  9. Yes
    thanks G-luv, you too! Oh and I found the name…It’s called “goStrap”. I use
    it on both my e-reader and my phone. It definitely has stopped the
    dropping problem but probably just as importantly, it has given me back
    the use of my hand!!! They have a website but you can also get them at
    The Container Store. Hope this helps and best of luck!

  10. I think the price turns me way off. I just simply got a tablet used by galaxy the note 2 for 150.00 and it does the trick of allowing me to do my art. the price more than 200-300 is just absolutely nuts. my pc laptop only cost 549.00. And it does everything and has beats audio.

  11. Dual Front facing Speakers
    Removal battery
    Wireless Charging
    Micro sd
    6″ Screen
    And we will return from Htc Max & Lg flexes
    21 Meg camera 6 meg wide Front!

  12. The note 5 needs to have removable battery and sd card storage expansion. All the loyal S customers who will not buy the S6 will consider the note 5 as long as it still is pocketable in size. This is a critical factor for Samsung to stay loyal to those power users who want these attributes. Other improvements are nice to have. Bettery management must improve. Rogue apps like gallery are causing battery life issues. Othwr apps should only run when on ac power if battery hogs (the default unless user overriden) and ditto re not downloading /uploading unless on wifi for bandwidth hogs (default unless overwritten by user). Security is also a concern and needs to be dealt with in a user convienant way and use AI techniques to detect rogue apps. Permissions should be yes/no a la carte not all or nothing, and all items must be opt in not opt out. The manufacturer who focuses on this and not color cases or steel trim will become or stay the market leader.

  13. I am still using my Note II but it’s starting to get sluggish. Work issued me an iPhone 6s. Both are 5.5″ and they fit on my belt loop’s holster just fine. A 0.4″ jump will be nothing, I’m sure… and I will welcome it.

  14. The current Note (4) is already at a resolution that exceeds the eye’s capability to discern the difference between that and say an iPhone 6+. Beautiful render, obviously based on the S6 Edge, but I’ve read the the S6 Edge will start around $1,200., so what is the likelihood that this will go for $900.ish? They’ve finally upped their game as far as design and materials, so it would have to cost a chunk for it to make money – keep in mind how little profit Samsung has made historically with their higher end smartphones! The S5 was a financial disaster even though it was made with far less expensive materials! Samsung has its hands in so many “pies” it almost doesn’t matter whether or not they are profitable in a particular sector, but, why would they want to continue bleeding $$$ in this particular sector? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  15. I recently purchased the Note 4(3 weeks ago) as an upgrade from a Galaxy S4. It is truly an impressive device that I grow to love more each day. What’s most impressive to me about the Note4 is the beauty of its display and how sturdy the construction of this device is. It feels like it will be around for a long time.

  16. I went from the Note, to the Note 3. The Note 4 is wayyyyy better then the Note 3, and that is just the screen resolution. I held out for the Note 3 because I was hoping it would have a 5.9″ screen. It was a far better and faster phone then the Note, so I got it. The Note 4 was the same size as the Note 3, so I kept my 3. If the Note 5 is truly going to be at my max screen size of 6″, I’m getting it, but only if they don’t pull a S6 on me and make it a sealed battery and no SD slot. I’ll just keep my Note 3 if that’s the case. But I would probably buy a Note 4. I love the screen resolution.

  17. The point of a Phablet is larger screens + phone function. But you have to look at it not so much as a phone anymore, but more of a multi-function device. In that case, a bigger screen is better.

  18. I still have a Note 2 running custom ROMS and am more than happy. The note 5 does look interesting though. I’ll probably get in the game again around a Note 7. ;)

  19. Yeah you are definitely sleeping if you think the Note3 is the Note4 just say you couldn’t afford to make the move to the Note4 that makes sense.

    I owned the original Note, Note 2, both sold I have the Note 3,Note4, and GearS right now they are BOSS.

    I will be buying the Galaxy S6 Edge on April 10th on T-Mobile my first Galaxy S device since the S3. Looking forward to the Galaxy Note 5 come October also.

  20. if this is true that the screen is finally getting bigger, than i will get this, got the note3 and there was no need to get the note4 because it was pretty much same phone. I want a bigger phone on the high end and the note5 sounds like the perfect choice

  21. Use your head. Obviously it’s a typo, it should read “it seems highly likely that the Korean company will opt out of the Snapdragon 810”. Come on, it’s not that hard.

  22. I wonder why the footprint of the Note 4 is bigger than the Note 3 even though the screens are the same size? I ended up bying a Note 3 after checking them both out as to me, the Note 4 was basically the same phone that cost twice as much now. I got my Note 3 for $280 on ebay, brand new, couldn’t be happier. Glad I didn’t pay $500-$600 or so for the Note 4.

  23. With very well made, extremely well spec’d phones like the OnePlus ($300) one and Zenfone 2 ($160-$280 depending on variant) coming in April to the U.S., I just can’t fathom spending big bucks on phones anymore. Even my Huawei mate 2, which cost me $219 new from Consumer Cellular (though I use it on AT&T, with it’s respectable specs, great display (even though it’s only 720p on a 6.1″ screen) seems a tad overpriced compared to what you can now get for $200, i.e. the Zenfone 2 specs blow away the Mate 2 specs. I just cannot imagine spending $400-$500-$600-$800 on a phone anymore.

  24. If the 5.9in screen is true then I’m done with the Note series. I enjoy the heck out of my Note 3 and wanted to get the Note 4 but I decided to wait to see what the Note 5 would have in store. Hopefully this is a rumor that ain’t true.

  25. Agreed! The writer talks about it being replaced by the Exynos and then concludes that Samsung will opt for the Snapdragon 810. So which is it? The way I look at is who gives a rat’s a ole, the smart phone which I use now does all that I need it to do. I will upgrade eventually.

  26. Samsung has dropped Qualcomm for the Galaxy S6 range, and considering that the Exynos offers 20 percent faster performance and 35 percent less power consumption, it seems highly likely that the Korean company will opt for the Snapdragon 810.

    Do you even proofread? Makes no sense.

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