All The Latest Details On iPhone 6S, 6S Plus And 6C

All The Latest Details On iPhone 6S, 6S Plus And 6C
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The latest indication is that Apple will release three brand new iPhone models during 2015. The iPhone 6s, 6s plus and a mooted iPhone 6c will be precursors to a major iPhone 7 release next year. According to recent reports, Apple is apparently intending to release a revolutionary iPhone device at some point during 2016, and the three iPhone releases during this calendar year will be considered upgrades of the existing iPhone 6.

Elsewhere, ValueWalk has discussed whether it is worthwhile to wait for the release of the iPhone 7, or whether consumers would be better served by purchasing one of the iPhone releases this year. But there are also question marks regarding how the three devices planned for 2015 will stack up against the existing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. So here is a rundown of all the expected features, analysis and information about these forthcoming handsets.

iPhone 6s 6s Plus and 6c display sizes

Firstly, the iPhone 6c is likely to be the 4-inch version of the smartphone which has been rumored for sometime. This is intended to be an affordable model of the iPhone, expected to be particular popular in East Asia.

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The sizing of the other two iPhones 6 models is a little bit more difficult to predict. The existing iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch display, while the iPhone 6 Plus phablet features a 5.5-inch screen. Apple will probably wan to increase the sizing of the screen slightly, but at the same time the corporation has never been willing to compromise quality over gimmicks. If Apple feels that it can’t deliver the sort of build and design quality required with larger screen sizes, we could merely see the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus feature a screen resolution boost.

DigiTimes has reported that the 4-inch iPhone 6c is likely to be manufactured by Wistron while both the 6s and 6s Plus will be produced by Foxconn.

iPhone sizing choices

One of the most notable aspects of these new smartphones is that sizing choices is now central to Apple policy. This is something that is likely to be continued in the future, at least according to recent comments made by CEO Tim Cook. The current supremo of Apple stated that the larger iPhone models have resulted in the highest switchover rate from Android that Apple has achieved in the last three years. It is particularly considered that the iPhone 6 Plus phablet was popular with former Samsung consumers.

However, it is interesting to note that some customers found the iPhone 6 Plus to be too large for their tastes. So Apple is very much attempting to cover all bases with the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus an iPhone 6c releases.

iPhone 6s and 6c new features

There is currently a massive debate going on regarding what features will appear in the forthcoming iPhones, and this has only been complicated by the release schedule which is now being hinted at. Apple will obviously want to hold back certain features for the iPhone 7, particularly if this device is planned to hit the stores as early as March 2016, as some sources are suggesting.

And it is also worth pointing out that the smaller of the three iPhones is unlikely to be a revolutionary device, except in terms of size, as this is very much an affordable version of the smartphone. So the question arises here of whether Apple will want the iPhone 6c to feature the same functionality as its larger companion devices, or whether Apple will be willing to compromise to a certain extent. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus could be premium in terms of size and weight, or they could feature extra spec and features not included in the smaller iPhone 6c.

What can be said pretty confidently is that Apple will probably concentrate on improvements for this iPhone trio which are relatively easily achievable. The corporation has effectively bought itself a bit of time to work on more ambitious functionality for the iPhone 7, so we may see relatively limited upgrades with the new iPhone 6s and 6c series.

All The Latest Details On iPhone 6S, 6S Plus And 6C

So Apple will probably want to improve the camera in the iPhone series with this release. Other possible upgrades could include wireless charging and improved display resolution. It is also likely that the new iPhone series will embrace the Force Touch technology which has been introduced recently in the Apple Watch. Other probable features in this iPhone series include waterproofing, improved Apple Pay functionality and enhanced compatibility with the forthcoming Apple Watch.

iPhone 6s and 6c specs

Apple is expected to announce these new iPhone models in September. Both the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are rumored to include 2GB of RAM and Apple’s new Force Touch technology. It has not been confirmed that Force Touch will feature in the iPhone 6c, but it seems likely that Apple will want uniformity across all of its devices with this technology.

We could see the megapixel rating of the iPhone camera double to 16-megapixels with this release. Additionally, Apple is expected to fit a larger battery in both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Of course, the iPhone 6c is effectively a new device, so it is impossible to talk about a larger battery being fitted in this handset. But Apple is likely to want this to be viewed as a convenient and user-friendly device, so it could be armed with a similar size battery to the smaller iPhone 6s.

Processor speeds are also likely to increase significantly, and there has been a strong suggestions that Apple will turn to Intel in order to manufacture processors and chipsets for the next iPhone. Resolution should be boosted to quad HD for the iPhone 6s Plus and full HD for the iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s and 6c pricing

It seems almost certain that Apple will freeze the price of the iPhone series ahead of the release of the iPhone 7. It would surely hurt Apple commercially to increase the price, particularly when consumers will know that a more revolutionary version of the smartphone is likely in 2016. The iPhone 6c will retail at a cheaper price than the other two models with the intention of attracting a new demographic to the iPhone.


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