Denver iPhone Thief Taunts Owner With Selfies

Yet another case of selfies taken by unwitting criminals has surfaced, this time in Denver. The thief stole an iPhone from 23-year-old Rawley Bingham while she was at a bar, according to USA Today.

Denver iPhone Thief Taunts Owner With Selfies

Selfie-loving thief gives herself away

It was approaching closing time when Bingham says that she was approached by a strange woman, who got unusually close. “She leaned in to say something into my ear. Things were loud, and I felt a tug on my purse,” Bingham said.

The next thing she knew both her iPhone and the mysterious girl were nowhere to be seen, and over the weekend Bingham had come to terms with the fact that she probably wouldn’t ever see her phone again.

That is until she logged into Facebook to find that the thief had been posting a string of selfies. Luckily for Bingham, her iPhone was set to automatically upload new photos to Facebook, which means that every single selfie is visible to her.

“It actually becomes a lot more plausible for me to get it back when she starts posting selfies,” Bingham said. The hapless thief was presumably blissfully unaware of the automatic upload feature, because by Monday Bingham had discovered 13 selfies taken by the woman.

Will Bingham see her iPhone again?

Bingham seems vaguely amused by the whole affair and maintains that she does not want to press charges. “There were just a lot of selfies of her around downtown Denver,” Bingham said. “She had a great Sunday.”

Not only was she taking selfies around town, the thief was posing as Bingham and responding to her friends via the Facebook app, even telling a friend she would pick them up from the airport.

Considering Bingham’s stance on the matter, it would seem sensible for the thief to hand over the phone. However, no one responded when Bingham called the number. Denver police spoke to someone who promised to return the phone, but never showed up.

Metro Denver Crime Stoppers is now offering a reward of up to $2,000 for information leading to the arrest of this person, and they are definitely not short of photo evidence.

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