Bumblebees Fitted With Mini Backpack Trackers

Bumblebees Fitted With Mini Backpack Trackers

The miniature trackers were developed by Dr. Mark O’Neill from tech firm Tumbling Dice, and are so light that they can be superglued to the back of the bumblebees. The technology is currently being tested at The Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew in the United Kingdom, and may allow scientists to finally work out why bee populations are in such dramatic decline, writes Jenna Iacurci for Nature World News.

New tracking possibilities

“These tags are a big step forward in radio technology and no-one has a decent medium to long range tag yet that is suitable for flying on small insects. This new technology will open up possibilities for scientists to track bees in the landscape,” said Dr. Sarah Barlow, lead scientist on the project. “This piece of the puzzle, of bee behavior, is absolutely vital if we are to understand better why our bees are struggling and how we can reverse their decline.”

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