Blackberry Ltd unveils new high-security tablet

Blackberry Ltd unveils new high-security tablet
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BlackBerry is testing out the tablet waters again, this time with a device built by Samsung. The new SecuTablet aims to meet the needs of the global security market. More specifically, it was designed for businesses and government agencies.

In addition to the secure tablet design, IBM will provide app wrapping technology and support. The SecuSmart feature adds underlying security features. This new tablet runs on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S 10.5; it also comes with encryption technology–the same technology already used by Canadian and German governments.


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BlackBerry’s previous attempt at the tablet

The first time BlackBerry attempted to release a tablet was in 2011. The BlackBerry Playbook debuted as a tablet for consumers. The device was designed to compete with Apple’s iPad, however, like most of the Canadian tech giant’s recent products, it did not sell as well as initially hoped. Many critics claimed the tablet lacked core features and failed to match the power of rival tablets.

There is no word on the price or availability of the new BlackBerry tablet. Given the fact it is a Samsung device, it will run on the Android mobile operating system, although the exact version is still unknown. Users will still be able to install popular apps like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

BlackBerry to focus on business

This tablet is not the only recent attempt BlackBerry has made to help its brand recover its former glory. The tech giant recently introduced the BlackBerry Classic in an attempt to win back former users. The phone features that classic look former fans loved, including a physical QWERTY keyboard. In order to remain relevant to today’s technology, BlackBerry upgraded important features like its mobile browser and battery.

BlackBerry’s most recent product debuts show the company is heading back to its roots in business technology. The BlackBerry phone used to be a key product for businesses and executives. When the company tried to appeal to the mainstream with products similar to those put out by Apple and Android-based manufacturers, the company’s struggle began.

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