BlackBerry Ltd Classic On Discount At Amazon

jieyirain / Pixabay

Amazon is offering the BlackBerry Classic smartphone for just $403.46. This discount is a price cut from the original retail price of $449, and the cut is valid for purchases directly from Amazon.

The BlackBerry Classic is an ideal phone for fans of the original BlackBerry but who also want the power of a modern phone. It also has features the current BlackBerry 10 devices don’t have. The BlackBerry Classic features a 3.5-inch square touchscreen and 8MP camera. It also comes with 16GB of storage. Perhaps the most important feature of the Classic is the physical QWERTY keyboard that made BlackBerry a household name.

A look at the BlackBerry Classic

The Classic comes with the BlackBerry 10 web browser installed. The browser is considered one of the best, according to This browser is significantly faster than previous browsers, and it has unlimited browser tabs to make searching easier. Another useful feature on the BlackBerry Classic is the BlackBerry Hub, which keeps all email, text messages, phone calls and social media together in one central location. It has instant actions designed for better organization of messages. It even allows users to curate a view of the messages and notifications. It is instantly available with a simple swipe.

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The problem with BlackBerry

BlackBerry has been struggling for years. With options like Apple’s iPhone and Android-based models, overall consumer interest in BlackBerry has decreased significantly. Advanced technologies, upscale designs and feature-rich apps helped drive strong demand for the iPhone. Many of the phones that run on Google’s Android exhibit many of the same features the iPhone has, which kept the brand important. BlackBerry attempted to make an impact on the market with touchscreen phones and other similar features but failed to capture the market. Critics claimed BlackBerry was too late and that its phones were not of quality.