BlackBerry Ltd Partners Hong Kong’s 1O1O For ESBL

BlackBerry Ltd Partners Hong Kong’s 1O1O For ESBL
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BlackBerry Enhanced SIM-Based Licensing (ESBL) will now be offered to enterprise clients by Hong Kong’s main telecom service provider, 1O1O, as announced by the Canadian firm. Using this service, enterprise clients of 1O1O will get access to BES12, which supports all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry 10.

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First BlackBerry partner in Hong Kong

Licenses for the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution will be resold through 1O1O’s bundled services with airtime and data plans. Now 1O1O will be able to offer detailed monthly billing and group all into one billing date with the help of Enhanced SIM-Based Licensing (ESBL) according to BlackBerry’s announcement. The cross-platform Enterprise Mobility Management solution will come integrated with monthly wireless billing for 1O1O’s enterprise clients.

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“1O1O is delighted to be the first BlackBerry partner in Hong Kong to extend the benefits of Enhanced SIM-Based Licensing to our corporate customers. This new offering means 1O1O can become the one-stop service provider for customers,” said Tom Chan, Managing Director, Commercial Group of HKT.

By partnering with BlackBerry, 1O1O has become one-stop solution for buyers of devices, data plans, and enterprise mobility software and services. The company will generate just one monthly bill for all the services used by the customer, said Chan.

BES12 offers many benefits

The struggling smartphone maker is focusing more on providing better EMM solutions as it already is the leading global EMM provider. BlackBerry always strives to deliver to its customers superior value along with finding out innovative ways to continue to do so, said Gallant Leon, managing director of BlackBerry in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Leon added that the Canadian company seeks to address each and every enterprise mobility need that is evolving with time efficiently.

The trusted network of BlackBerry runs several models such as COPE, COBO, BOYD, and all of these can be managed well with the help of BES12 as it gives extra Enterprise Mobility Management capabilities, according to BlackBerry.

With BES12, an operator’s device can be conveniently combined with the data billing of the customers’ additional services consumption. “We are delighted to see 1O1O extend these benefits to its customers,” said Leon.

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  1. BB10 is not a service and I don’t know what BBE is so that doesn’t help your point either. The old devices became stagnant and didn’t adapt in time to a changing market.

    ‘Yet’ means it hasn’t happened yet but it doesn’t mean it will either. It’s means there are many ways this can go. What I know for a fact is that you have failed to sell your idea and continue to act childishly about it, instead of accepting your own mistake and doing something positive with the lesson you could have learned from it. The management in your brain is becoming stagnant and defensive and blaming others for it’s own mistakes. How about you focus on yourself instead of a company that you failed to sell an idea to.

  2. The only reason it is now not is because they don’t know how. Oh by the way, the devices are the only reason to BlackBerry’s demise, BlackBerry services also played a very big part, this includes BB10, BES. BBM, did I miss anything? HBB I noticed you said yet,, does this mean its yet to come? And may I asked would that be a opinion or a fact?

  3. Nope that is the market share globally. When Chen took over it was at 1% now its at less than 0.4% that has dropped more than 50% from when Chen took over. BlackBerry continues to show no interest in how this can be fixed.

  4. Mobile Device Management. When Chen took over BlackBerry market share was at 1.0% now its at less than 0.4% wow that is cut more than in half since he took over. Another common denominator why BlackBerry lost market share is not the devices fault alone it was also due to their services. As far as the consumer thinks is a smartphone is a smartphone. So one would think if BlackBerry built a all touch smartphone “which they did” people would have bought it also because it had BB10 inside. So sorry to say but its not just the device that caused BlackBerry demise, the operating system also played a factor. BlackBerry still shows no interest is how this can be fixed. so sorry to say but no focus has been changed at BlackBerry. Chen needs to be oust before its too late.

  5. MDM… You know what it is?!
    MDM – One market where BlackBerry has the lead in the market…
    Smartphones – Other market where Android leads the market…

    You have to be careful when eating soup… don’t hit the forehead with that spoon….

  6. well im not sure if its devices or BlackBerry in general that holds the market share of 0.4% but either way does not sound good. Don’t get mad please as I know sometimes the truth may hurt.

  7. You don’t even know what you are talking about… Is BlackBerry MDM market share 0.4%?????
    You really are a clueless BlackBerry Troll… always looking for something to bash…
    Give it up DUMBBBBBB!!!

  8. …maybe because I know for a fact… I don’t want anything that makes iPhone users to throw away their iPhones!
    You know for a fact that they will only trade their iPhone for another iPhone… And I DON’T WANT AN iPHONE! I love my BB10 just the way it is…

  9. Even if I can’t… You are … it’s not funny… it’s more like… Duuuhhhh!!! Cant get a word to describe… it’s wayyy beyond… dumb… It’s Dumbannoying… or something… (I asked this word from some guy i know in a Chinese restaurant… they know it all!!!)

  10. a opinion unless BlackBerry investigates, at that time it would turn into a fact. That is if BlackBerry interested in releasing a wearable device.

  11. I don’t have to be good at selling as they would sell themselves. Better than attempting to sell bad ideas as Chen is trying to do.

  12. Well when BlackBerry is ready I can show the devices to them. I know for a fact they would manufacture them. And I know for a fact Iphone users will be throwing away their iphones for one. But I see you BlackBerry loyalists don’t like to support something that really could be the answer. Just remain in your negative state as BlackBerry is and watch your investment go down the toilet.

  13. LP the evidence is society is using other products instead. BlackBerry’s market share is now lower than 0.4% is that not proof enough? Unless Chen is ousted and someone that can innovate is in and this means NOT trying to revive old device designs, market share for BlackBerry will continue to drop at a alarming rate. Once I heard the name “Classic” that spelt it out for me. Plus “BlackBerry’s roots”. The worst was the introduction of the Passport

  14. HBB it appears that even the general public and enterprise users don’t either. Chen needs to be oust before its too late, as Chen is doing the same that Thorsten did but worse.

  15. With that suggestion, you made it clearer that you have no idea what BlackBerry, let alone BES12 does. Why do you bother with any of this, DEVVVV? You just get made a fool of over an over again with reality.

  16. The problem ski, is it’s not. Their are other providers out there that is better by a long shot. If it wasn’t the case, BlackBerry wouldn’t be in this state of demise. Chen is just going with what BlackBerry already had going, yes BlackBerry changed their CEO. UT not their focus

  17. Hmmm, inroads into the Chinese market with nice, juicy, recurring revenues… the future is so bright, BlackBerry has to wear shades. 8-)

  18. LessThan, I don’t lie about things, furthermore I am incapable of lying and couldn’t even if I wanted to. I manufactured two prototypes of a Smartphone device. Both models are identical including the color (black) but they are completely different. Yes is sounds like this does not make a bit of sense but if you saw them you would certainly understand.

  19. HBB I don’t believe in different races, but I do believe in human beings. Its really to bad that every one doesn’t think like I do.

  20. You are such a joke. Research? You have no idea what the concept of proper research even is. What a complete disaster and liar you are. You really need to be banned from spewing such nonsense. Or in the very least investigated by the authorities. Your craziness and obsession with BlackBerry is pathological.

  21. If you are going to continue to spew your nonsense Devvv can you at least use proper grammar. You are really showing your lack of intellect and we all feel very sorry for your inadequacies.

  22. I know for a fact that you make stuff up on a regular basis. I caught you in a lie already and you now expect me to trust you? You’re a fool to even think that’s a possibility. Get over yourself DEVVVV. It is clear you have no idea what you talk about if you honestly think BB is relying on hardware to pay the wages, you clearly don’t understand much at all.

  23. new apple watch ids garbage 18 hour life lmaoo what a joke iphones getting bigger and useless junk apple has to hire goldman saks to give bad ratings on BB apple ur nothing but americam JUNK

  24. You base you analysis of the Asian market on one Chinese family you know at a restaurant you go to? Most real Chinese cannot afford an iPhone sorry to tell you. Chinese in North America are not representative of what Chinese in China do. So this one Restaurant own in North America says he probably wouldn’t use an Blackberry because he likes iPhone better and you think this is the same in China? Really? You don’t even own or use the handsets so what do you know. You go ask some guy that makes chop suey and that is your research? Granted there is richer people in Hong Kong than mainland China, still the cheap Android knock offs are prevalent and can cost as little as $40 US. However in the end this article has almost nothing to do with what handset is in play and everything to do with managing any handsets simm card.

  25. You don’t make any sense? What are you talking about. What 19 executives? What does it have to do with this story? Some people care about Blackberry products and don’t need to hear you whine about Chen all the time most people probably don’t know who he is in this scenerio. This is a good start for BB. 1010 is a premium mobile provider who is a division of CSL that is part of HKT Group, Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications service provider. 1010 has locations in the Hong Kong airport and other High Traffic places where business people frequent.

  26. First dude, what does BES 12 EMM have to do with people using Blackberry devices? Nothing! What do you know about asia? You are making stuff up, but at least you put question marks this time. I spend a third of the year in Asia and blackberry is still well represented. Sure there is alot of iphones like anywhere but they are not as dominant as North America. Super cheap Chinese knock off phones are available that are exactly like samsung Galaxy and iPhone. So really most people buy the knock offs and not the real thing. Blackberries are very cheap used and passed down in families so there is a large base still. New phones are not as prevalent, especially in SE Asia. It is not easy to successfully knock off a BB10 phone so we probably won’t see them.

  27. This is a great start for Blackberry their BES 12 EMM product is the best out there. Pair it with all the other functions and Blackberry’s network and you have a winner.

  28. HHB, a niche market share that Blackberry is now focusing on cannot support the wages of 19 executives and all the lead hands that really doesn’t even work. HHB why are you supporting Chen when it’s obvious he is doing the wrong thing for BlackBerry? Plus the fact he shows no interest how I know this, or willing to accept constructive criticism, in hopes of a possible fix. Chen is not giving investors all opportunities pertaining to solutions for BlackBerry. For this reason HBB it would be be in your best interest to sell

  29. HBB, don’t you think I research my finding prior to making a statement? We go to a Chinese restaurant and we know the owners. They have lots of family in China. China appears to be hooked on the iphone, even the restaurants owners kids have Iphones’s including the one that is only 6years old. I asked Peter (restaurant owner) if he would consider using BBE for company business, he said we like to keep everything native to the iphone due to its simplicity and easy to work with. Simplicity is the best policy, I don’t understand why BlackBerry doesn’t agree with this, as BlackBerry appears to go against the grain. This is demonstrated in the type of handsets they design also

  30. I know a lot of Asian people who love BB so what you’re doing there is generalizing/stereotyping/racism. Friendly advice: try to use some intelligence when making blanket statements/questions like that, please.

    Also, your second sentence needs elaboration. Apple, IBM and Microsoft are already involved in the enterprise arena and all in different ways. Apple has a lot of hardware in the Enterprise market and teamed up with IBM to introduce solid apps for that hardware, in the Enterprise market. Microsoft has O365 as well as onsite solutions (Exchange, AD, Share Point). None of those Enterprise solutions compete with BES12 so it’s not really an issue. The hardware competition already existed and it’s clear that BB devices will be niche devices for the time being. With that being said, you statement really is pointless to this article.

  31. How is that going to work, isn’t Asian people in love with the iphone? Apple, IBM and Microsoft are entering the enterprise arena.

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