Apple Watch Stores Set To Open April 10

Apple recently confirmed plans to open up official Apple Watch stores on April 10 in three cities: London, Tokyo and Paris. The confirmation coincides with the Apple Watch’s preorder availability. The new stores will be inside high-end department stores.

Apple Watch Stores Set To Open April 10

Apple Watch Stores located in luxury retailers

The London store is set to open up inside the Selfridges store located right next to the Wonder Room, which already houses a nice range of luxury phones. The Paris store will be in Galeries Lafayette where it will take up four balconies overlooking the store. The Tokyo location will be in Isetan.

The three high-end department stores are the perfect locations to sell the Apple Watch, which goes up to a hefty price of $10,000. The cheapest version starts at $349.

The Apple Watch will be available for preorder in early April, but the watch will go on sale two weeks later. The Cupertino-based tech giant already confirmed the gold version will be available at select outlets. Apple’s flagship stores will have the watch in stock, but the selection will remain limited.

Apple’s next big device

Apple already took over the mobile gadget market with the iPhone and iPad; it was a matter of time before the company would come up with something new to revolutionize the tech industry. A smartwatch is not a new concept, but the tech giant hopes to redefine the wearables industry with a smart device that works as a companion for the iPhone. The new device was made to simplify the mobile experience without replacing the headset. People can use the Apple Watch for a variety of tasks, including health monitoring, fitness tracking, communications and making payments. It offers more than just fitness tracking, something most wearables limit.

Apple will roll out the device in a total of nine countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, China, Hong Kong, France, Japan and Australia.