Apple Inc. Watch To Carry ‘Power Reserve’ To Push Battery

Apple Inc. Watch To Carry ‘Power Reserve’ To Push Battery
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The Apple Watch will apparently offer a Power Reserve mode to increase the battery life of the device, according to The New York Times. The software will withdraw power from all non-important functions and display only the time, expanding the watch’s life in the event of there being no charger available.

Will Apple offer an improved battery?

Apple’s software will be similar to the Battery Saver mode in Android 5.0, which can juice the battery life from minutes to hours by reducing the processor use.

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The Cupertino, Calif.-based company said previously that the smartwatch battery will last for one normal day and needs to be recharged at night. Even though all the smartwatch makers are sticking to the same standard, there have been controversies lately with some users hoping Apple will be able to tweak the battery issues by its its debut.

The report also claimed that, contrary to the claims made in recent reports, Apple abandoned a few of the advanced health features over 18 months ago and not in the last few months. As per the report, the iPhone maker ditched features like blood pressure and stress tests after it was unsatisfied with the performance of the sensors. In line with the gadgets already in the market, the first generation Apple Watch includes features such as motion and heart-rate sensors.

Challenges faced during development cycle

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