Apple Watch Could Become The Most Popular Wearable

The Apple Watch is one of the most highly anticipated items of 2015. The smartwatch is expected to be released some time in April, but the exact date is still unknown.

Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey believes the wearables industry has yet to reach full potential, but Apple is set to change all that. It helps that the Apple Watch works in conjunction with the iPhone. It will bring many of the features to the wearable, including news alerts, health information and incoming emails/texts.

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Apple to change wearables market

The only wearable currently on the market with a strong level of success is one designed to track fitness stats and sleep. Pebble and Google’s Android Wear watches are also key sellers, but nothing has proven revolutionary. McQuivey believes Apple will sell a total of 10 million watches. Other analysts have even higher hopes as some of them predict Apple will sell 20 million devices.

As we get closer to the Apple Watch’s launch, the anticipation for the wearable continues to build. One notable highlight for the watch includes the touch interface that differentiates between light touches and hard presses. Although the watch works with the iPhone, it still operates independent apps, including car apps and hotel key apps.

Apple Watch’s key features

Like most wearables currently on the market, the Apple Watch comes with a variety of fitness features. It tracks bike rides, walks and runs. It also comes with sensors on the back to track heart rate. One thing that separates the Apple Watch from rivals is the fact that it goes beyond health and fitness tracking. It comes with the new Apple Pay service, enabling users to swipe their wrist in front of a compatible NFC kiosk for automatic online payments.

The new watch will also please the fashion consumer. There are three versions of the watch to choose from, and it comes with customizable bands.