Apple Inc. Kept Steve Jobs’ Office The Same Way He Left It

Apple Inc. Kept Steve Jobs’ Office The Same Way He Left It
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Steve Jobs was a legend. The former chief executive officer and co-founder for Apple brought the company to where it is today. Although it’s been four years since Jobs stepped down and handed over the reins to Tim Cook, his legacy remains. His products like the iPhone and iPad are still staples in the tech world. Jobs may no longer be with Apple, but his spirit is still a part of Apple.

Tim Cook opens up about Steve Jobs

Current Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke to Fast Company’s Rick Tetzeli and Brent Schlender in a lengthy interview. He said Jobs’ legacy remains an intrinsic part of the company. Cook also talked about his admiration for Jobs, and he even admitted that he still commemorates his former boss’ birthday every year. Cook even offered to donate part of his liver to Jobs.

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Perhaps Cook’s most surprising reveal was the fact that they kept Steve Jobs’ office as he left it. He admitted that at first, he didn’t want to go into Job’s office, but when he does go in, he feels a lot of appreciation for Jobs. He even said he was recently in the office with Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs because there were still some of their children’s drawings on the board inside. Last year, he brought Eve Jobs (Steve’s daughter) to look at some of the drawings she drew years ago on the board.

Why Apple kept Steve Jobs’ office as he left it

Cook also mentioned that he does not know what they will do with the office in the future. He didn’t want to to move into Jobs’ old office because he doesn’t think he is a replaceable person. His computer and desk are still in the office. Also many of his books are still in there, although Laurene took some things home with her.

Apple’s success can be attributed to Steve Jobs, but Cook is a formidable executive in his own right. He’s also not afraid to give credit where credit is due.

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