Apple Inc. Co-Founder Steve Wozniak: Apple Watch Will Flop

Apple Inc. Co-Founder Steve Wozniak: Apple Watch Will Flop
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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak doesn’t have a lot of faith in the Apple Watch. He recently opened up about his thoughts on the forthcoming smartwatch and robot technology in an interview.

Wozniak (who is the lead engineer for Primary Data) thinks it’s great Apple is redefining technology with exciting new projects. However, he thinks Apple’s pricing for the device is not a savvy move. The watch’s price, which ranges from $350 to $10,000 is outrageous. He even admitted he wouldn’t spend $10,000 for the expensive Edition version unless it came with a special feature or app that would make wearing it all the time worthwhile.

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Wozniak doesn’t have faith in the Apple Watch

He further elaborated that when customer purchases a high-end watch, they don’t buy the watch for apps; they buy the watch for prestige. He explained that the real difference between a $10,000 watch and a $17,000 watch is only the band.

The Apple Watch comes in three style options: Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch Edition. The Watch Sport version is the most affordable, featuring an anodized aluminium case, strengthened Ion-X glass and durable bands in bold colors. The moderately expensive version is the Watch. This version features a stainless steel case, sapphire crystal and a wide range of stylish bands. The most expensive version, the Watch Edition, features an 18k gold case, sapphire crystal and beautifully crafted bands.

The future of artifcial technology

Steve Wozniak also opened up about the future of technology and robots. He has a strong interest in artificial Intelligence. He sees the good and the bad that could come from emerging technologies. He believes computers will eventually take over. People will build devices to do the work for them, and the devices subsequently will take over jobs currently held by human beings.

He isn’t sure if people will win or lose once robots take over. He jokingly said if AI technologies end up treating people like pets, he’s going to treat his pet extra nice.

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