Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook Reports 2014 Was A Great Year

Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook recently reported that 2014 was one of the best years for the company. He gave a full report on the company’s successes during a meeting with shareholders.

Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook Reports 2014 Was A Great Year

The meeting was held at the company’s headquarters one day after the big Apple Watch reveal. During the event, Cook called attention to their significant numbers. Cook also called attention to some of the company’s notable accomplishments. Such notable accomplishments include a record high sale of close to 200 million iPhone units. This skyrocket of sales led to estimated revenues of $200 billion.

Tim Cook talks numbers

Even with all the successes Apple has accrued, the tech giant sees plenty of room for growth. Cook promises a future of growth and more profits.

When Tim Cook took over after the late Steve Jobs stepped down from as CEO of Apple, many people doubted he could replicate the same level of success. They did not even think he could take the company to a whole new level of success. It has been nearly four years since Cook took the lead, and Apple’s revenues have grown significantly. The tech giant’s most recent ventures include the new Apple Watch and honing in on the Chinese tech market.

Apple’s next steps

Apple is a brand that is most known for its revolutionary products. It transformed smartphones and tablet computers. It will likely transform the wearables market with the new Apple Watch. Most smartwatches on the market exclusively focus on fitness features, but Apple’s watch offers much more. It is too early to tell if the Apple Watch will be received well by the public, but this is the first opportunity for Cook to prove he can transform the company. The Apple Watch is the gadget to keep an eye on this year.


    Apple is getting into enterprise so it would make sense


    well I read a report that Apple did carry other wearable products in their stores but since the launch of the iwatch they pulled other wearable devices.

  • dan428

    since when did Apple offer competitor products in their stores? that wouldn’t make sense.

  • j$

    No they won’t. Apples n’ Oranges, two completely different fruits.


    Now that Apple has pulled competitors wearable products off their store shelves, are they also going to pull competitors software off their platform also? If they are, I would like to know so I would know not to invest in BlackBerry, because I think BBM and BES is currently offered in IOS.