Apple Inc. Shows Off New 12-Inch Ultra-Thin MacBook

The completely new Retina screen features a resolution of 2304×1440, and Apple has also reengineered the keyboard to stretch almost the entire width of the MacBook. The innovations continue with the news that this is the first MacBook not to include a fan, and it will contain a logic board that is only 1/3 of the size of the board included in the 11″ MacBook Air, leaving the rest of the space for batteries.

Apple Inc. Shows Off New 12-Inch Ultra-Thin MacBook

First MacBook to be offered in different colors

As far as processing power is concerned, the new model will include an Intel Core M processor, which is capable of turbo-charging to 2.9GHz. The hardware will be contained in a unit which is 24% thinner than the 11″ MacBook Air, and weighs in at just 2 pounds, making it the lightest MacBook ever released.

Apple has also taken the groundbreaking decision to offer the 12″ MacBook in gold and space gray colorways, in addition to the traditional silver, marking the first time that a MacBook has been offered in different colors.

The redesigned keyboard features an updated butterfly mechanism for keys, making them more precise and accurate than on previous models. The keys are also thinner, and now feature individual backlights.

Apple updates trackpad technology

The touchpad has also been updated with the inclusion of Force Touch technology, which was first seen in the Apple Watch. The familiar click of the MacBook trackpad is no more; it contains four force sensors which detect pressure on the pad. The sensitivity can be adjusted using OS-level software.

Battery life is expected to be in the range of 9-10 hours depending on usage, with power-hungry videos draining more of the battery than simply surfing the web.

Apple states that a 1.1GHz version with a 256GB hard drive will go on sale on April 10 for $1,299. For those that require more performance and storage, it might be worth shelling out $1,599 for a 1.2GHz version which offers 512GB of storage.

The new model includes 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity, with only one external port: USB-C. The connector is capable of supporting myriad other connections via adaptors, including power, USB data, DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA.