Apple Introduces Beta Program For iOS Testers

Apple has rolled over a new beta program for iOS with iOS 8.3 being the first in line, according to a report from 9to5 Mac. With its expanded program, the company allows the non-developers to receive pre-release software builds on their device, and in turn, Apple expects both patience with bugs and feedback regarding what needs fixing.

Apple Introduces Beta Program For iOS Testers

For limited members only

Apple has already updated its Apple Seed website to include more references to iOS device management. Also the name of the program, which earlier was limited to OS X only, has been changed to the “Apple Beta Software Program.”

Currently, Apple is offering the new beta program to a few members of the pre-seed software program. If a user is chosen, then the site will give instructions on installing a configuration profile from their iOS device that will make the phone compatible with the pre-launch builds along with the already-installed one.

“The iOS 8.3 Beta includes improved performance, increased stability, bug fixes, and a redesigned Emoji keyboard. This release also supports additional language and country support for Siri.”

Good move from Apple

Apple’s opening up of iOS to non-developer beta testers means more bugs should be found before the launch of the final version, and the looks and features should be better. Additionally, launching the beta version for non-developers will help Apple check the gray market practice of people signing up for developer accounts and then earning money from users eager to preview the upcoming software.

In July, Apple released the beta program for OS X, offering around 1 million users an early version of Yosemite or OS X10.10 before releasing it officially. Under the program, developers can get access to the latest release before they are made available in the App Store.

The iPhone maker designed its test program for OS X to receive feedback and usage testing from a sample of users who are among the broad spectrum of average consumers using the end product. Apple would like the selected users to stay quiet about the features rather than revealing them. The users only need to register on Apple’s beta software site and wait for their luck to shine.

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