Apple’s App Store, iTunes Down [UPDATED]

Users all around the globe are complaining that they can’t get into iTunes or the Apple App Store. As of this writing, Apple’s System Status dashboard isn’t showing that there are any problems, but Twitter is full of users complaining about it.

Apple's App Store, iTunes Down [UPDATED]

Apple App Store, iTunes, Mac App Store down

Also Down Detector is showing that iTunes appears to be down for users along the East and West Coasts in the U.S., as well as several areas inland, particularly east of the Mississippi River. The map also shows widespread outages in Europe, including the U.K. and central Europe. The Mac App Store also appears to be affected by the outage.

Many users who are trying to use the App Store are simply getting an error message that states: “Item Not Available.” Also running searches in the App Store doesn’t return any results, and not even the apps that do happen to appear in search results can be downloaded, as attempting to download them results in an error message.

Further details on the outage

According to reports, users of both Mac and Windows PCs are reporting problems.