Alleged Leaked Photos Of Apple Inc. iPad Pro Show Second Port

Alleged Leaked Photos Of Apple Inc. iPad Pro Show Second Port
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Alleged photos of the purported iPad Pro shows the large tablet may come with two ports. The alleged images were first discovered by from Dutch-based tech blog VaandagApple.

The photos show an iPad show everything you would expect from the tablet, including the Apple logo, volume buttons on the side and a rear camera. However, the purported photos also show zero mute controls and a small opening on the side of the tablet. Since there is no such opening on current iPads, this may mean the iPad Pro could feature a second lightning port or USB-C connector. The latter is the same universal port first introduced with the MacBook.

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A look at what might be the purported iPad Pro

The main feature with USB-C is the all-in-one power source. It also serves as a reversible USB port and connector for just about every display. This change potentially could increase the device’s productivity just as long as Apple’s developers can come up with more applications that take advantage of the features.

There is still the possibility the leaked images are not legitimate. Fans have speculated about the arrival of the rumored iPad Pro for awhile, but nothing has solidified so far.

iPad Pro could save Apple’s tablet business

The iPad Pro is speculated to be a large tablet slate for businesses and organizations. It is rumored to feature a larger display and better battery power. Apple’s decline in iPad sales in the last few years has sparked concerns over consumer interest. Those concerns sparked more interest in the iPad Pro.

The general decline in iPad sales can be attributed to the influx of larger phablet-style phones. Many speculate the iPad Pro could save Apple from the tablet sale slump and perhaps reignite interest in the device. Such a device could be a huge help to businesses and organizations that need an enhanced tablet experience.

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