YouTube To Launch Special App For Children

YouTube To Launch Special App For Children
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Google has plans to launch a new YouTube app for kids featuring preschool television shows and other kid-friendly content

The new app will run on smartphones and tablets. Sources report that the kid-friendly YouTube app will include content from Thomas the Tank Engine, Sesame Street and Mother Goose Club. The free app will be separate from the regular YouTube app and will come with a timer feature that lets parents limit the amount of time spent on the app.The YouTube Kids app will be free, and it will feature a completely child-friendly look with large icons and minimal scrolling.

YouTube for kids app limited to Android users

Google plans to roll out the new app for Android devices, but it won’t be available for the iPhone or iPad at launch.The search giant is set to introduce the new app early next week. Malik Duckard, director for content partnerships with YouTube, is expected to give the keynote speech at the upcoming Kidscreen Summit. A representative for Google declined to comment.

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The new app will comply with the FTC’s Children Online Privacy Protection Act. This law requires children’s websites to notify parents if they collect personal data. What isn’t clear about the new YouTube app for kids is how Google or its partners will generate money. The video streaming website will pay for original content. YouTube may be in talks about generating revenue from placing ads on the website, but that has yet to be confirmed.

Advertisers stoked about the new app

Advertising agency Starcom’s vice president and media director, Darcy Bowe, shared her client’s frustration about the minimal digital advertising opportunities for kids. Advertisers have to spend most of their money on television ads because of this. Bowe thinks a kid-friendly YouTube app would present a great opportunity for advertisers. YouTube is a website for those 13 years of age and older with a key focus on teens and young adults.

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