Valentine’s Day: West Coast Dominates List Of Best Cities

Valentine’s Day: West Coast Dominates List Of Best Cities

Not all cities are equal when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Every major city obviously has something to offer lovers young and old as they seek libations, food and entertainment on Valentine’s Day, but some cities have that Je ne sais quoi that others just can’t match.

At the risk of despoiling the magic of Cupid’s big day, research firm WalletHub has gotten down to the nitty-gritty and compiled a list of the best and worst cities in the U.S. for lovers to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The WalletHub team analyzed objective criteria such as availability and cost of gifts and activities and even weather in determining their 2015 Best Cities for Valentine’s Day List.

Source: WalletHub

Top five best cities for Valentine’s Day

According to WalletHub, four of the five best cities for Valentine’s Day in 2015 are on the West Coast. the best city for lovers to celebrate Valentine’s day in the U.S. is San Francisco, California. ‘Frisco tallied first in Valentine’s activities, first in gift accessibility, 25th for Valentine’s Day costs and 12th for the weather on Valentine’s Day. Seattle, Washington was the number two city on WalletHub’s list, with a third in Valentine’s Day activities, 13th in Valentine’s Day gift accessibility, 16th in costs and 63rd in weather. Orlando, Florida came in third on the list, with 8th place in Valentine;s Day activities, second in gift accessibility, 31st in costs and 42nd in weather. Sunny San Diego, California came in 4th this year, with a rank of 1th in activities, 22nd in gift accessibility, 17th in costs and second in weather. San Jose, California rounded out the 2015 top five best cities for Valentine’s Day.

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Bottom five worst cities for Valentine’s Day

Winston-Salem, North Carolina was ranked 96th on WalletHub’s 2015 Best and Worst Cities for Valentine’s Day list. The city came in 58th for Valentine’s Day activities, 76th for gift accessibility, 87th for costs and 89th for weather. Toledo, Ohio came in 97th on this year’s list, with a rank of 66th in activities, 80th in gift accessibility, 90th in costs and 91st in weather. As it is defined as outside of greater Las Vegas, North Las Vegas was ranked as the third to worst (98th) city to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2015, with a rank of 99th for activities, 96th for gift accessibility, 82nd for costs and 31st for weather. Laredo, Texas showed in 99th place this year, coming in dead last in Valentine’s Day activities, 85th in gift accessibility, 72nd in costs and 71st in weather. In last place on the 2015 list was Detroit, Michigan. Detroit came in 68th for Valentine’s Day activities, 100th for gift accessibility, 94th for costs and 86th for weather.

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