Europe On Edge As Ukraine, Russia Ceasefire Unravels

UkraineBy United Nations Cartographic Section; Alex Khristov. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The OSCE officials who are supposed to be monitoring the ceasefire in Ukraine have been blocked from entering Debaltseve

The fighting continues in Ukraine around the area of Debaltseve as it’s looking more and more like the ceasefire was nothing but an empty promise. Pro-Russia separatists said they now occupy much of the area, which is a key hub for transportation.

Ukrainian ceasefire nearly shredded

Additionally, TV footage from Russian channel Life News appears to show that the rebels have seized control of the only road into the area, effectively cutting Ukrainian troops’ only supply line, reports Andrew Kramer of The New York Times.

According to Kramer, the seizure of the road may be enough to put an end to the already-fragile ceasefire. Ukrainian troops have been under constant bombardment for days, and international officials who are supposed to be watching over the ceasefire have been blocked from getting into Debaltseve.

The BBC reports that the ceasefire was supposed to go into effect on Sunday, and both sides had two extra days to begin pulling out their troops and heavy artillery from the region.

Ukraine: Rebels seizing control of Debaltseve

Multiple media outlets are reporting that dozens of Ukrainian troops have been captured or killed. There are varying reports of just how much control the rebels have over Debaltseve. The rebels claim to have seized the railway station and the police station.

However, an official with the Ukrainian military stated that they still control the railway station although it is under heavy bombardment by the reels. The rebels have reportedly offered Ukrainian troops safe passage if they wish to leave.

Although Debaltseve has seen much fighting in the last few weeks, news correspondents on the ground say these latest battles are the first fierce fights there. According to the BBC, both sides have mostly observed the ceasefire, but pro-Russia separatists claim it doesn’t apply in Debaltseve because they have almost surrounded the town.

Will the rebels withdraw

The British news network reports that a leader for the rebels said they intend to talk about potentially withdrawing some of their weapons today with officials from Russia, Ukraine and the OSCE. A leader for the separatists in the Luhansk area said he already started withdrawing his weapons and tanks according to the terms of the ceasefire.

However, today officials with the Ukrainian military said five soldiers have been killed and 14 others have been wounded in the last 24 hours, making the ceasefire seem less and less likely to go into effect. Officials reportedly told AFP that most of those deaths happened not far from Debaltseve.

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11 Comments on "Europe On Edge As Ukraine, Russia Ceasefire Unravels"

  1. Yes, a hand full of pictures turned out to be old but the fact is there are plenty of recent pictures and video of Russian Federation supplied heavy equipment in the hands of the rebels.

    Can you please explain how the Pro-Russian separatist now have more and better tanks and artillery than some NATO countries?

  2. Putin orders Mass Murder, then goes and talks Peace.

  3. Same Script, Same Mentally Defective Nazi Russian Troll!

  4. Putin is a gay Coward, but not as big a gay coward as Obama!

  5. What is especially concerning is the duplicity of the West. In one hand the West is professing the right of the people for
    self -determination. NATO bombed Serbia for 7 weeks to allow Kosovo to separate from Serbia. NOW NATO is against the people of Eastern Ukraine to decide for themselves the same freedom of self-determination and that was after they voted in a free and democratic elections. The same for Crimea. Will anyone out there tell me the difference? Actually I know it but I am attempting for the rest of you to stop and think for yourself. Forget the US propaganda machine. Even BBC and Al Jazeera have more balanced approach to the situation.

    People out there, the people of Eastern Ukraine are fighting and for freedom and self determination. They deserve the same consideration as the people of Kosovo or the Arabs in North Africa. We can not pick and choose who has the right and who does not.

  6. disqus_GJmgAJ1vcP | Feb 17, 2015, 2:45 pm at 2:45 pm |

    The remains and area around flight 17 were HELD BY REBELS/Russian troops you scumbag russkie. How freaking stupid are you? Why were the rebels preventing international observers and investigators from entering the area if it would have proven that Ukrainian officials were responsible? Are you russian toads really that stupid that you follow and just spout off Russian news (propaganda) all day long, or are you just a paid Putin troll sitting in a web lounge getting paid to post Pro Russia nonsense all day long? Don’t be so stupid, it makes you ruskies look even less educated than you generally are.

  7. Anyone remembers when Russian where acting according to any agreement?
    Personally i don’t remember any….West is very weak towards Russia……

    You talking about peoples lives.
    NATO or not they still people who is dying.
    Would it make you happy if 10-20 more people would be killed today?
    This is a question you need to ask yourself.

  9. Russia is barely winning against light infantry and light machinery. Imagine when heavy arms comes into Ukraine.

  10. “yes the 10000 soldiers surrounded there are NATO soldiers ,”

    – Bull. Though it will be NATO relatively soon.

    I keep seeing you servile russkies post about your “nukes” (hint: You don’t have many), and we have many defenses against them. I’ve noted that you servile russkies never answer my question… I wonder if you have the guts to Ivan..

    How will you stop our nukes?
    Why is it you want your mother to die hungry in the nuclear wasteland that Russia will become?
    Are you an ungrateful child that you won’t protect the woman who gave you life?

  11. yes the 10000 soldiers surrounded there are NATO soldiers , and all they have to do is lay down there weapons and surrender. At the marathon meeting Ukraine officials showed proof that the Russians was fighting and was caught showing photos taken in 2008 and not in Ukraine ( BUSTED), now the freedom fighters has surrounded 10,000 NATO troops and wants the world to know who has been fighting in Ukraine. Ukraine government has been lying and baring false witness, they also shot down flight17 to make Russia look bad and all the world leaders knows it.
    Tell me one good reason that the findings about flight17 was classified ????? It should be the wright of the people to know and I can’t understand why Holland’s people hasn’t demanded there so called leader to tell them

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