Could The UK Really Be Attacked By Russia?

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Is military exercise a chilling forewarning of dramatic events to come?

According to comments made by the former head of the Royal Air Force (RAF), Sir Michael Graydon, the UK could not sustain an attack from Russia. Other RAF personnel have also claimed that a Putin-led attack on the United Kingdom would completely saturate the defenses of Britain. The comments come in the context of an incident which occurred on Thursday, during which RAF Typhoon fighter jets were scrambled to intercept two Russian long-range bombers. This occurred just off the coast of the southern British county of Cornwall.

UK Vulnerable

Russia has naturally stated that the flight was simply a planned patrol, and that it has not violated any aspect of international law. The British prime minister, however, was moved to comment that Russia was “trying to make some sort of point,” but other military personnel have suggested that the threat to the UK mainland is much more serious.

Graydon stated in an interview with the British tabloid the Daily Mail that he doubted whether it would be possible for the UK to sustain a “shooting war” against Russia. He stated that the capabilities of the United Kingdom is roughly half what it was previously, and that Russia was probably engaging in these reconnaissance missions in order to monitor the defenses in Britain.

The former member of the RAF hierarchy went on to suggest that the mission Russia had engaged in probably revealed to them that the UK is by no means as sharp in this area as it once was. Graydon stated that it would be clear to the Russians that they knew they were engaged in a provocative act, and that it could be a timely one from a Russian perspective considering that Western air defense is relatively minimal compared to its past might.

Other RAF personnel suggested that the situation is even more grim. But are these fears actually based in reality, or is it completely ludicrous alarmism?

BRIC World Order

To understand the situation with Russia, it is first important to familiarise one’s self with the BRIC nations.

On 16th June, 2009, in Yekaterinburg, Russia the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India and China met for a conference that is now referred to as the BRIC summit. The acronym BRIC was first used in a Goldman Sachs thesis projecting that the economic potential of these nations is such that they will be ranked as four of the five most dominant economies in the world by the year 2050. More on that later. The first BRIC summit – as with more secretive conferences such as Bilderberg – set the agenda for the group, so it is enlightening to look at what was discussed. Reuters described the conference as “seek[ing] global clout” and “discuss[ing] reform of the world financial system”.

A joint statement released in advance of the conference stated that “we, the leaders of the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Russian Federation, the Republic of India and the People’s Republic of China, have discussed the current situation in the global economy and other pressing issues of global development, and also prospects for further strengthening collaboration within the BRIC, at our meeting in Yekaterinburg on June 16, 2009”.

Since then there have been several BRIC meetings, and these are clearly intended to strengthen the influence of China and Russia in the world, and with regard to existing financial institutions, from which they feel excluded. Additionally, it is often proposed that the BRIC nations will attempt to set up their own financial institutions and central bank, and in accordance with this will ramp up the pressure on the United States and British economies and financial-led infrastructure in the coming years.

This has ensured that the United States and Britain, traditional allies and trading partners, have become natural opponents to Russia and China in what is effectively a trading and financial war. It has been asserted that the tumbling price of oil in recent months has been a calculated attack by financial interests rooted in the United States to weaken the position of Russia, which is hugely reliant on oil and gas reserves.

Russian Retaliation

Considering that Russia has just had effectively 60 percent of its mineral wealth wiped out, at least in market terms, it is perhaps natural that the Eastern European nation is feeling a little twitchy. What complicates the situation is that European nations in particular have been, and still are, very reliant on a Russian oil and gas exports (although that UK imports most of its oil from Norway).

So such reconnaissance missions as the one which David Cameron responded to could effectively be viewed as a show of strength by Russia in the context of an aggressive economic situation. But do British people actually have anything to worry about in terms of the physical threat from Russia, or will this war be played out in financial markets and other economic theaters?

Follow the Money

Of course, economics and warfare are inextricably linked, and one should never underestimate the influence of the former on the latter. But although what the former RAF personnel are stating about Britain’s air defenses may very well be accurate, one has to understand that Britain is the major ally of the united states, and any such attack on the mainland of Britain is pretty much unthinkable.

One has to bear in mind that even during the height of the Cold War, which necessitated a huge amount of tension by its very nature, along with massive distrust and rhetorical conflict, the Soviet Union still do not come close to attacking the mainland of the United States. It must be said in mitigation that the Cuban Missile Crisis nearly led to the utterly disastrous prospect of a full-scale nuclear war, but no matter how hawkish the Soviet Union became there was no prospect of it ever attacking the mainland of the United States or one of its major allies, as it knew that it would be completely obliterated.

While many people, including your humble author, bemoan the existence of nuclear weapons, it can be argued that they have contributed to the relatively uneasy peace between Russia and the United States. Both have acted aggressively at times, but the potential consequences of a full-scale conflict have arguably played a part in dissuading such an unattractive proposition. The United States will never attack Russia because it has 8,000 nuclear weapons. By the same token, Russia will not dabble with a serious ally of the United States for exactly the same reason.

Military men such as Graydon have a tendency to see things in rather blinkered terms, and much though this former RAF head is painting a negative picture of the situation, where Russia to actually carry out what he is suggesting then the consequences would be considerably more serious than he implies or seems to understand.

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About the Author

Christopher Morris
Christopher Morris is a passionate player of video games since the days of Space Invaders, and is extensively published on the subjects of Business, Technology and Politics. Chris also contributes to Yahoo.

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  1. France is NEXT on Putin’s hit-list!

  2. Obama’s HORRIBLE FAILED PRESIDENCY will be the permanent destruction of the Dems!

  3. Russia might as well invade Jamaica, Belize, etc.,

  4. Actually theres 800+ million people in europe.

  5. Actually we lost our empire because you yank cuntbags set out from day one to bankrupt us.

  6. FORTUNATELY for u you will be met by the same Americans who distroyed your ancestors in 1945, and this time there will be no one left or even remembered

  7. Fúck England… I’m a German… I would love to do bombing raids on London and the kíkes of Winsor like my great grandfathers did for the Third Reich.

  8. Sicuramente vi sarà una fine alla repressione in Germania e nel mondo. Non so in quale momento, ma questo avverrà. Sarebbe di grande aiuto se gli americani si liberassero del loro governo-ombra sionista.

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    Vertrag der Drei Schwarz Adlern… Russland, Österreich, Preußen… Ich ehre diese…? Ich bin der Orden des Drachen… ?? Meine Ehre heißt Treue ??

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    Religionspolizei im Besetzten Frankreich? Verhaften für Kritik an Juden? Frankreich legte Jean-Marie Le Pen im Gefängnis für den Islam zu kritisieren!

  11. Germans are a people like Russians are a people and not some arbitrary boundaries on a map…

    Germany is carrying the whole weight of the EUSSR on their back… When the German Atlas shrugs, you’d better think long and hard about your deviant lifestyles… The only reason why Europe is on NATO military welfare and has no real standing armies, is because once they arm the white majority, the zionist crowned heads will fall.

    Russia has real soldiers on their border and no gay pride marches in their army… imagine that.

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    Don’t spread lies please.

  15. Not really as his passport was revoked by USA for his anti American and anti Jew remark being a Jew himself.He was arrested for that and only Iceland gave him full citizenship.
    Stop trolling,telling lies and trying to defend your country when you cannot defend it.

  16. Yes. He was free to do any of those things, because he was an American.

  17. i understand clearly what you talking about. and my point is there will be no “what if’ because its not possible at all. thats like saying the us will get iran or north korea to turn there weapons on russia or china. see what I’m getting at here.

  18. I guess you just don’t understand the concept of an allegory. The point is “what if”, not “will”. Ask your English teacher to explain it to you on Monday.

  19. faviananglin16 | Mar 1, 2015, 9:53 pm at 9:53 pm |

    and i bet if the us was to fall back from the eu the whole european continent would be in total chaos and disaster. both militarily and politically.. don’t you see the only reason why russia hasn’t declared total war against any european country is because they know that if they do they will have to answer to the US. and frankly thats something they don’t want. and its a great thing that the eu has the us on its side every step of the way.

  20. faviananglin16 | Mar 1, 2015, 9:50 pm at 9:50 pm |

    but the thing is nato did that after russia started its aggressive behavior with the ukraine. and fyi you little fantasy will never happen, because the us is canada and mexico closest ally and trading partners.

  21. faviananglin16 | Mar 1, 2015, 9:46 pm at 9:46 pm |

    nawwwww thats not it at all, my comment shows that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. he has no facts or proof to back up his statement. and as for you, do the same thing shut the f#ck up.

  22. faviananglin16 | Mar 1, 2015, 9:45 pm at 9:45 pm |

    good one. that was almost funny.

  23. Who?Bobby Fischer?The chess player ripped off his American passport?
    The chess player that hate USA?Explain me that please

  24. Perhaps, but don’t forget: American Bobby Fischer was the greatest Chess player of all time. US owns the Russians in that game, too.

  25. Yeah, but in the last 6 mos. the Russian economy has grown like crazy – in the negative direction! So, now, RUS should spend 9% of GDP on armed forces and an additional 10% to modernize. That’s a lot of barrels of $30 oil! Going one-on-one against the world is expensive!

  26. A rail gun is a bolt action weapon shooting with ferromagnetic dummies. Who do you suppose with to reload it in the outer space?
    if you are talking about the navy lasers, then they can ignite not more than a match box at the short distance range.
    A solar power is not enough to operate a military grade megawatt satellite laser. Duh!..

  27. Yawn… Excuse me. :)

  28. For the moment Russia is playing chess better than USA.
    Maybe Americans didn’t realized that Russia isn’t Cuba.

  29. Good luck with that Chinese investment! Nothing like a few Yuan to prop the RUB. I’d rather borrow from a loan shark. Free advice to Dictators: Hire good Economists!

  30. No kidding! Who said they were NATO’s territory? NATO has never taken over territory, that’s not what they do. Ukraine is Ukrainian territory. That means invaders should stay the hell out.That means Russia.

  31. This is not the only reason…
    Refining titanium is as expensive as its original production. One of the failures of the F-35 engine was its poor quality titanium.

  32. Surely US/NATO is more annoying for Russia than China or the rest of the world.
    Memento Cold War.:)

  33. It’s fine with me, but NATO members are required to spend at least 2% of their GDP on behalf of the US military industrial complex.:)

  34. Your statement is not relevant to this topic.
    Otherwise, there was a recent complaint of Australia Re: its burden of the NATO membership. S. Korea is trying to get cheaper weapons from somewhere else than US. UK is not a good example here, for it doesn’t have any political voice of its own.

  35. They are not the NATO territories either.
    I recommend you to review a history of Ukraine starting form the pre-war and post-WW2 period.

  36. Me?Incorrect?The only true thing you said Bush was done like Obama is done.
    If you say that Putin steeals oligarchs money then you should watch some video about Boris Berezovsky and how he made his dirty money and how he gained power.
    It’s not an offense steal money to thieves.
    BTW wher Putin is the richest man in the world?
    Have you got any source to prove that other than western media.
    Honestly i read what your media wrote about it and it’s all a big bunch of BS and unreliable sources.
    Well you are also wrong when you said that nobody will invest in Russia.
    Not now as there are sanctions imposed from the USA,but i inform you that since Putin has been in power everybody was investing in Russia,That’s why it’s still the 8th power on earth.
    I also tell you that China is investing in it,India,Brasil,South American in general.
    France and Germany are still investing.
    When you say nobody you should tell me what you mean for that.
    If you mean that nobody is USA you should realize that the world isn’t USA.
    There are poor everywhere,in Russia and in USA.What about all those very rich people living in Detroit?
    The gangs in every USA city?
    As far as i’m concerned USA doesn’t print its own money.
    You should check how the fed. reserve really works.
    If you take away the US dollar as a main currency in international transaction USA will collpase tomorrow.
    And that’s what Russia and China is doing and the BRICS in general.
    This is one of the reason why USA wants Putin dead.
    Furthermore USA doesn’t give any trillions to other countries.It doesn’t work like that.USA ,like any other country,invest money it doesn’t give for free.
    I was reading few days ago(i think it was on Financial Times) that USA national debt has reached a point of no return.Your wars around the globe made you technically bankrupt but obviously your puppets presidents or senators don’t talk about it.
    If you really think that Putin is a dictator then every US president is a dictator masked as a democratic person.Maybe you like dictators masked as democratic person.
    Wasn’t Obama the man said he would close Guantanamo prisons?
    Wasn’t Obama the man said he would bring back his soldier in USA?
    Before criticizing another country watch what you have in your own one and bare in mind that nobody in the world is asking USA to be the police of the world itself .

  37. stephen koludrovic | Feb 25, 2015, 1:53 am at 1:53 am |

    We shall fight them on the beaches, we shall fight them in the fields, WE SHALL NEVER SURRENDER.

  38. stephen koludrovic | Feb 25, 2015, 1:50 am at 1:50 am |

    Your comment shows that he is right, and you are an idiot.

  39. Factually you are incorrect on practically every point. It doesn’t matter who’s behind Obama, you’ll never see him back. He’s done just like George Bush was done, and every other president after their elected term is completed. You won’t see the farce that’s going on in Russia with Putin happened here. The Oligarchs are still there. Putin just pics and chooses which ones are most useful to him, and the rest he steals their money. Why do you think he’s the richest man in the world? Why do you think nobody wants to invest in Russia? It’s full of corruption.

    There’s people starving in Russia living in mud houses eating bread. They could use some of those billions Putin, and his cronies are robbing from Russia. The US prints its own money. They can afford to pay the debt. If we stop giving trillions to other countries every year we’d all be living in palaces.

    Look if you like dictators that’s fine. But let’s not compare them to a democracy. That’s a joke. The central bank in Russia is a joke. That’s not even comparable to the world banking system. According to Putin he’s not interfering with Ukraine. He’s not arming them, and supplying troops to fight Ukrainian forces. Of course we all know this isn’t the truth. If anyone is destabilizing Ukraine, is Russia.

  40. USA democracy?Do you even know the meaning of this word?the Etymology of it?Man,i live in Europe now and I’ve been to USA enough time to see all the shit is going on there.
    Do you call Detroit an example of democracy?USA used to be a democracy till the beginning of last century when your constitution could protect USA citizens.Now you have private banks in the FED that tells you how much you will pay for your house, pharmaceutical corporations that will tell you what is good and bad for you,media that are control by one or two persons,warmonger senatorsthat have shares in the army industries that will tell you that is good to bomb and kill 2500000 Iraqis,oil corporation that are destroying the world and countries economy(see Niger delta river) and least but not last all of this are causing you your huge national debt that today USA cannot afford to pay.
    Putin?I don’t think is a less dictatorial person than the hidden corporations behind Obama,but at least he’s avoiding that Russia will become slave of this evil people.Kicking out the Oligarchs was the best thing i saw in the last 20 years of politic,he didn’t privatized the Russian central bank which is example of a more democratic leader unlike the American and European ones.
    Don’t you just realize that Putin is protecting Russian interests in Ukraine like USA did when CCCP wanted to bring its atomic missiles in Cuba?Why shouldn’t he react like he’s doing now when is very clear that USA is trying to destabilize the regions for its own interests?

  41. What system is that? The system “democracy” that’s used in the US, and most of Europe, empowers the people to make decisions on who they want to lead them.When properly used it prevents any one person or entity to get too powerful like a Putin who exploits Russia’s “democratic process”. That’s why I’m curious what you are referring to?

  42. No ties,i only had enough of the system imposed by US here in Europe

  43. What is your tie to Russia, if any?

  44. bla bla bla. USA here USA there.Idiot i’m not Russian.
    Can’t you people realize that USA forces couldn’t win in Vietnam,couldn’t win in Iraq,he’s losing in Afghanistan and you wanna win against Russia?
    Probably you don’t even realize that we are talking about a thermonuclear war where no one will survive included your moronic USA.

  45. that’s what i’m talking about.i’m a westerner that doesn’t drink all the bullshit of western media.

  46. Clearly, you’ve got no intelligent response and therefore, resorted to simply calling me a “stooge”. Does it prove me wrong somehow or just makes you feel better about yourself?
    Nuff said, spend time researching rather than posting baloney.

  47. You’re off topic here and didn’t even try to answer my questions related to the article. Anyway, I’m gonna try to respond to you.
    1. There was no poverty in USSR, I lived there. There was no variety, granted, but it’s not the same as poverty. Soviets had free or almost free medical care, education, housing, facilities, transportation, etc. There were no homeless or illiterate. You can’t call that poverty, most countries in the west have not been able to achieve that under capitalist system.
    2. How do you know that Putin is a thief and how much money he has??? Looks like you read too much anti-Russian garbage. Anyway, corruption exists virtually everywhere and Russia is not an exception. What’s your point? To make me feel jealous or what?
    3. Russians are very hospitable and I think, most Russians were happy and proud to host the Olympics and, Lord’s willing, World Cup in 2018. I have not met any Russian who complained about this expense, and so why does it bother you? Did they make you pay too?
    4. Ukrainian sovereignty has been stolen in the aftermath of the coup. America empowered suitable groups to grab the reigns, and now is controlling current illegal criminal regime. It’s called neocolonialism. Ukraine is the latest colony of American evil empire. The puppets in power today are truly disgusting traitors, who are willing to murder it’s own population at behest of their masters. Porky stated his plan this way, – “You’re going to get your pensions every month, and they won’t. Your children are going to safely attend schools, while theirs will hide in basements. That’s how we’re going to win this war.” He’s shamelessly targeting most vulnerable in Eastern Ukraine, – children and elderly. He’s bombed schools, kindergartens, and homes, he stole people’s well-deserved pensions and attempted to prevent humanitarian aid reaching Donbass people. All these are war crimes and yet, he and the sing along groups/persons keep calling it cynically an anti-terrorist operation. Well, in a normal mind, Porky’s actions are terrorism. He’s using violence and intimidation in pursuit of political agenda, which is precisely the definition of terrorism. Have you seen Russian warplanes pounding Kiev? Separatists slaughtering anyone in Kiev or Lvov?
    5. Most of Ukraine’s industrial potential is in the East, developed and built by Russians and Donbass people. Western Ukrainians have not developed much and their contribution in the East was essentially smaller. They are not entitled to Donbass lands, infrastructure or resources on any level. Donbass never belonged to the kind of people who grabbed the power in Ukraine. It used to be Russian territory and up to this day is populated by Russia-related people, they are the rightful owners of whatever Donbass has and they do not want murderous procurators to exploit them.

    I’ve been to both, Russia and China. I am not sure in which ways you believe people are abused there. I do know that in America police can murder unarmed suspects without much consequences. I also know that most Americans lost privacy and the gov’t can spy on most personal stuff. There is also the greatest number of people in jails in “free” America. Guantanamo, secret prisons, appalling torture, sponsoring terrorism in Libya, Syria, etc. and horrendous dictatorships in Saudi, Bahrain and other places, all this is attributed to America. I am saying this to point out that American economic and media war against Russia has nothing to do with concern for human rights of Russians or Chinese. Your “millions” of murdered by Soviets is just another hate-mongering item of American anti-Russian campaign. To sum it, – your head is stuffed with lies.

  48. That’s beside the point Tazz. The Germans on the eastern front were better equipped than the Russians they were fighting, but despite causing far more casualties than they were receiving, they still got pushed back. it doesn’t matter if your soldier wins nine out of ten times if the enemy has ten times the soldiers.

  49. Well Julia yu are clearly a Russian stooge. “Russia is not an aggressor nation.” Nuff said, I don’t pay as well as the Kremlin.

  50. Funny if not ridiculous what Cameron comment was about the Russian bombers – that they were not in UK airspace but IN A ZONE OF BRITISH INTERESTS, well I imagine that Black sea is a zone of interests of Russiaq what the hell were doing US and UK navy demonsttration in the norther part of BS, thousands of miles away for the Atlantic coast.

  51. No, I don’t think I’m understanding. When you say our politicians, you mean Westerners? Or Russian? The difference I see is how the news is reported. We have very different versions of what’s happening In Russia and Ukraine.

  52. Fair enough you were joking but not so much.I respect your point of view but my beef is with Westerners and the way we are treated by our politician.Can you see the difference?

  53. Semper Saratoga | Feb 23, 2015, 2:41 am at 2:41 am |

    I thought Russia cant make anything…

  54. What worries me is how stupid you and every moron Russian that continues to support the want to be Napolean Putin. Please compare US forces against what Russia could possibly scrape together. If your Russian best ever got bitch slapped by U.S. forces they would knock you back to the 3rd century.

  55. Thats the way they do it. Make us ‘We the Public’, pay for them to get in or use the Military from Public taxes, and then when They finally get the Profit payoffs overseas they put nothing back in the Tax funds. Corporate Multinationals get it ALL and put out not so much. The Mitt Romneys, Kochs, Chenys, Clintons ETC and 80% of Congressional ties. They make Us do it for them. With NED, with subsidies, with all the other Congressional Clubs and lobbies. Talk about moochers! and they still call themselves American.
    END Citizens United and kick NED off the Budget. Never let our Military fight for them or guard their Private Interests for Government Contributions.

  56. Stupid freaken Russian clown that spits short little man boobs Putin crap

  57. Author is complete idiot, must be working for USA State Department cause otherwise it’s just unexplainable

  58. Who in the H$ll cares? When your family is nuclear ash, do you care that you “almost won”? When the thousands and thousands of people die in a war like that, do the survivors dance in the street and and carry party banners saying “We won. Yahoo. Yahoo. Happy days!”
    Russia is tough enough to impose an unacceptable cost. If we went up against them, no one would care who won. There wouldn’t be any celebrations in the graveyards.
    War is just stupid talk from children who have never had to kill anyone.

  59. So, what are YOU talking about Julia?

  60. Julia, I stand corrected. Compared to the poverty in Russia during Soviet times, Putin is Superman. Is that saying very much now? He has been earning Russian support with his fear-mongering plan, stealing his $200 billion fortune on the backs of all those babushki, dedushki, pensioners, giving just enough to make them smile, but filling his own pockets at their expense selling off Russian natural resources.

    Yes, excuse me Julia. He’s done such a great job!! Sochi.. a $5 Billion dollar project for $50B. More theft from the Russian people, and now the other mafia buddies don’t want to pay the bills on Olympic projects so RUSSIANS will pay the bill. Another great benefit for the people.

    Should I go on? Now, he wants to steal Ukrainian sovereignty and gain all that Ukrainian farm and industrial potential that he has been to cheap to develop inside the 10 time zones he currently OWNS. It’s easier to steal it, turn it over to his cartel, shift any profits off to Cyprus or Malta and put Ukrainians under his super pension plan, keep them weakened as he’s done to Russians, shut down freedoms, liberty, voice, all that stuff which could cause him to be removed from power.

    Russia and China abuse their own people. Russia and China have both eliminated MILLIONS within their own borders or colonies they controlled. SO, why would there be any cooperation in moving these dictatorships forward. Their reputations for human abuses precede them.

  61. The author is nuts. Russia will attack England if Russia thinks that it’s necessary.

  62. Interesting theory, but unlikely. Did Russians do it before?
    If yes, then why is it a problem now? Why western officials and media didn’t talk about it?
    If no, then why didn’t Russians do it before if it could bring them some kind of “major victory”? Don’t you think the timing is not so great with all these tensions over Ukraine? Besides, I’m not sure why would it be a great victory for Russia to have Brits upset with their gov’t. Could you elaborate?
    In my view, whichever side is making a storm about it, is doing it because of Ukraine and BRICS rival bank.
    If it’s Russians overdoing it, then, my guess is, they want Europe to be well aware that Russia is capable of hurting them if they choose to wage a war against Russia at American behest.
    And European leaders, who are really acting on US orders, are interested for their population to hate Russia and view it as an aggressor, because their bosses in the US might be pushing them for war, so they’ve gotta “prepare” the population, via propaganda like this, so that people feel threatened, fearful and hateful. You can’t just wage a war without any explanation and Europe has been already engaged in a self-hurting economical war with Russia. All those suffering European businesses and farmers need to feel it’s worthwhile, you know, standing against “evil Russia”, etc.

  63. And? What would be the purpose of that all?

  64. I think, you’re wrong. Russian doctrine says that nukes can be used in case of an attack that threatens Russia’s existence. If you’re convinced that I’m wrong, then please, back it up. Russia is not an aggressor nation.

  65. Are you the latter one or why did you bother to post such a dumb response?

  66. Money would be understandable but so far WE are throwing money into Ukraine to keep it from a total economic collapse.

  67. What??? What are you talking about? Putin actually improved a lot of things in Russia since he came to power back in 1999 as a Prime Minister. Prior to him Russia had some of the worst leaders in it’s entire history, the idiot and the drunk. Try to actually do research and compare what was life like under Gorbachev and Elzin, and then under Putin. Most Russians would confirm that their lives became better since the appearance of Putin. He’s actually not very short ;), average height.
    I think, you need to look for problem elsewhere, like BRICS and it’s rival to IMF bank. It’s not a problem for Russia, it actually seems like a way forward, but it’s a problem for America, which is not interested in Russia or China going forward.

  68. and also russia and not some high powered super country that we can’t defeat. by the definition of a superpower the US is the only one.

  69. yeah and when you put the next 4 most power military which were “USA, russia, britain, and canada” against germany then no one could survive that, not even modern day USA. and lets not forget that the russians didn’t beat germany… mr. winter did. so russian techs didn’t win the war. winter did it for them. and if we went to war with the BRIC’S we would sure be out numbered but far from out gunned. don’t forget that the USA alone is accountable for 36% of all the research that goes on around the world. and lets not forget we are the most advanced and most well armed nation in the world. and so would our allies.

  70. 4 words for you……..shut the f#ck up!!!!!!

  71. maybe we should put Russia in the spot light. they invade Afghanistan and got the a$s kicked out and was begging for the US help. then after that they invade Georgia who doesn’t even has a real army. was only just over 2000, then now Ukraine Ukraine can’t even last a day in a war with Russia.

    now put the US in, we have military bases in over 159 countries, so our military is very spread out, we have been fighting for practically almost 2 decades, we didn’t suffer nearly as much casualties in 10 years as Russia did in 1 year in Afghanistan.

    so read this and tell me who is the one with the more guts.

  72. ahahahahahahahaaahahahah u silly asf, russia did invade georgia in 08 and yeah they wiped out an army of not even 2000 soldiers thats such an accomplishment.

  73. i completely agree with you. russia is the modern day nazi and putin is the new hitler.

  74. the Russians are provoking the entire Europe, by sending fully armed bombers over other countries borders. we have physical proof that Russia is supply arms to the rebels in Ukraine. they was just 2 russian war ships in the english chanel, and there was a russian submarine in in swedish and close to british territory. so if you don’t call that provoking idk what is.

  75. i think u spelled puppet wrong lol. learn how to spell before you make accusation without having proof. thank you

  76. Don’t take it personally brother. I was only joking around after all the stupid talk of blowing the world up. I love Russian people because I am around them enough to know their personality, and in some cases how they think. Russian people aren’t much different than Americans, maybe less spoiled in some cases, but similar in all the aspects that matter. My beef is with the Russian government, and how they treat their own people.

  77. Their is so many topics to answer to. First how come so many of the so call opposition is so well armed. We cannot feed them or change their views be we can arm them to the hilt. Do some of you remember a book that described the oil companies that fed all sides during the second world war? We the so called intelligent Human are the true virus of the planet Self serving greed. Right fighting religions, the superior elitist mind that created a God that allows hideous deeds as a way into their heaven. Funny (Sad) that the 3 religions involved were from Abraham in the old testament. Maybe poetic justice that in that name they will consume each other. Earth will say good riddance.

    So many topics

  78. inconspicuous detective | Feb 22, 2015, 6:25 pm at 6:25 pm |

    most of it. The idea of norvorussiya for example doesn’t mean all of Ukraine, but most of it. He also may not bother pushing to Poland, but I’m sure the Baltic States look delicious , as does Georgia. You can sort of map out the plan by where the money goes, too. Airforce, Arctic units, infantry. Their aspirations are based on resources, dependents, and it’s all within the continent.

  79. Not very funny for me though.
    I think having a different opinion doesn’t trigger anything but help everyone to tolerate the others.
    In his “funny” comment is only showing how biased he is with people think differently.

  80. But on a serious note, do you think that Putin will try to recreate the soviet union?

  81. inconspicuous detective | Feb 22, 2015, 5:07 pm at 5:07 pm |

    exactly. duh.

  82. Especially Ukraine. Oh wait.

  83. Let’s hope what Churchill said about the US will still be true: “the USA will eventually do the right thing, after they try everything else”

  84. He is funny, which what this site needs. All the other comments on this site are from people with their own ego-centered opinions which dont make sense, only in their own minds. This is why we have wars. Wrong opinions at each other pulls the wrong trigger. Sit back and watch the goofy replies to this post. Bottom Line? We’re all stupid humans that haven’t evolved enough to just get along!

  85. Seriously, why would Russia need to attack Britain? Move the Stonehenge to the Hermitage? Roll the London Eye to the Gorky Park? Annex Longay?

  86. Very relevant to me.I don’t know you but i always check on the person who writes weird articles and his portfolio doesn’t look that good.

  87. Comrade?troll?BTW could you try to write a more interesting comment as you are not funny.What worries me is that you think you are funny

  88. yes nick,,,,, the new president of kiev… is an other usa pappet..

  89. I agree, but certain EU members are dragging their feet. They’re so afraid of damaging their own economies that Putin could take all of Ukraine and the sanctions would still be moderate.

  90. The same guys that the U.S. gave weapons to that kicked the USSR’s a$$.

  91. Please try to catch up. Russia has long been our equal in military technology. If you don’t remember how the MIGS outclassed our fighters in the proxy wars, you might have read that our astronauts ride to the space station on reliable Russian hardware and most of our launching companies use Russian engines in their rockets.
    The new T50 is the equal of anything we have on the drawing boards and their new tank has the Pentagon scrambling for quotes for an equally deadly one. In addition to being as deadly as an Abrams it will have drone capacities so that one tank crew can command several tanks.
    The Iraq army had T72s and T64’s, thirty and forty year old technology that has not been in use in Russia for decades.
    Russia is not some broken down third world country we can roll over.

  92. If Russia or China made military alliances with Canada and Mexico, put a Chinese or Russian naval base in Havana, planted “rapid response military teams” within 50 miles of our borders, and then erected some huge missile bases in Toronto, do you think we might get nervous enough to spend a few bucks on defense? That’s what we’ve done to Russia.
    When Russia put missile bases in Cuba, we went ballistic and almost started a nuclear war, so we should understand their concern.
    It has taken a lot of provocation to cause Russia to start spending on its military again, be we have certainly provided it.
    None of which indicates that Russia would ever have any intention of attacking the UK or rolling tanks into Berlin.

  93. What’s to think about? The point is Russian people don’t even want to live in Russia. There’s no disputing that. The population continues dropping. The United States gains more immigrants in one month than Russia does in a decade.

    Instead of staying and fighting the government corruption most Russians end up fleeing to other countries. Putin is a billionaire dozens of times over, yet people in parts of Russia live in huts and mud houses..

    Look at the size of Russia? Look at the population. There you go. I thought about it.

  94. G Michael Russell | Feb 22, 2015, 1:59 pm at 1:59 pm |

    Does it matter? This isn’t headed to the publisher! Have you ever seen the drafts of writers? These are hardly ready.

  95. I think we in the US are heading down the road of supporting the wrong side. First the civil uprising of exactly a year ago in Kiev is now reported by the BBC to have been supported by hired snipers shooting at both sides. Second this new Ukrainian president was elected with only 53%, and that was without the Cremia region that is 90% ethnic Russian and without th current two regions of Eastern Ukraine which is 75% ethnic Russian, so this current president could never have been elected president of a truely full Ukraine. Lastly, the Kiev current government has over 30 foreign military groups they are paying to help fight which includes neo-nazi and Islamic militants. They have even complained that they cannot control these 30 groups. So there is a major problem that is going to erupt in our face.

  96. Wrong, pukin is poking the EU with a stick. The EU has done very little so far while pukin has stolen land from Georgia and the Ukraine and in the process threatened several other European nations.

  97. Seeing as the UK has around 250 nuclear warheads they could do a very good job of taking the Russian head off.

  98. Maybe “The Federation of American Scientist” and the “CIA World Factbook” are not the best sources of information but what they say goes against what you say. First, Russia has 8,420 warheads (does not have the accuracy with any of these the US has), the US has 7,650 warheads, France and the UK have 525 warheads. This still leaves NATO with a few more warheads not accounted for in these numbers. The THAAD missile system is a better system and protects more land than the Russians have in operation. The S-300VM “Antey-2500” by these two books are comparable to the Hawk missile system and the A-135 is only in operation around Moscow. While the Yal-1 funding was dropped (or curtailed) it was supplemented by the Shipborne Laser system which is now in service. Also the Aegis SM-2 and Sm-3 are now in service and considered reliable. The Patriot/Arrow Systems are considered operational but not as long legged as the other systems in operation. So while your numbers are not that far off the rest of your implication is by far very far off the realities of a nuclear exchange.

  99. Russians are the kind of people that use museum as mess hall and shopping mall as toilet. or vice versa. As for Polish people they are stubborn and hard working. I have nothing but respect for them. Don’t know much about Baltic states, so i can not say.

  100. No point in this article. UK do not have to worry about the attack from russia or whaever you call it because of US involevement yet wrote like russis’a attack on UK is imminent??

  101. That’s ancient history, back when they still had guts. Today EU is only good for cultivating LGBT movement and hiding under US skirts. Heck they can’t even bring themselves to put proper sanctions or refuse
    dirty Russian money for that matter. EU thinks it lives in some kind of magical bubble that can not be breached by the rest of the world. Well I hope LGBT-s will prove good protection against Russia if worst comes to worst
    because one day US can simply walk away.

  102. Russia has the 2 largest immigration in the whole world and a huge amount of illegal aliens but of course, the standard of living in Russia is not very high. I don’t think anyone denies that. Under Putin standard of living has risen quite a bit though. The reason why Russia has a smaller population is the same Canada has. Now think about it ^^

  103. First off your name explains it all when the Ukraine’s may as well using pellet guns against Russia’s hardware, that’s called cherry picking, using the good but niave efforts of Merkel and Hollande to achieve another cease fire is a complete farce, it will not happen again and NATO will not be using pellet guns, so grab YER gun and get ready for NATOS organized advance and Russia’s forced retreat.

  104. Ahh youre still living in the 90s i see..

  105. todays world is quietly developing smaller atomic weapons,that would be easier to use,or deliver.this new system is being developed by many third world nations,it would have been a pleasant thought to come to an agreement that all nuclear weapons would be destroyed….however our world has become more dangerous,,when nikita kruschev banged his shoe on the podium at the united nation 50years ago and in anger said he could blow our hot heads off, he admitted that if we fought this war there would be no winner,and the living would envy the dead….

  106. Wishyouhadthought | Feb 22, 2015, 11:48 am at 11:48 am |

    Whys the biggest idiot always the loudest?

  107. Wishyouhadthoughtaboutit | Feb 22, 2015, 11:45 am at 11:45 am |

    You keep repeating what nixon and the rest of the blood thirsty hawks kept saying for the vietnamese.. they only understand brute force! *bang* on the chest.. now sit down tarzan and listen.. if this had 1% plausability of being true-putin being the big land grabber, authistic psychotic nutcase, ivan the terrible 2nd, then why didnt he invade georgia after obliterating their army? Ever asked yourself that? I know you havent because YOU understand force only. And btw, you are free to volunteer for azov batallion, come on i dare ya.. Grab yer gun and lets go yankee! You can take part during their next “organized retreat”. Then you can come back and report to us just how well the russkies understood force.

  108. Tom N April Long | Feb 22, 2015, 11:43 am at 11:43 am |

    Are those retired Military behind Putin? If not, their military equipment and ships aren’t the only thing aging…..

  109. isin’t it what the stupid uk pm decameron is looking for by supplying arm to ukraine after all russia is not provoking the uk on any way why them pm stick the nose where it does not belong.

  110. Given your awful grammar, I think it’s obvious you’re a Kremlin troll.

  111. If anyone thinks that smurf is stopping after he takes all of Ukraine, thier just fantasizing, Russia only knows one thing, FORCE, giving them some of there own medicine will cure that illness.

  112. Moron

  113. They also invaded France many more times than Russia. What’s your point?

    If anything your rationale gives a motive for Russian antipathy that could result in violence to Britain.

  114. That’s what I believe!

  115. Let’s stop with the North Korea comparisons. They don’t present a challenge to anyone. I’m only being real and giving you an honest assessment of what would happen. The US is no different than any other country. Do you think Russian soldiers are happy about dying in Ukraine? No. They value life as much as every other civilized nation.

  116. Why is there an assumption that a war between Russia and the USA would be fought with nuclear weapons?

    The USA and Russia have both fought and “lost” wars in the second half of the 20th Century and refrained from using nukes against their opponents.

  117. Just the civilian rc model plane flyers in the US could outfly Russia’s top dog pilot. Russia’s playing with fire if it thinks it will even come close to any NATO country, especially the UK, Putin’s a is a cherry picker, let him pick on someone his own size. Let him try it, we’ be been nice and have showed great restraint for lack of better judgment.

  118. Portraying Putin as a deranged dictator who wants annex everything that could possibly be annexed and eats toddlers is hilarious. No doubt he is far from being a good person but he will never attack even Baltic states let alone Britain because if he does that Russian economy will collapse. The only reason why it hasn’t yet collapsed completely is that Western sanctions are very moderate and he knows that. So don’t waste your time drawing these insane scenarios.

  119. Come on comrade the US isn’t trying to start anything. They just offer protection from Russia. You know why Russia doesn’t like the US? Because all the Russian women leave their homeland because Russians notoriously have small peckers, and they want that US meat. Putin is a prime example of little Pecker syndrome.

  120. You are not taking into account that the United States has its military in every NATO country. You can’t just compare say a Russia military against Britain, or Germany, or even a Japan because those countries are infused with the US military scattered all over them. And by now they are probably nuclear

  121. It will be a quick ending. Those that will fare the best is part of the US North, And northern Russia. No war between a superpower will last more than 1 day if it goes nuclear.Russia pull be the first to be destroyed.

  122. That’s not even close to the truth. It wasn’t just Russia fighting Germany. It was the UK and U.S as well. Any country will fall when being attacked from all sides. If war where to break out Russia would be in Germany’s position of being attack from all sides by NATO. There only hope would be a draw by using nukes.

  123. They wont just attack the UK, but all of Europe and the U.S. Watch “Russia in Catholic prophecy” on you tube.

  124. They wont just attack the UK, but all of Europe and the U.S. Russia in Catholic prophecy

  125. The US has military in Britain and Germany. It’s not just Britain.

  126. Unfortunately most Russians flee the country as soon as They can. In the US alone there’s millions of Russians.Why do you think the biggest country in the world “Russia” has such a small population?? It’s a horrible place to live. Heck, Russian women can’t wait to get themselves and their children out of poverty stricken Russia.

  127. Again, China is no ally of Russia when it comes to military. China is an ally when it comes to stealing Russian natural resources. The rest of those country your listing can contribute what? They don’t even have a missile system capable of striking Israel. Half of them blow up after they are launched. Stop with this North Korea and Iran stuff.

  128. Come on man… China isn’t fighting for Russia, and the rest of those countries don’t even have a capable missile system. Let’s be real.

  129. He listed actual weapons.

  130. China is Russia’s only lifeline. Not because China likes Russia, they are opportunistic people that pounce on opportunity, and Russia’s all but giving away its natural resources for a third of the price. When Russia is diminished to nothing they will go in and take the land they want, and need, for their massive population.

  131. Ukraine isn’t his territory. Georgia isn’t his territory. He’s a land grabber, and a warmonger. If Russia becomes extinct it will be him that caused it.

  132. Russia wanted to join Nato in 1955 but the USA,France and British did not agree.

  133. There’s American military in Germany.

  134. You’re kidding yourself. The U.S. completely took over both Afghanistan and Iraq in a matter of weeks. Meanwhile Russia fought the afghanis for years to a standstill.

  135. As does Russia. And you can throw in all the vodka addicted alcoholics and hundreds of thousands of Russian sex workers and porn workers in Russia’s total too. I read somewhere that Russia has the highest percent of girls in sex related industries, either porn or prostitution of any European nation. Sad but true.

  136. That’s ridiculous. The Russians have carved out a small corner of Ukraine but the vast majority is intact.

  137. Poland’s Lech Walesa actually approached Moscow with the idea of joining NATO back in the 1990s. The Russian response was pure Russian arrogance with the Russian leadership rebuffing him and famously saying ‘great countries don’t join alliances, they make them!’ In other words, Russia’s ego is too big and their inferiority complex too big to think of being equal with the west. In a russian’s mind, they have to be ‘the best’ and ‘above’ everyone else. Russians are perhaps the most insecure people on earth with a false sense of superiority because of the physical size of Russia. This insecurity and douchebaggery is a key part of Russia’s national psychosis.

  138. Because Russia doesn’t want to.

  139. Israel will outlive it’s neighbors if nothing else.

  140. And now Russia is spending 4.5% of it’s GDP on the armed forces, with an additional 5% GDP ‘modernization’ program. It’s response to the economic crisis has been to ring-fence it’s military budget at the expense of social programs and other general investments.

  141. The assumption here is that the alliances to which Britain is party will answer any call for assistance. Some of these allies are more likely to join a war against Britain than they are to even do nothing, the odds of their actually honoring the commitments they agreed to is laughably remote.
    As for the role of America, they are not going to carry the weight of defending a continent that by all appearances no longer wishes to be defended. They have learned well enough from Iraq to stay out of countries that do now want them to be there. Besides the alignment of countries such as Greece Hungary Italy and Spain whose left-wing political hopefuls plan to withdraw from NATO altogether, the military expenditures of Europe (or more appropriately the almost total lack of such spending) speaks volumes about the continent’s intentions.
    Sorry, but when the war happens, Britain will be on it’s own.

  142. glen hutchcraft | Feb 22, 2015, 8:57 am at 8:57 am |

    TROLL: Russian PPRRIICCKKK!!!!

  143. Nano is a dumbass | Feb 22, 2015, 8:28 am at 8:28 am |

    And? How the is that relevant?

  144. It is all part of the End-Times. It wont be too long now

  145. Eat my Khibiny you sad little Putin troll. Does Vlad pay you in actual cash or does he just let you touch his little nubbin for payment?

  146. suck Borscht Jimmy…or should I say Tzimi?

  147. ok, Vlad. Whatever you say.

  148. play nice, Putin Troll

  149. Israel will outlive all other nations. Bank on it.

  150. Really? ask South Korea about that. UK & Australia were also there.

  151. It’s not the West in general. It is the US. I wonder when the EU will finally understand that US interests are not necessary our interests. When a top officer (a spy) from CIA says “f*ck the EU”, we must consider what kind of ally are the Americans.
    Empires like Russia or China do NOT like when somebody is getting close to it’s borders. There are plenty of historical examples: for example the existence of North Korea. Just ask yourself – how many military bases has Russia in countries that are not bordering the country? And then ask yourself how many American bases there are in countries that are not bordering the US?

  152. uhhh.BTW i forgot to tell you who wrote this article.

    Christopher Morris is a passionate player of video games since the days of Space Invaders.

  153. what a bunch of BS.
    USA try to start a new war against Russia and trying to involve as many country as possible.
    How many US senator have share in the war industry?How many US corporation want to put their hands on Russia resources?Ask yourself that and don’t forget that this time it will be a thermonuclear war

  154. Its not comparable though. Germany was just a little ahead. Our technology is so far advanced now that the U.S. can take on any 3 countries simultaneously and win, easily. Obama has dampened us but we are still ok. Russia and China have massive military’s but air power is everything now. If you control the air, you win by bombing their military power into dust. Look at Iraq. They had the worlds 4th largest military with the latest and greatest Russian weapons. They were also seasoned vets from 10 years of war with Iran. We utterly destroyed them. 350,000 Iraqi troops were destroyed or surrendered while we lost under 300. We lost 0 tanks while they lost thousands. It was the worst military defeat in history. Russian military weapons, tanks, and air power are garbage. China is way worse.

  155. Hahahaha the US standard of living has been dropping since 1971, has little manufacturing left, 50 million on food stamps and it is Russia who has a large portion of world resources, has most of its manufacturing left, who needs war hahahaha.

  156. Victoria Nuland admitted Washington spent 5 billion to destabilize, I mean to promote ‘democracy’ in Ukraine.

  157. ?????? ????????? ???????? | Feb 22, 2015, 6:41 am at 6:41 am |

    Nice one, Lora!

  158. ?????? ????????? ???????? | Feb 22, 2015, 6:37 am at 6:37 am |

    Oh yeah? Russia controls Ukraine? Fine! And how much pain and how many more countries control the US? Think of the instances that are taking place now and have happened since the end of the Cold War! Got it? Panicking now?

  159. Everyone, please, stop living in fear!

  160. Why the hell would any country attack the UK,. there is nothing there

  161. Why would Russia attack the UK? Its a nonsense idea too stupid to warrant discussion. After they dissolved the Soviet Union, Russia reduced its military budget down close to zero and kept it there for years in spite of constant provocation by NATO and the US.

  162. No, he’s right. There should be no apostrophe used with dogma! Punctuation errors weaken your argument, which is already pretty flimsy!

  163. So the west overthrows an elected government, imposes IMF brutal austerity, causes massive reduction in standard of living and it is Russia who is causing pain ;DDD

    You can’t make this up.

  164. Lora De Allesio | Feb 22, 2015, 5:45 am at 5:45 am |


  165. Lora De Allesio | Feb 22, 2015, 5:41 am at 5:41 am |

    Derrick The Dumb. The Ukraine is done, read a news. Putin already won.

  166. Lora De Allesio | Feb 22, 2015, 5:40 am at 5:40 am |

    is appalled that Russia
    dares to act like Germany.

    USA is
    appalled that Russia dares
    to act like USA.

    is appalled that Russia
    dares to act like Britain.

    Woopty fkn doo.

    Take a number to be appalled.

  167. Lora De Allesio | Feb 22, 2015, 5:32 am at 5:32 am |

    Last time I’ve checked it is Briatin that invaded Russia several times in its history not the other way around.

  168. Russia doesn’t need to win any war. It just need to cause enough pain to any country it wants to control. It’s doing that to Ukraine no matter what the West do to stop it. And it will do to all other former USSR.

  169. To everyone saying that Russia could never win because we have a more advanced military needs to remember WW2. the Germans had superior technology, but, despite losing far fewer soldiers than the Russians, still couldn’t hold them back. If the two combatants have at least comparable technology, the one with greater numbers will have the upper hand. and you need to take into account the BRIC nations. sure as of right now they are mostly financial partners, but you would be a fool to think wars are never fought over money. it’s not much of a long shot to think that they would form a military alliance, and if they do, those four nations alone consist of just over 41% of the world’s population, compared to NATO consisting of about 12.75%. if NATO went to war with the BRIC alliance, we would be heavily outnumbered.

  170. )))) ???? ?? ?????! ??? ??????? ??? ??? ?? ?????? ? ??????????? ? ?????? ???????? ??? ??????! ?? ? ??????? ???? ?? ?????? ??????. ??? ? ? ??? ?????? ????! ???????? ????? ????? ?? ?? ??? ???? ??????? ? ?????????? ??? ?????? ?????? ?????? ??????? ? ??????? ???????? ? 1941 ?? 1945 ????. ?? ??????????. ? ? ???? ??? ?? ?????????? ?????? ? ??????! ?? ??????! ??????? ?????? ?? ?????? ???????!

  171. It would have attacked already if there were no US protection. Russia always eyed Europe as nice fat prey and nothing has changed for them during all this time. If one day US simply leaves Europe on its own It’ll be interesting to watch Ukraine scenario unfolding in UK.

  172. And in a poll the Briton idiots said that the greatest threat to Britain is Israel. How crazy anti-Semites they are!

  173. USSR is alive and well. Russians have a purpose to unite all the Fatherland no matter what it takes. They will play cat and mouse games on any country stands in its way, until it’s weaken where Russia will then seduce them to form an alliance of USSR.

  174. Georgia? Ukraine?
    how does it feel to be a douche and a moron all at the same time?

  175. Russia was destroyed by the Mujahedin who made America the super power it is today and the the thanks they get bombarded and invaded by Americans. Today the US has created a monster known as ISIS and unleashed it on the Muslims and soon on Russia all this is just for the blue eyes of Israel.All Muslim know this and will side with Russia that’s 3
    billion add to that Russia, china, N Korea and every country that hates the US.
    On that day the US will surrender with out shooting a single shot and here comes the best part America will turn its back on Israel and guess what the end of Zionism.

  176. i disagree. Russia has been a nation of liars, theifs, murderers, and genocidal maniacs since there was a village on the site of Moscow. that is a 1000 years ago

  177. you have more confidence in NATO than I do. Germany does not even have 1 division of armor and during exercises they had to paint broom handles black to look like weapons. this was 6 months ago

  178. Christopher Morris, another moron that wants to spread fear in the world against Russia.Wake up you idiot, Russia is not attacking any other nation,it’s the warmongering dysfunctional US that is the problem.Best you get back to your video,bet your not much good at that either..I want to see 20 trillion replies, I have fun not reading them but deleting them.

  179. Why cant Russia just join NATO?

  180. YES, IT COULD! PUTIN the MORON is the 21st Century of HITLER!

  181. What is NATO?

  182. Odimegwu Andrew Sunny | Feb 22, 2015, 2:47 am at 2:47 am |

    The bottom line is it will be a national suicide for putin to attack any NATO member state. How many cities of NATO countries will putin be able to nuke before the combined overwhelming forces of NATO obliterate the entire russia including putin himself in a war that will finally put to rest all elements of communism no matter where they exist, China and North Korea included.

    Too bad Ukraine was badly infiltrated by KGB operatives long before maiden revolution with a perfect sabotage intent groundwork well orchestrated right from the dubious 1994 Budapest memorandum in which Ukraine unilaterally relinquished their powerful nuclear arsenal, the third largest then in the world after the dissolution of USSR in exchange for national security guarantees historically signed by the trio, the UK, USA and Russia.

    Today Ukraine has been invaded by Russia who by virtue of 1994 Budapest memorandum of agreement on nuclear disarmament has amongst others mutual obligation to protect and preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine under any circumstance. It will be morally wrong for the UK and USA to watch with abandonment and inaction as Russia deceive and breach what ought to be a trustworthy binding agreement.

    In fact Ukraine should be better served to strongly demand the return of its nuclear weapon which was deceitfuly and disingenuously disarmed by Russia if they have any reason whatsoever not to honor their commitment to preserve and protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine nation.

  183. If Putin continues his terrorist activities in eastern Ukraine or if he attacks a NATO member, the SWIFT option MUST be used. Once the SWIFT option is employed, the Russian economy will collapse and then the Russian people will wake up.

  184. Russia , China , North Korea .
    We get effed , and stay effed

  185. Second place isn’t even viewable in the rear view mirror. The USA military could fight the next ten best militaries in the world and beat them. That may change in time, but as of TODAY…it IS TRUE.

  186. Lawrence Mullin | Feb 22, 2015, 2:41 am at 2:41 am |

    If Russia is removed from SWIFT, they will be in such chaos that they will see it as an actual attack and they will strike and a world war will begin.

  187. No reason to exaggerate. 400 years, NOT 1,000!

  188. Now add what America has to that total and see if you STILL like the odds in ANY kind of war…conventional or otherwise.

  189. RIDICULOUS! Only an attack on Canada would draw a swifter, more lethal response from the USA. Putin may be crazy, but he isn’t stupid!

  190. What an incredibly STUPID statement.

  191. F off you stupid Kremlin troll.

  192. Spare us your Kremlin propaganda, you stupid troll.

  193. There is absolutely NO chance that NATO would let an attack on a member country go unanswered. Putin knows this.

  194. You would make a good Czar. Perhaps you should move to Russia.

  195. Let’s see what Russia’s GDP will be by the end of 2015. Russia will be a 4th world nation by year’s end. All thanks to thug Putin.

  196. If who ever i choose to blame for hurting the people i love i will live my life fighting to make those responsible pay until i die. death to me is nothing in vengeance to family and country. at the end it wont matter those who are dead will be judged and those god knows responsible will go to hell when its all over to suffer. and those alive will live to rebuild the beauty god intended from the tears those dead have suffered.

  197. Your AWFUL & laughable grammar identifies you as a Kremlin troll. Whatever Putin is paying you for this pathetic propaganda make sure you accept payment in DOLLARS: use your rubles for toilet paper.

  198. Wisely, Western nations have ruled out war with a nuclear armed Russia. Thus, the West must maximize sanctions, including removing Russia from SWIFT. America and the West must impose sanctions to the point were Russia is”financially bleeding” from every orifice; absolutely no mercy until Putin is forced to back down.
    The only thing that will get Putin’s (and the Russian people’s) attention is a financial catastrophe. So let the pain begin.

  199. Yes and no. Winning a war is not always about the money. The difference between the EU and the US is that the EU has already tasted the power of Mother Russia, the US has not. So it’s easier for the US to make threats, the EU countries will think 20 times before saying something aggressive. ;)

  200. In a one on one scenarion…..I really dont think Russian wins a conventional with the UK…..”conventional”

  201. how naive ! Russia and Putin is so dangerouse – they dont think in the way – westerns do – in a situation – they dont care !

    Britian is sleeping exactly as they did up to WW2 ” Herr Hitler has promised bla bla”

    United Kingdom – are nothing military and has nothing whci hcan scare others . and russians are laughing of us here – if the britains think they wil not do anything to us” it is unthinkable then they are more stupid than should be allowed.. do you think mr Cameron that Russia is afraid of USA ? no way – they are not afrtaid of anything and in the area os USSR Soviet they was 100% sure they could win a global nuclear war – Ik now it from a friend who was Officer on USSR submarine with nukes. the biggest – they whole idelogy was agressive and to win a warn

    Britain has hardly any tanks left. 224 ?? hahah 35 ships ? not even able to hunt a submraine. and are stil lcutitng down on its military – the wrong signal to send to Putin –

    maybe Uk should not spend so much money in all the immigrants and refugees whci cost a fortuen and produce nothing. so stupid naive. .looser country you are nothing .

  202. stephen koludrovic | Feb 22, 2015, 1:44 am at 1:44 am |

    In the calculations of Britain’s GDP they also calculate the work of criminals such as drug dealers and whores.

  203. From the US that’s who!!! Read the Wolfowitz document and that will tell you all you need to know about who the real terrorist nation in the world is.

  204. Dream on Buddy till a Russian nuke drops on your head.

  205. Won’t be long before curry and rice will be the staple food at the Palace. The immigrants are taking over Britain and the British are leaving in droves.

  206. The UK is now a third rate country hanging on to the coat tails of the US and kissing US a$$.

  207. Yes. Putin is a sociopath. Possibly a sick mind like this actually relishes the thought of being the man to burn the world in nuclear fire. This man is truly sick and twisted.

  208. The Brits just want to talk about everything instead doing


  210. Yeah compare countries conquered by the USA versus the USSR.
    Compare West Germany and Japan (prosperous democracies) — versus Poland and Hungary (backward and repressed)

  211. Who doesn’t?

  212. GDP of Britain $ 2.8 trillion GDP of Russia $ 2.1 trillion.
    It’s a matter of what they spend their money on

  213. and you were brainwashed where comrade ?

  214. OK lets say Russia does attack Europe , Russia has about 1/3 of the aircraft the USA has , they do not have no where the amount of cruise missiles the USA has and during their attack on Europe they will lose at least 25% of the aircraft they have , then there is china , china has no ambition to get into a war with the USA and even if they say they will help Russia , i see china then attacking a very much weaker Russia taking at least 1/2 of what the land Russia has because this is in their best interest because they also know that Russia will be no more and the rest of the land we will let ( which is stupid ) break up and become their own states after the USA,Canada and Britain (which is one country for the most part) defeats Russia . yes i know alot of people will die but that is not the point . THE POINT IS RUSSIA WILL BECOME EXTINCT ! ! !

  215. Because NATO is chicken and so does Obama so that at this time
    Putin feels that he is the super power. There is no way to talk with the LIAR
    PUTIN. In history American military win all kind of war or enemies, but one
    kind that American military had to give up. That was communist. The west is too
    honest and sometimes chicken while communist atheism no God then know to
    perfectly cheat. Putin now knows Obama is chicken and NATO also is chicken.
    Merkel and Holland in the last visit Moscow talking and Kowtowing Putin for 8
    or 9 hour spend with Putin and Putin promise too much about CeaseFire but the
    result is NOTHING. Ukiraine people want peace and want real ceasefire, but with
    Devil Putin means nothing. Now Putin continuously send tanks and weapon to
    Ukraine last night the US satelite found more tanks across the border …To me
    each ceasefire each town of Ukraine will be loose. Remember the communist will
    fight for ever for land. After Ukraine lose in Russia hand then next step will
    be the whole Europe…then our turn,….the America. Biden, viice president of
    US said to Putin … if you say you want peace..then you show us, not talk to
    us….This imply that Putin is a bg liar. Do no listen to what communist saying
    but you must watch what communist doing..

  216. Re: “I wonder who is making money off of this farce?” The Arab sheiks and emirs in the Middle East, who else? The Saudis, Qataris, et. al. did not cut the price per barrel of oil out of the goodness of their hearts, but out of the desire to undercut the economies of Russia and North America – both of which threaten OPEC’s position for dominance in the global energy trade. Whatever else they are, the Arab oil ministers are not stupid. They know they can pump oil at prices which North American and Russian oil and gas fields cannot match – thus driving them out of business… or so the Arabs hope.

  217. During the siege of Singapore in WWII, it was discovered that the British had emplaced their defensive artillery in seaward positions and their guns could not be brought to bear upon Japanese troops attacking them down the Malayan peninsula from the landward side. The British high command could not conceive of an attack from any direction but the sea – and paid the price when Singapore fell to the Japanese in one of the largest mass surrenders in the history of the British empire.

    Just as at Singapore, Britain’s eyes are focused in the wrong direction. Putin’s Russia poses little threat to the United Kingdom other than the imaginary one ginned up by western propagandists. True, the U.K. stands a real risk of falling from an invasion – but it won’t be at the hands of the Russians. It will be at the hands of the waves of “immigrants” from places like Pakistan, who are even now colonizing Britain and turning it into something its ancestral peoples would not recognize.

  218. And GREED, can’t forget the greed. He a major thief on the Russian population. He should hang for that.

  219. Russia was doing pretty well before Putin showed up in the Kremlin. They were doing plenty of global commerce, shaking off the old Soviet oppression, really getting out there. However, this little guy really messed things up for Russians. Now, the soviet door is closing all over again because of his paranoid twisted mental issues.

  220. He’s killed any chance of ever being trusted by anyone, anywhere, for any reason, in any treaty or business deal. Putin has painted his ignorant ego-driven a$$ right into a corner. He’s already got the entire Eurasian trade group backpedaling because he doesn’t value their borders anymore than Ukraine’s, and his BRICS partners at least know how to occasionally live up to their word. He’s really f*&^d himself over. He’s well aware that any moves on the EU, Baltics, will end his career rather quickly and all his stolen loot would be returned to its rightful owners. He’s getting away with as much as he can, but there will be a threshold in his future.. guaranteed. He wants his place in history, the insignificant douche bag that he is. Could you imagine working with him back in his KGB days? Weird little guy.

  221. Regardless of all thats going on!!! The economy and what could happen to our economy, US and its allies have plenty of nukes and tech and more unknown weapons they have yet to use to keeps its powerful enemy’s and its growing economies like china to think twice it can all vanish in a blink of an eye in many ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  222. if he goes to far there will be no history books printed to have his name in it

  223. No they can not. We have systems in place to keep there nucs from even launching. I don’t know where you get that information from but the USA could wipe out Russia and china at the same time, stop the fear tactics,have a little faith in your country, no mater who is president. Our Navy and airforce are second to NOBODY.

  224. that’s why its called MAD mutually assured destruction e have enough warheads it wont matter what they knock out we will toast them to

  225. Why even write this. Go play a video game.

  226. Your joking right, please give me facts for your statement I’m sure that will be a short list!

  227. true putin is gambling and will push until an accident happens then some ignorant person will mess up and start something that can not be stopped with words and threats Europe will lay down and roll over and until we get a president who cares for this country we will lay down and let Russia walk all over us to

  228. Leslie, did you see the Star Wars movies? Do you remember the scene where all those aliens from around the galaxy were walking around blowing each other away, all carrying weapons because nobody in the crowd trusted each other?

    That’s a snapshot of BRICS. Totally different business cultures, no trust, not an ounce of true unity. Common currency? Nice joke

  229. This is what happens when a once-mighty empire is ruled by liberals. Since WWII, the British have lost all their overseas territory, been reduced to a fraction of their former might, and lost the character and will to be a nation that moves the world. All at the hands of the left wing. It would be pitiable if it weren’t so contemptible.

  230. Petro, I’ll wager you ten bucks that Putin will not even go NEAR his nuclear button. He has spent the past 15+ years slithering his way through Russian politics to be in the place he’s at. He siphons billions from the Russian economy and stashes it all over the place.

    I’ll guarantee you he knows better than to go nuclear on ANYBODY because if he makes it out alive, he will be living in an underground bunker for years. That’s not where he planned to enjoy his stolen loot. He can’t store enough caviar and cognac in that bunker to replace the lifestyle he’s planned, lying in Sochi on his private beach with his young bimbo.

    He’s got a huge ego, military viagra to replace his shortness, but he ain’t stupid.

  231. The UK has to worry more about their rich, poor dichotomy.

  232. I don’t buy into this because most nato members are not improving their military and will expect us to defend them and will not be willing to help us if we ever need it

  233. Uh.. Eugenio, the Russian killed most of those people themselves. Read up on the Holodomor in Ukraine. Ten million Ukrainians intentionally starved to weed out the Kulaks who wouldn’t agree to give their own farm products to the Kremlin. Ten million dead Ukrainians in ONE year.

    Russia knows how to kill. Very good at it.

  234. the attitude in nato and united nations is the same as before wwII do nothing and nothing will happen I am afraid that the same will happen again and it will be the fault of our leadership by not remembering what inaction can do

  235. Well, since the US is usually the first one to show up with the cash, the manpower and the weapons, why shouldn’t it enrich the US MIC? Not that it needs all the black projects, but just sayin..

  236. Protecting Russia? From WHO? He should be looking over his shoulder at Beijing, not Brussels. This article already describes the eunuch that the EU has become. Did you not read it?

    China has gotten into Putin’s pants now. Putin will gradually become their gas and credit concubine and he will be fighting to keep the far east regions. Then we’ll see how much of a man he is.

  237. I think Putin suffers from Pen#s envy and his military is his Viagra. He’s a beta dog who’s been working his way to the top of the pack to alpha status for years. What he needs is several hard kicks to the balls and some teeth on his throat to get the message. Unfortunately, he’s a little cave man.. clever Neanderthal, but a cave man. Clever like the coyote who discovers that trash cans are easy food until the fifth or sixth visit.

  238. The appropriate term if you want to educate yourself is called Fail-Deadly.

  239. The EU as a group has killed, maimed, enslaved, taxed, ripped off and abused more human beings worldwide than anyone on the planet over the past 500 years. Russia is in this group by the way. EU is trying to be civilized to the point of ignoring Kremlin crimes going on right under their nose in Ukraine, mostly because they transformed from occupiers and taxers to just well-dressed crooks who will sell their mother for a deal.

    Of course, the EU is pissed off at the US because Washington initiated the sanctions, as always, pushing them to agree kicking and screaming. They are losing cash flow from the Kremlin during the sanctions so you’ll read BS about the US Coup in Kiev, the evil US. Unfortunately the EU’s own child, America, is having to teach her parents some manners and responsibility. Kids sometimes need to support their parents though.

  240. Don’t play the stupid role. You know that is propaganda or you are one of those brainwashed who buys the lies from the media.

  241. Red rover, Red rover, Send Putins stupid A$s! right over! Kill a commie for mommie!

  242. up setting ?

  243. Since I was born in Ukraine, and my dad’s side of the family is still in Ukraine, yeah man, sure I have bias towards Russia…You got me…Dude, research Stepan Bandera and Kiev Pogroms, and talk to me about Ukraine’s rich history…

  244. Let’s have NUKE wars already….
    Have Putin put away, already…
    Phoc, why are you (ph)ockers are whimping around against a midget????!!!!
    Put Putin away to his misery, NOW!!!!

  245. I do not understand either. Why would China and India want to fight ? What is in it for the winner ?

  246. Petro… I don’t believe you are educated on the topic of Thermonuclear war. This is something called Dead Man’s Hand, there’s is no doubt that a couple nuclear strikes could decapitate England. The catch is once that happens a protocol is in place to launch the entirety of their nuclear arsenal once their government is taken out of action. This would be handled by the remnants of the British Military Branch. MAD Mutually Assured Destruction is still in affect. Both countries would lose their heads (Literally) This is not even taking in to affect America’s Missile shield or any other countries missile shields.

  247. Russia knows it would be a dumbass move to make a strike on any of the Nato countries. What possible good would come out of that senseless scenario. Be like ticking off a hive of hybridized African honey bee’s.

  248. Darn another article about what it? It is sorry when the author of he article uses the a maybe to define what could happen if Putin Pushed more. I think Putin would receive a very angry condemnation from Europe and a war. Right now Putin is trying to sell the world that Russia has best military in the world. Is that why they are having to do conscriptions now. Russia required conscription of men into the army from many federation members. When you have to use conscripts you have a really problem. Russia even required conscripts from eastern Ukraine.

  249. Too late for that Bubba.. the flushing of the EU has already taken place. Yeah, go be huggy kissy with Russia. Ukraine and the rest of the former Soviet victim states can tell us all about THAT relationship, can’t they??? Putin is NOBODY’S friend. Putin is for PUTIN. His $200 Billion dollar stolen fortune (from the Russian population) speaks louder than any words you could write here.

  250. The reason why both Super powers have Nukes is to deter war. declaring war on one another would be a grave mistake for humanity. There will be no victors to say the least.

  251. Russia has the largest nuclear warheads on the face of the earth. At count nearly 8,000. While the USA was sleeping they were not with the new more modern Russian warheads the USA is falling way behind.Also Russias, air defense is considered to be the best in the world. The USA does have systems to protect the nation. But nothing like theirs. In other words in a nuclear attack Russia can Knock 2 out of 3 warheads we send at them. We would take most of the impact. I don’t really think it would matter since the world as we know it would be over.

  252. the only way to be friends with russia is to be a vassal state and lick their boots. notice russia has NO FRIENDS! the warsaw pac countries ran to NATO as fast as they could because they know russia and russia is a genocidal mafia organization and has been for over a 1000 years.

  253. we have to realize that GB is probably the most prepared of all european countries. the governments in europe have been living in fantasy land for 70 years. they will either step up and being helping themselves or they will be no different than Poland, Belgium, France, Holland, etc in 1939.

  254. No one’s going to attack GB and let it off the hook. Let’s watch the empire die of it’s own liberal indulgence and corruption.

  255. russian army never will fight with EU cause they gonna lose everything , rus army gonna destroy 1-st Kremlin and than that guys sitting there

  256. How about you go and stick to watching Russian hooplas.. Clearly your Russian bias is stinking from here

  257. Could Russia attack GB? Of course they could. Will they? Of course not.
    Graydon had better pay attention to the muslim hordes that are overrunning his country instead of spinning fairy tales and playing deception.

  258. This could also be said of the EU, Europe can not sustain a battle with Russia because for 70 years all of European countries in NATO have not been putting in what is expected of them, they dump all this cost on us in the USA. So USA suffers because we have to put up all the money and Europe lives high off the hog while our country has suffered because we cannot pay for needed improvements to infrastructure and we are essentially robed by Europe not pulling their own weight in NATO.

  259. Ukraines sea of azov and black sea had large oil and gas reserves which the big western oil companies were beginning to explore, Europe and Ukraine have been dependent on Russian oil and gas. Russia takes the regions and keeps Ukraine and Europe dependent. After WW2 the USA was the global power but did not seek to conquer the world. Russian leaders naturally cautious of losing power (Stalin purged many Russians to keep power as well as enslaving many Ukranians). The cold war was a natural outcome of this with Russia trying to catch up. When Russia “relaxed” 25 years ago post USSR the rest of the world relaxed and cut spending. Putin has unrelaxed Russia and while we bought their rockets and oil we did not notice Putins expanded nuclear development, nor the expanded air defense s-400, s-500 designed to stop incoming ballistic missiles, jets, aircraft all the way up to orbit. We saw the s-300 take down an airliner at 35,000 feet. There is no first strike deterrent they have a viable defense. They also have faster better jets, up to date surface to air air to air ship to ship missiles. We outnumber then 19 to 1 with aircraft carriers but there is a new ship to ship missile fired from 150 miles and covers the distance in 112 seconds. Their bombers are checking our air defense, they regularly threaten nuclear war from Putin and his staff to the press. They are ready for war, and further they control the major oil producing countries which prevents opponents from fueling, building munitions, plastics etc. Spend some time in youtube and watch their technology, watch the spetznatz soldiers. The newest weapons are beginning deployment including their amazing tanks which cost a bunch… like that ever stopped a country. It is interesting to see France brokering the ceasefire in Ukraine when the french quickly surrendered to Germany in WW2 and only the involvement of the USA freed them. The Russian people are wonderful people as are the Ukranian people but make no mistake when all the information you are given is filtered for the purpose of the leader, like Hitler, all in the country will follow with pride and honor. It is time to stand with Ukraine with Offensive weapons otherwise the tanks will keep rolling. Side note – the Ukraine flag yellow and blue.. it is sunflowers and blue sky. This is not a country of war but it was the 5th largest country and losing its freedom.

  260. Are you Russian? Or just stupid ?

  261. thenicklemansbrother | Feb 21, 2015, 11:33 pm at 11:33 pm |

    The only reason we use Russian titanium is it is cheaper than other sources. There is enough in the airplane boneyards to rebuild all the bombers we wold ever need. It is 40% cheaper to refine new material than to refine already processed but it is possible.

  262. More like 500 million Europeans and 100 million Muslims…

  263. So how much do you get paid by the Russians for this nonsense I’d be embarrassed to write it.Oh, but that’s not really you is it?

  264. It’s a picture of your mother

  265. Define dangerous….and to who ? Just go back to licking Obama’s a$$ and leave the important subjects to the adults.


  267. New Russian military doctrine posted within the last few months suggests that First strike is acceptable.

  268. If Putin can get what he wants by lying he will. Only way to stop this is to go with a major military investment. Will the Russian people really put up with thousands a week of body bags? No. So send or give heavy armor, aircraft and antiaircraft weapons to the Ukrainians.

  269. USA is gonna ruin UK and Europe. Watch it. Its better to be friends with your neighbors Like RUSSIA rather than thousands of miles away wolf in the sheep USA.


  271. Absolutely right.So warming comment.Glad to hear it,because of brainwashed mainstream

  272. One thing I don’t understand is, if China and India are building up arms to potentially fight each other one day, how is it they are in union in the BRICS economic ties?

  273. I thought Russia was only supposed to have 1500 warheads.

  274. putins ego wants him in the history books. so far, he looks like a dope and is fkdup his economy.

  275. about time somebody mentioned that. Crimea was Putin’s last territorial demand .(think Sudetenland)

  276. Putin is gambling. He knows what he is doing. A couple of nuclear strikes from his bombers will decapitate England. He will say this was in response to British hostile actions, one of his planes went down. Germany will surrender, no nuclear power. France will sigh peace agreement and nuclear disarmament. Later Russia will deal with USA. Nuclear blackmailing is his strategy. Nobody will go to annihilation.

  277. The UK people should be happy to have Russia invade them. It would probably fix a lot of what ails the UK.

  278. Joe Dagger: It’s not Obama but your old buddie George F–K Bush who started at the instigation of his Red Neck A-ole VP with Neocon and AIPAC backing started a war on IRAQ that triggered all the problems we face today. The pretext was IRAQ developing Nuclear weapons. Now we are left facing the consequences through a wedge America drove between its ruling elite in IRAQ the Sunnis and Shia majority instigated by Iran. The net out come was the Sunnis were slaugtered while America and Nural Maliki the Iraqi PM watched thus laying the grounds for ISIS rise. Malike was the same guy who stood with GF Bush to see Bush thrown a shoe at his face from an attendee. I wish that shoe and another had to loose his eyesight. USA is a great nation but it has many nutty Characters aided by Gun Lobbyists and gun trotting hot heads running the show. Example a congress most hated by vast majority of Americans. Unfortunately the money power, Gun Culture and haughtiness built into American DNA is the root cause of World problems we now see in Middle East. Obama is only trying his best to get out of the mess left behind by his predecessor!

  279. Californiagoodlife | Feb 21, 2015, 10:26 pm at 10:26 pm |

    The sick part of this is that 600 million Europeans do not want to pay for their own defense , they prefer to rely on 320 million Americans to defend themselves against 145 million Russians. Europe has 2x the economic might as America, and 10x Russias economy. There is no excuse, what so ever……..

  280. As if we need any more than we already have. They are 1970’s technology, the B-2 is the motor scooter I would be worried about if I was playing a game of Glowball Thermonuclear War. That and US, Russian, British and French SLBM submarines. This is the old game of who blinks first except nobody is gong to blink, so all this is pointless.

  281. You’ve missed the news then, bro.
    Also, B-1 flyers had been produced from Russian titanium, for we didn’t have a capacity to make those ourselves.

  282. So what? He is protecting his territory. So it would be strange to be a softy in his position.

  283. BS, the US has been flying 52’s longer, further, faster and years before the Russian Bear Bomber ever got off the drawing board. They have dozens in storage in the Arizona desert they can refurbish in a few months (most of them older than those rattle trap Tu-95’s). Western Europe and the US aint buying this new Cold War nonsense, especially since most of us LIVED through the last one. Russia can’t sustain their military with their economy in the outhouse.

    I wonder who is making money off of this farce?

  284. Russia is desperate , Putin is moving toward est. the old Russian Empire at all cost , even if it means up setting NATO…..

  285. so…what do you think are the odds that we don’t have a global nuclear war in say…the next 5 years

  286. Putin is a natural predator: Short, overcompensating, ruthless, and feeling slighted by fall of the USSR.

  287. US keeps losing those during their militaryexercises though.

  288. inconspicuous detective | Feb 21, 2015, 10:03 pm at 10:03 pm |

    if russia acted so would other nations. the koreas would go right back to war, and likely japan and austrailia would have their hands full with china. war is opportunity.

  289. inconspicuous detective | Feb 21, 2015, 10:00 pm at 10:00 pm |


  290. Brother Mathias | Feb 21, 2015, 9:59 pm at 9:59 pm |

    Be kinda’ interesting if the US revamped SAC and started flying B-52’s and B-1B’s up to their old fail-safe points, just for training of course.

  291. Jose,

    From what I know, Russian military doctrine excluded preemptive strike possibility. As I stated, in my view, Russian is not the aggressor. It stands nothing to gain from attacking UK or anyone militarily.

    Building their own financial system is their right. I am not sure why you think Russia or any other nation should be accountable to America. Apparently, in your worldview America takes a central role and has an authority to dictate others. Well, I don’t think all countries ever agreed to that. Whoever did accept that order of things have no right to demand that the rest choose the same. In my view, all countries are equals and no one has the right to dictate others. I think, a lot of people are fed up with America’s obnoxious interventions into everybody’s matters. I hope, BRIC will be able to change things.

    ISIS is not a product of weak policy, it’s actually a well-designed project which is working just fine. Let me remind you that ISIS are using American weapons, never attack Israel and come from US-backed “FSA”. America needs weak Syria and Iraq, – Iraq to keep US hands on it, and Syria, because it’s Russian ally. If ISIS/FSA/Nusra/whatever fail to implement regime change, replacing Assad with a pro-US puppet, then at least ISIS will weaken a country allied with Russia. ISIS is selling oil, making like 3 million a day, under American noses! Do you really believe in those airstrikes? I’m not even sure what they are striking. maybe some jihadists who suddenly realized that they’ve been duped.

  292. Technically, NATO is for enrichment of the US military industrial complex only.:)

  293. inconspicuous detective | Feb 21, 2015, 9:58 pm at 9:58 pm |

    if they wanted to attack the uk, they could. the one signal that they have no interest is the lack of funding for the navy. all of their funding in the military goes toward infantry, airforce, and arctic operations for russia. they seem to have continental expansion goals, but have no interest in expanding beyond that. the uk is probably considered too weak to actually be a threat, and russia just considers them outliers who could not effectively involve themselves in a continental conflict.

    if anyone has to worry, it’s the former soviet states and germany.

  294. Oh please, how long must we carry around the ghosts of our ancestors? We live in an entirely different world now where the only empire-grabbing happening is in the 3rd world and Russia!

  295. Go back to Pootin’s bedroom, bear troll!

  296. You are reading too much of the Si-Fi stuff. :)

  297. ….um, Russia could rule the crucial GIUK gap if they took the UK out of the picture. The UK is essentially a huge, fixed aircraft carrier. take them out and the Northern Atlantic is lost.

  298. Don’t think Russia wants to give U K some thing to shift it attention from its problem at home.Only in the big one everybody joins in,even UK.

  299. Wrong, Obama is strong, not like republicans in power with planes hitting our buildings.

  300. No, those are just misguided volunteers. They sympathize so much with their eastern Ukrainian brethren.

  301. “Power condominium”? !

  302. And they only have 1 AC carrier. Not much of a stretch to sink it.

  303. Chill out, you’re in NATO, bro. That’s what it’s for, you don’t have to face the bear alone.

  304. Eugenio Ramirez | Feb 21, 2015, 9:49 pm at 9:49 pm |

    Bullshit! I wonder how some journalists can write such stupidities! Why Russia would attack England? To start IIWW and get entire world gone? There is not other country in the world knowing better than Russia what is a war. They lost 20 millions of their population in the II WW . Even if Putin would want to do it ( and he knows very well Russians and what they want) they would not allow him to do it.

  305. Completely false.

  306. China is not a true ally of the Russians. China would never fight in Europe on behalf of the Russians. China is only concerned with their own backyard and interests. And North Korea has no allies, even China is tiring of their antics. North Korea has a very old and obsolete military that will never fight anywhere other than the Korean penninsula. If Russia starts a war in Europe Russia will fight alone. Furthermore Russia’s military is still smaller and much less capable than the U.S.. In Naval power alone there is no comparison between the U.S. and Russia. Putin has lost all touch with reality.

  307. What a paid troll. Russia would attack the countries you mentioned because they are part of NATO. Meaning Baltic States such as Estonia and Lativia when attacked will illicit a response from the Alliance. Meaning Russia needs to attack the countries you mentioned to stop an immediate retaliatory attacks.

  308. “a national leader would have to be completely out of his mind or have a death wish”
    And you don’t think leaders like that have existed throughout history?

  309. Branon Lamphere | Feb 21, 2015, 9:46 pm at 9:46 pm |

    Why should the US oppose Russia? Why should they oppose us? This is folly, we should embrace Russia in eternal friendship and rule this world together. We defeated Nazi Germany together we can defeat anyone even China. But war aside which is stupid and wrong. Combining economic, financial, and technological power would take our 2 countries to new heights never dreamed of before. If we could work with each other in everything from defeating ISIS to going to mars Russia and America would do great things. I believe united we stand, divided we fall. We need Russia just as much as they need us and nobody is willing to admit it.

  310. Well… This is just another author’s opinion, but nobody knows the truth until the WW3 happens in real.
    So far, UK is “poking a Russian bear with a stick” by providing weapons to the W. Ukrainian government.
    A take home fact is that in case of “all out” nuclear conflict no one would be untouched, and all the politics
    will be finished quickly by the pre-programmed “dead man’s hand” computers…

  311. The War was started by Russia and China declaring to create their own financial institutions. Also the Annexation of some parts of Georgia and Ukraine. It was not started by US.

  312. We need not forget that BRIC is a joint effort. If one falls the others are effected as well. It seem that we need to consider Brazil and it’s neighbors. The UK needs to consider the other 3 as well. Russia and China have already shook hands on deals a few weeks ago. North Korea has made deals as have Egypt, Iran, with Russia. The UK needs to consider India as well. Brazil and India are in the shadows at present. Russia has many allies that we and the UK may consider as no threat, but do we really know?

  313. You ask all the wrong questions and come to all the wrong conclusions. You and the author miss the point completely. The question is not why Russia would attack, it is why would Russia test UK defenses? There is no need to show a conflict of opinion. It is an intentional ploy to cause fear and doubt. It is probably aimed at the military to get them to feel not ready and want more money. Which will upset the citizens who don’t feel the threat as readily. Causing a scism between the people and the govt would be a major victory for Russia.

  314. Putin’s rah rah rah will be short live as US defense weaponry is reaching Star Wars Age. you are talking about Laser Missile Defense weaponry. satellite based Laser weapons and even Satellite mounted rail gun. Both are powered by Solar or radiation that is present in space. What does Russia have? Missiles? Phew

  315. British have SLBM Subs too. They also carry a bite.

  316. You need to stick to watching James bond, you cannot distinguish fantasy from reality

  317. USA did not spend 5 Billion to destabilize Ukraine. Ukraine was already unstable because of being close to Russia. Their economy and their corruption is bad in epic proportion that USA meddling with it yields no sense. What would US gain from having Ukraine?

  318. NATO is a defensive pact, we have to intercede. NATO treaties were ratified by the Senate, making them law. If Obama didn’t come to their aid, he could, and would, be impeached. I can tell you, neither Republicans or Democrats would want the UK or any other ally like them to fall.

  319. I think they should keeps comments like this to themselves, why Give Russia any ideas! or make UK a Vulnerable target !

  320. RUSSIA will attack UK as Pre-emptive strikes because they are a NATO major contributor. Meaning they have significant capabilities that can affect Russia. By forming their own Financial System. They will be beyond the regulation of other countries in the World. Talk about Money laundering. FYI, America was not even being aggressive here. Since Obama went to power. He scaled back the capabilities of the USA. He weakened the world order by doing so. You got ISIS now a product of Obama’s Weak Foreign Policy.

  321. Will never stand alone cause it’s weak. How shameful , fight like a man, and do cry like a baby and ask for help. Be independent as you always were.

  322. It’s very dangerous. Russia vs. United States would quickly snowball into Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and likely many smaller countries vs. NATO, Israel, Japan, Australia, South Korea, and likely many smaller countries. I’d bet Brazil and India would remain Neutral. But the end result would be loss of life on an unprecedented scale, far more than WW2. I don’t think they’d use their Nukes, but even a ground war would likely result in over 100 million dead. I’m not prepared for that kind of destruction. (Plus I’m draft age)

  323. Russia is bad and is making a Moron out of you. How? Just in Ukraine. They denied Russian Military Involvement, when clearly with evidences and the Body Bags being sent back to Russia that they are heavily involved. They Vehemently denied it and accused the West of Pestering Lies despite concrete evidences. Russia is being ruled by a modern day Hitler. Power Hungry and soon he will eradicate a race just like Hitler did.

  324. Branon Lamphere | Feb 21, 2015, 9:34 pm at 9:34 pm |

    Exactly!! Well said Mr. Morris. It seems we have to many fear mongers in the media today trying to drum up fear of a potential war that will never happen. As long as both have countries have the bomb things will continue to be Kosher on that front. The economic and financial war is a different story and it will be interesting to see how things play out. The world is in for some big changes when the United States has to follow the British Empire to back of the room. This is an Indo China century, even Russia will have to take a back seat with us and go for the ride. If America and Russia were to cooperate our countries could change the current course of this century and be the dominant powers. It’s been done before, our 2 countries defeated the greatest Empire that the world has ever known, and we have had great success in our space adventures together. If only we could ally with Russia, be true friends and partners in everything, we can have it all!!

  325. This article was written by a nitwit advancing an imbecilic illusion. Russia and her BRICS associates want economic development (which the IMF will not and cannot provide) while the US/UK power condominium wants to parasitize the wealth of other nations, it’s that simple.

  326. Who comes up with this crap? Could I fly to the moon? Sure, I have the same exact chance…Just more propaganda…US: Good. Russia: Bad. We get it.

  327. Excellent response Susanna. Very well written.

  328. I think, it would be good to elaborate on possible motives, – WHY would Russia attack the UK??? WHAT would it benefit from such a thing? In my view, those flights are indeed what Russians claimed they are, routine training, which didn’t use to bother anyone. Russia did not violate UK’s airspace and such flights were never talked about before, even though they existed.
    Russia doesn’t come across as an aggressor. It wants to form an alternative financial system, and I think, such desire is not hard to understand, – the west continues to exploit western system for it’s own gains, and current crisis in Ukraine is a sad example. Such manipulations made Russians and others fed up, and so, they’ve got their rights to create their own solution, which would serve their own interests. Now, it is America and it’s puppets worldwide, who are engaging in aggressive tactics to preserve their dominance. Only God knows, how far they are willing to take this. Many people think, that America is trying to stir up war in Europe and given the fact that US and NATO military keeps infesting Russian borders and Europe in general, only a fool would stay confident that US crazies aren’t pondering a chaos to destroy BRIC. So, I think, Russia is just trying to remind Europeans about the costs of such confrontation and Russia’s capabilities, just to help Europeans think a bit more clearly, rather than blindly following US orders. In the end of the day, America doesn’t have to attack Russia directly, it can simply empower Europeans to do the dirty job, with US personnel and equipment. There are so many ways to wage wars these days, with most fought by proxies, so I wouldn’t simplify and say that Russia could never attack the UK. If the UK chooses to attack Russia, I doubt, that American nukes would deter Russians from devastating the UK. In my view, the ball is in the UK’s court, – it can choose shoot it at Russia and expect retaliation, or it can choose not to shoot. A lot depends on how far European leaders are willing to follow American orders. My guess is, Russians don’t know, and so they are letting Europeans to weigh pros and cons.

  329. It is unlikely Russia is preparing to attack the UK or the US. However it is not out of the question that they are contemplating taking a bite out of eastern Europe and these moves are an attempt to intimidate us from responding to such a move. Britain declared war on Germany because the Germans invaded Poland. Is Britain prepared to declare war on Russia for the same reason? That’s what Putin wants to know.

  330. What a tool, Putin is the most dangerous leader in the world.

  331. exactly! the keyword is SOMEONE lol.
    like 3% of population?
    and even if DOW closes at record low they still will
    they always do lol

  332. disqus_XxtpP4vlc3 | Feb 21, 2015, 9:21 pm at 9:21 pm |

    The UK isn’t afraid. They are discussing the security situation in public, the way you do things in a Democracy. But you wouldn’t know about that would you.

  333. And Australia couldn’t survive an attack by three angry boy scouts. So fycking what !!!!
    Haven’t these people got anything better to do than sit around pulling themselves?

  334. he’s right considering tens of wars US started in the past few years!

  335. disqus_XxtpP4vlc3 | Feb 21, 2015, 9:19 pm at 9:19 pm |


  336. ” Russia cannot sustain itself ”
    FYI Russia has 40% of world resources while population is only 2%

  337. Russia attacks one, and she attacks all, and “Puking: knows it….Our technology right know would vaporize half their forces, w/o them even being able to sense or see them….

  338. Everyone acts as Russia has no allies . . . . We forget who we are dealing with here. Russia has China. Russia has North Korea. Russia has many other allies that will fall into place if America gets involved.

    And I can almost guarantee you that our president at this point in time, will do NOTHING.

  339. Richard Cranston | Feb 21, 2015, 9:16 pm at 9:16 pm |

    No one is interested in the UK, its a nothing nation with a nothing future.

  340. why do I even have to read all this nonsense?

  341. Britain will never stand alone…No worries there, and Russia cannot fight all of NATO, plus Australia, Japan, Korea, etc…

  342. It was because of BRIC (a threat to Brussels and the IMF) that we are in the mess we are in now with the Ukraine. The USA spent 5 billion to destabilize the country and get rid of the current government. They knew Russia would respond. Then they had the excuse to sanction Russia and try to destroy it’s economy. Ask yourself this question. What is in the Ukraine that would be worth chancing a world war? Right! Nothing! But it was done anyway. Nobody threatens the power of the world bank/IMF to enslave and control nations. Russia had to be crippled. It’s a dangerous game and may not end well. You can bet the farm that Putin is keeping track of who is booting him the hardest. Keep a close eye on the Ukraine. No matter how well the peace talks go the EU/USA will find excuses to continue the sanctions against Russia. They feel confident that they can win on this route.

  343. Another six-year-old shares his “views”. Ain’t the Internet great?

  344. Russia would attack Britain / US just because they can. Though I find it likely to be Britain over the US . . . cause that’s an easy one for them. Why? Same reason many other wars have begun, simple power. With power comes money. By knocking down one financial institution (US market / Euro market), they build up their own. And if you don’t think occupying and defeating Britain is a win / win for Putin then you better re-evaluate your position. History WILL repeat itself, the only question is when . . . . .

  345. The Dow closed at record high the other day. Someone is making LOTS of money.

  346. We should focus on N. Korea and realize that their (loose canon) leader is crazy enough to nuke ANY country it can reach! For any reason.

  347. what are you smokin?

  348. The Russians are coming,The Russians are coming,The Russians are coming,!!!!! Bull sh$t reporters.

  349. Why cant Russia sustain itself? It certainly has the land and resources.

  350. WHY would Russia attack the UK when the Muslims in England are doing a great job bringing it down from the inside?

  351. Appeasment…The greatest of all evils, almost every post I read encourages the west stop pushing Russia, do not provoke them, they are too strong, just give them what they want, etc. In the end, appeasment always cost more lives. I really do not understand Europe sometimes, Europe appeased Germany for years, during which time you could have squashed there aspirations for war, a war that cost 40 million European lives. The UK held out, everyone else was over run in a matter of weeks or perhaps a month, they enslaved you, murdered you, starved you, and destroyed your nations, go ask that generation, many are still alive. Russia makes it’s own decisions, Russia want’s a war with the west, and to be honest Russia will do what Russia wants to do. Could the UK stand against Russia alone? Not against a determined air attack with 80 – 100 Typhoons. On the Naval side perhaps the RN is very modern, in a surface action maybe, with the retirement of the Nimrod the submarine threat would be tough to handle. Russia could not get an Army to Britain large enough to defeat the Army. The choice is yours, But know this for sure the US would be on the way the first day and we will bring everything we have, we will fight with you and we will die for and with you, and the Bear has know idea what would be unleashed on him…More than what the Motherland would want to deal with I assure you. Do not despair or loose heart.

  352. UK may also be attacked by Andora. Pluto and the purple coated giant frogelbees in 2015!

  353. Ok! So live in Russia and try to make stupid posts (if you could) in their media.

  354. There will be War with Russia . Russia cannot sustain itself and War is the only option Putin has to not only hold Russia together but to satisfy his ego ! The West must be ready !

  355. the ruskis are too weak in conventional arms to get involved with the west in tit for tat wafare. if forced to fight I am sure they ‘ll just push buttons and nuke all pre-targeted points for they know well in war of annihilation the west will be history and Russia, china & india of the east will be LAST man standing…not enough nukes in the west to wipe out 3 bil. people

  356. Your rhetoric seems to fit right in with radical Islam…and it is just as faulty. And do not call it YOUR White House.

  357. Because they were dictators (sic), that gave the west the right to destroy those nations?

  358. finally, an honest comment

  359. I guess your hatred speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. If you had a little bit of common sense, you’d inform yourself about who exactly is the country that invades, destroys, plunders and assassinates wholesale all over the world..

  360. Much more likely the US will stage a false flag in the UK and try to blame it on Russia.

  361. It has a navy…Captain C. Crunch-Popeye

  362. Moebama can’t. If there had been a republican administration in the White House things would have been quite different. Anyways, merkel and hollande need a spine because the french reminds me of Vichy more and more with every new day. As for merkel..well, she grew up as a commie and probably is afraid of the tyrant from the east just like she probably was through her childhood and young years.

  363. Your argument would have sounded more effective BEFORE Russia annexed Crimea. Now your observations seem outdated by recent facts.

  364. I don’t think MAD is “purely academic”. However, it’s also true that under war conditions, anything can happen, and sometimes the irrationality of human beings takes over, especially under extreme pressure.

  365. Why would a proxy war would turn into nuclear? Russkia armed the vietcong then yet the US never threatened the world with using nuclear weapons. Only cowards like poofterin, who knows they would lose a conventional war in less than a month, do such thing.

  366. what you been smoking mincing, you must come from another planet…

  367. Your post sounds abut as stupid as your picture looks…

  368. There’s always the potential for an “Escalation Syndrome” to occur. A group of Russian planes is intercepted by a group of British planes..and somehow in the process either a shot is fired accidentally or deliberately, or an accident of navigation occurs and a collision takes place…and suddenly a war that no one wanted becomes a very real possibility.
    With all the flights Russia has been making, the law of averages states that at some point, somewhere in the world, there is going to be an incident, either deliberate or accidental.

  369. Why would anyone want the UK? Its a cesspool that would be nothing but a burden on anyone who would have it.

  370. If you say that the only thing Putin does is to scare the UK with its airplanes, then by the UK’s reaction or lack thereof, it is evident that Putin has been successful. Then I wonder who is coward.

  371. Bad guys do thing because they are bad guys……A plan of appeasement toward bad guys never works…..The bad guys just assume you are scared or weak and will push or attack you even harder…….Russia will do as they will….It has nothing to do with what others do…..

  372. Hahaha brazil? The only way they could defeat the UK is dumping all the asbestos they use in their houses and other stuff on the UK.

  373. Stop making sense. Sensible logical conclusions do not belong on these boards.

  374. G Michael Russell | Feb 21, 2015, 8:36 pm at 8:36 pm |

    Be specific. Sounds like rhetoric.

  375. The only ones crapping their pants are the Russian from their own straw man argument NATO is surrounding them in preperation for an invasin.

  376. Yeah…from that very moment they knew that poofterin would be stealing most men from them.

  377. To all white men workers in the US you will never get a job, first the illegals get a job, then legal immigrants, then blacks, then islamic terrorist and now the Russians will be hired before you. Look if Russia attacks England nobody will have a job you if you survive the attack will be to busy killing other humans trying to kill you and take your stuff. England has the nukes to destroy Russia so any intelligent person would not attack England but then we have Putin on one hand and islamic terrorist on the other hand

  378. That’s what Putin’s cheap vodka causes…. an idiot coming up with a midget grey man as the world’s only hope…. did you ever leave russkia in your whole life?

  379. The problem with BRIC is indicated in the article itself: follow the money. The BRIC nations are definitely rising economies and are starting to spread their global influence. But to suggest they are going to form a strategic alliance is at best a longshot. India’s strategic interests still align more closely with the US than either Russia or China, and the US has been far more supportive of India joining the UN Security Council than the other two. There is no indication India will form a strategic partnership with either Russia or China if it would harm their relations with the US. Brazil and China cannot sustain economic growth without continued trade with the US, and that will limit their interest in acting against US strategy. The truth is that Russia, while a rising giant and major player, is still very much without allies. The same can be said for China. The rise of these two nations has not convinced their neighbors to join them in partnership; if anything, it has pushed them further under the U.S. umbrella. Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Poland, the Baltic countries, Hungary, etc….all are indicating they would prefer stronger military ties with the U.S. BRIC is nothing more than a collection of countries with similar GDP trends; to suggest they have similar strategic interests is ludicrous.

  380. I wonder what does your crap have to do with the Headline.

  381. Respect..for a country who caters to Russia gangsters. Respect…for a country who is responsible for the rape and pillaging of the Chechens. Respect…for a country who has lied about not intervening on Ukrainian Rebels’ behalf. Respect…for a country who has poor human rights records. Respect…for a country whose leader is just a hair away from a dictator, who seeks only to expand his own wealth and power and cares little for the livelihood of his own people.

    Your use of the apostrophes are incorrect, by the way.

  382. Just reading these posts, its amazing just how effective this Propaganda put out by the Western and Russian Press really is. People believe what they hear now days and what they read in print is the Gospel. Russia wont attack USA or Europe and the US wont attack Russia. Why would they do that for what reason? More land? Russia already got too much land and no population to live on it. America cant even take care of what we got now. Money??? Russia got no money, the US got no money . So for what???

  383. WARNING: Brits– better hope it is at least 2 years from now, cause Obama won’t lift a finger, unless it is the middle one.

  384. If Russia goes there it will be to save them from the Muslim influence that is dominating their countries. Putin has said that the white race is under attack. Seems plenty of evidence abounds to support his theory. Why would some leaders support the demise of their own nations? Money, and incredible power for the few traitors would be my guess.

  385. You shouldn’t make use and abuse of photoshop.

  386. Russia is part of BRICs solely on the value of its mineral wealth growing in a commodity inflation driven cycle in the early 2000s. Russia’s population, industry and military is in decline. Just wait them out for 10 more years and there will be nothing left to Russia except some oil exporting firms.

  387. That’s exactly the point. I don’t think russkies could carry a significant attack that far away from their bases and UK submarine force is good and powerful enough to sink any russkie aircraft carrier.

  388. The UK could not sustain an attack from Russia? The UK wouldn’t have to sustain an attack from Russia as long as the US and NATO are around. Russia is powerful indeed, but it is still only a shadow of it’s former self.

  389. I think Putin is aware of the danger to his life… He is not a stupid man and he probably has designs of his own, don’t you think?

  390. Mainly when they’re UKs junkyard for outdated military equipment. Besides that quantity seldom replaces quality.

  391. Lollololololololol | Feb 21, 2015, 8:22 pm at 8:22 pm |

    They took a beating? Don’t know about your numbers but just as todays war in afghanistan for every 1 us casuality there is an estimated 1000 enemy killed u must be drunk we won that war based off pure numbers as to the “agenda” the agenda was essentially asserting dominance we were they we won

  392. Children, children, children – look, China is not going to start a war with the US, Russia is not going to attack the UK, nor is Russia going to attack the US nor is North Korea. These articles are nothing but fantasies. The consequences of such an action would be so catastrophic a national leader would have to be completely out of his mind or have a death wish.

  393. Stupid hyperbolic hysteria.

  394. Lollololololololol | Feb 21, 2015, 8:21 pm at 8:21 pm |

    i know.. that is what i said… they were both occupations not total wars if so russia/usa could have owned in both those wars

  395. Same can be said about Russia and the Taliban had Russia used Nukes.
    The fact is they lost. When your agenda is not fulfilled, you lost.
    America took a beating regardless of whether or not they desired to occupy the territory, And had they tried to occupy, it would have been 3 times the casualty amount.

  396. Exactly. Nukes WILL be the end if the UK and the US do not stop pushing Russia into a new world order and the Muslim oriented lifestyle it rejects. China is right alongside them as are others. Who in the ##**%$#** do we, the UK and the Arabs think they are?? You can’t force everyone to go along with your plan of ‘global’ domination. Russia has nukes and imo, they will use them if pushed to that point.

    Then THEY will have achieved the global domination these one world fools have been pushing for. And, it may be a better ending vs. the dismal look of the EU today… Time will tell… How far will the one worlders push this nightmare?

  397. Russia never used its full military power on afghan…

  398. We did not defeat al queda yet, an ff shot off the taliban

  399. This sounds like more American orders for Media to stir up WAR against Russia propaganda. Why we want to do this is unfanthomable by any reason but MONEY somewhere. NO WE DO NOT WANT WAR WITH RUSSIA AND WILL NOT DO IT.

  400. Lollololololololol | Feb 21, 2015, 8:19 pm at 8:19 pm |

    HaHa Russia clearly has other plans…. Russia expanding is a sign they feel they can be independent and seperate from the NATO/US and feels like they have major future power with other allies they have no need / indication that they want trouble with the UK as too the russian fighter jets that fly over this has been going on since the beginning of time they do it to test response times / strike capability if they ever needed to its mere military practices doesn’t indicate they plan to attack.

  401. G Michael Russell | Feb 21, 2015, 8:18 pm at 8:18 pm |

    Russia could act if the west continues to be provocative with arming/meddling Russian neighbors, expanding bogus wars (WMD to justify neutering Iraq, and subjugating its people), throwing weight behind aggressive organizations as NATO, and openly threatening Russia’s allies/trading partners. Russia deserves international respect, and it rejects US-UK-German bullying. Respect is earned by strength, not by weakness or foreign threats! Germany is a shameful, self-blaming puppet satellite of the US/UK/Israel..Germany will be the first to be overrun when push comes to shove. The UK has always had a nation of arrogance, domination, and corruption through privilege and wealth; Who will support these old-fashioned values? Even tiny citizens grow very tired of fighting these stupid conflicts of corporations, blowhard politicians, and aristocrats. The USA has yet to show evidence that the average American (the US majority) supports the agenda of the CIA/NSA/NATO/US war hawks. American’s are tired of fighting for slogans and dogma’s! American’s are tired of the lies coming from the CIA and from its lawmaker’s..let alone the lying and inciting media.

  402. They were dictating over a country full of terrorists, you can’t have free elections with terrorists

    Just look at Iraq and Libya now

  403. Disarming the populace has its drawbacks.

  404. Yes… England has no army

  405. Lollololololololol | Feb 21, 2015, 8:17 pm at 8:17 pm |

    actually they could have.. but didn’t want to occupation and war are two different things… usa could of easily took them out they didn’t want to it was an occupation… not total war.

  406. If not Russia then China – they seem to be preoccupied with war. Like children who are fascinated with beating war drums. Every day there is an article about war.

  407. So far russia has the most mach 3+ ant ship missile and the most anti aircraft weapons in the world

  408. Lollololololololol | Feb 21, 2015, 8:15 pm at 8:15 pm |

    Russia was occupying Afghanistan… total war and occupation are two different things.. if Russia wanted to they could have leveled Afghanistan along with everything in it.. they did not want to they tried a foreign occupation two different things war/occupation get educated.

  409. Mr. Morris: Your out of your mind.
    This sounds like junior high trying to diss people with all kinds of WHAT IFs. What if that jew eats baby blood.? What if the kid from Haiti does voodoo on you? What if that german kids relatives were nazisoldiers? What if that Fat girl Falls on you? Get back to real journalism and use your talents/connections.

  410. I would complete that the West would never live under the idiotic policies and primitive rules of Russia either, because we all know what Russian “civilization” brings with it: poverty, corruption and a full scale system of enslaving the masses so that a very few corrupted leaders like Putin could live well. To see the poof of this, look at Eastern Europe, which Russia took by force and turned into communist satellites controlled by Kremlin. What Russia fails to understand is that it is not the West who is the agressor, but it is Russia’s own inability to understand democracy and respect for all human beings that makes them being rejected by most those who experienced another type of life than a Russian gulag.

  411. Europe is the cause of all it’s own problems.

  412. Russia is being pushed into a path it will NOT go. It will end in nuclear war, imo.

  413. Britain is not a power anymore, India can easily defeat it

  414. Don’t blame us comrade, no one shaking here in the US and I bet there aren’t too many people worrying about it in the UK. These articles are written by young kids who have never been in a real war and have no idea what a war is like. As it says in the authors bio, he is an avid player of video games. They just try and stimulate debates and make news even where there is not much to write about. I doubt either Russia or any other advanced country on the globe would want to start a war with another advanced country. It would be too costly for both sides and ultimately, even the winner would be a loser.

  415. This is just more propaganda to move along the nwo agenda and to increase defense spending at the expense of the taxpayers.

  416. Yes Yes, the dumn boring,sarcastic,dry humored and arrogant Brits can be attacked though only by their own stupidity and by Filby like MI-6 agents fags acting as British patriots. Second of the bastards wanted to used Nukes against Argentina once they started losing ground. Other than that Putin doesnt give a sh#t for them . God Shave their Queen ! PS : what the heck RAF Typhoons , Toronados and Jaguars are doing in the Baltics ….? yeah I know to defend the Euro before completely beatened by an other Greece,Cyprus , Turkey and economic forum in Davos !

  417. Russia would be extremely unlikely to attack the UK unless it were also ready for a war with the USA which is also extremely unlikely given the nuclear parity between Russia and the USA, a point the author makes. What worries me is the diplomatic and economic war being waged against Russia , the sharp drop in the price of oil and other economic sanctions. This is war by another name and its long range effect is to demoralize the opponents society and weaken its military. England played that game with Germany in the lead up to world war 1 . I worry that economic war could lead to a military conflict.

  418. What a freaking tool ! Putin may be the world’s only hope.

  419. DO IT PUTIN !!! Destroying the Brit government bastards would be the best thing that could happen to England !

  420. Britain is NO stranger to genocide, slavery, et al. Look what they did to the Irish. They stole their lands in the name of religion and artificially high “taxes”, they sold the Irish as slaves to Caribbean nations, they starved them on their own lands while they planted the land stolen from them with decent crops, grew beef and churned butter, etc, which they SOLD to other nations while millions of Irish starved in front of them. They are some of THE most barbaric people on the planet.

    Today, they let others, just as evil as they are, do their dirty work for them. The new world order is right up their alley, with world domination as the prize. Who will do all the dirty work to bring countries to their knees? Radical Islam, of course. Their immigration policies and their refusal to address violence, etc. is your first clue. Sounds hauntingly familiar coming from our White House today, doesn’t it?

    Make no mistake about it, Britain and the rest of the EU is on the side of radical Islam as they have the very same refusal to call radical Islam what it is, or to stop it that we hear from our White House. They refuse to call the radical Islam movement taking place across the globe jihad or terrorism , and instead prefer to call it a handful of random terrorists… As if it’s nothing to concern our little heads with. Nothing to see here folks, just move along…

  421. It seems that the British political leaders are a little bit paranoid: what is the PRACTICAL reason for Russia to start war against the UK? It is expected that the people in cabinet positions have to ask themselves questions like that before start blabbing in public but this seems not to be the case.

  422. Same reason we look past the criminals running ours.

  423. They are brainwashed and bored.
    Its how we make money and contractors of weapons get paid.

  424. i dont really consider Britain to be in the same tier as the top global economies. to say that they are natural opponents to china and Russia, i think that would fit Japan more then anyone and in fact, Japan is more likely to be targeted then most places in Europe. Germany and Russia are the European power houses while Japan and china are the Asian powers. the united states really shouldn’t be responsible for all of these places. just setting ourselves up for failure by standing up to Russia AND china when they try to bully other nations. why do you think britains army is “half” of what it use to be?

  425. Sorry propaganda victims of the west, before sh.tting your pants and engage in pointless debates, why don’t you ask yourselves a very simple question: WHY ON EARTH WOULD RUSSIA WANT TO ATTACK THE UK? SWEDEN? NORWAY?
    WHY??? What exactly does Russia stand to gain by this? Why would Russia even consider it in the first place?

    The problem is that you have fallen victim to your own fear stoked daily by your owm media, politicians and military industrial complex. Get a grip, don’t worry and be happy. No one is gonna attack anyone, but what we most definitely will do is continue to maintain and protect our sphere of influence in the neighboring countries with sizeable Russian-speaking minorities, because for us it’s a matter of national security and common sense.

    And one more thing: what YOU ALL have to understand is that there are only two optioins for mankind – it’s either gonna be a multi-polar world or …there’ll be no world at all, because UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will Russia ever live in a global dictatorship of uncle scam (whose encroachment is very much underway and which is sold to gullible fear-filled citizens of the globe via corporate US government-controlled “independent” media as “democracy” , “freedom” and “rule of law”) or whoever else for that matter!
    It’s as much out of the question as anything can be at all.

  426. Stop reading tabloids.
    I remember the tabloids and warning tha was ignored that lead to WWII.
    Russia has more than you think. Their defense system are top notch, and their missiles are on par with the US.
    Again, guys like Putin do not flex unless they are prepared. There is a reason why no1 has intervened. Lets hope to God we never find out. I we will beat Russia in a war, but a lot of people on both sides would be dead.
    Sometimes when you win, you still lose.

  427. don’t play the stupid role.You know both supported terrorists and didn’t care to kill their people

  428. That would be PUTIN

  429. You’re right. My grandmother had a book out there just saying. War will start soon. Poland and England will supply Ukraine arms, there will begin. Ukraine will finish more than half of Russia. No country in the world will not help Russia, because they fear what weapons will be used in this war. Flying discs last generation over Russia, blue, red and white, which continuously bombard fire. India and China will assist these the United Nations. America will use weapons that no one has ever seen nor heard or thought. The book is from the year 1132, the book was buried and take with my grandmother or maybe it was stolen, book tells stories until 2023 and finally have a map of the world a lot happening in Asia. China will enter Russia, Japan, America, Georgia, Ukraine is the largest country in the world.

  430. I can tell you one thing. If Russia and the rest of their coalition feel that this “new world order” being pushed by the UN and Muslims is inevitable and will spread to their shores, they will nuke this planet to smithereens. Thank God, because we ARE better off dead than living in that kind of hell. Nobody would choose it unless they are spawn of the devil.

  431. The only way this world can survive the next 3 yrs is if something happens to Putin or Putin’s power within Russia. We may not have 3yrs so the world must act fast.

  432. The so called experts guess at whether or not the major world military and economic powers would be willing to or more importantly foolish enough to get into a major shooting war and in the course of events use nuclear weapons . For a clear cut answer to this question all one has to do is look at both human history and scriptures . Both makes clear that there really is no limit to the level of evil , wickedness and acts of violence that man is not willing or capable of committing , nor any line he will not cross .

  433. LOL. You have no idea.
    America couldnt defeat the Vietnemese, nor Koreans.
    One day when I have time ill teach you a few things about war.

  434. With Putin being the wealthiest man on the planet at $200 Billion, and half of its country struggling to put food on the table, its unimaginable to me that the Russian people look past the criminal ruining their country and blame the US.

  435. Is it me or is Yahoo really I mean REALLY focused on Russia?

  436. Back to mom’s basement Gruber, we’re having an adult conversation here.

  437. The world will be much better off when US stops its war evil warmongering acts

  438. they were dictators no free elections

  439. If Russia could not defeat the Taliban what makes us think they could defeat NATO?

  440. Of course they’re right the UK as we know it ceased to exist long ago. Now it’s the UM. (United Muzziedom).

  441. I agree with you both are cowards. uk has no interests in Ukraine just desire to help free people and do supply oil to military there.but wont risk lifes there

  442. COMRADE MICHELLE | Feb 21, 2015, 7:41 pm at 7:41 pm |


  443. Remove the speck from your eyes..US is coward. US attacks only countries with less modern weapons…Lybia and Iraq.

  444. The world would be much better off if all SHALLOW AND IGNORANT DIMWITS, IMBECILES AND CRETINS were dead. Sadly, it’s just wishful thinking…

  445. Putin’s already made a pre-emptive first strike, when he rode that horse shirtless. He seriously scared most of the women on that side of the world!

  446. Reservoir Engineer-Enhanced Oi | Feb 21, 2015, 7:36 pm at 7:36 pm |

    Britain trying to be relevant?

    Lol, why is that country in the news anymore.

    Brazil could defeat the UK…lol.

    Obey your overlords and do what you are told, you diminished, tarnished, broken economy nation called the UK. The US is your puppet master, obey our dictations you buck teeth, pasty white oafs.

  447. Russia doesn’t have the military capability to fight a major war against NATO and the US. A lot of their equipment is extremely dated as they know they are hoping to have it replaced and modernized by 2020 assuming their defense contractors don’t rob them blind by then and their navy is effectively nonexistent currently with only 40 effective combat ships, most of them extremely outdated.
    Besides any war with NATO would most likely turn into a Nuclear war in which case we all die or wished we did.

  448. Europe needs to regain a backbone. America can’t defend the world.

  449. Stop looking both ways when crossing the street at intersections and not stopping at stop signs or red lights would probably increase your chances of departure, quicker.

  450. “Could The UK Really Be Attacked By Russia?”

    I guess that depends on how far the UK goes to provoke Russia. They ought to stop listening to the nutjob, neocon yappers who are hellbent on starting WWIII.

  451. Although I agree with you, from what I can discern from your post…might I suggest, that you go to some form of schooling, so you might have a chance in the real world…you know, “making sense 101”??

  452. Stop printing nonsense……Russia would be completely destroyed by nukes…Probably with the rest of the world after everyone else starting letting them fly……….

  453. Is there anything in the Bible on what the winning Powerball numbers for Saturday are going to be?
    Or is there any explanation of why Jesus gets angry with the merchants on the steps of the Temple but nothing about ending the slavery all around? Why did he tell (through his disciples) that slaves are to obey their masters, isn’t slavery immoral?
    Oh yeah, we are not privy to God’s reasons.
    So why should I believe your interpertation of Scripture, why does God give you insight but not everybody. If it was really important would He have said explicitly like the other commandments he gave?

  454. putin is a coward,he don’t dare to attack a country with modern weapons.H e just wants to scare uk with its airplanes so uk do nothing in Ukraine ,just sit and watch how Russia invades

  455. Your interpretation is exactly that. We should be wary of false prophets.

  456. This is incorrect. The only reason why nuclear war didn’t break out is because of Soviet Naval officer Vasili Arkhipov. He vetoed a decision by two other officers to launch a nuclear torpedo at the American fleet dropping depth charges on the Soviet B-59 sub. Soviet Navy procedure at the time was the three senior commanders on board had to unanimously agree to launch a nuclear weapon, and thankfully one of those men had some restraint. Had he not, the world would have experienced a full scale nuclear war in 62. The US and Soviet Union were willing to go to war and willing to launch nukes at each other, MAD is a purely academic concept, it was never DoD or Kremlin policy. It’s merely lucky that World War III didn’t already happen.

  457. Phaze Affiliation | Feb 21, 2015, 7:16 pm at 7:16 pm |

    Russia is simply letting the world know not to f#@ck with them or there will be consequences..and the USA won’t do sh#t about it but impose sanctions

  458. It has been prophesized that Russia will attack Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Seers have told that they have seen a war in Norway with the Russians.

  459. Britain couldn’t fight Germany alone either.. that’s kind of why we have Nato. Created Nato. They don’t have to be capable , they only have to be able to hold out long enough for support to arrive. Which I think they can do. Unless its nukes but then.. both sides wont be doing much of anything except digging out for a year or so.. I do believe Russia could win that rebuilding war because their hidden Siberian factories most likely wotn be targeted as they are inactive showing no heat sigs.

  460. Monochrome in Technicolor | Feb 21, 2015, 7:13 pm at 7:13 pm |

    What flavor is your favorite numbers color?

  461. my you’re all over the map. you ever mentioned Israel as the south.

  462. Dont they have Harry Potter and the rest of Hogwarts? Put up one of those magic shields then turn Putin into a toad or something….damn do I have to think of everything?

  463. POOPIN is a wicked person who will pay for his sins.COOL

  464. Amen,I am a born again christian,and will be happy to leve this miserable racist wicket sinful world for ever.Thank You Jesus for dieing for us.

  465. raul viramontes | Feb 21, 2015, 7:00 pm at 7:00 pm |

    Or the US could be the king of the north

  466. no Russian president would allow nato to setup a base at its doorstep.

  467. The world will be much better off when Putin is dead.

  468. What does the Bible say? Let me remind here a fragment of an ancient vision: “And [the king of the north] will go back (to) his land with great wealth [1945. This detail indicated that Hitler will attack also the Soviet Union and will fight to the bitter end. In the beginning there were no signs of such the ending of this war]; and his heart (will be) against the holy covenant [hostility towards Christians]; and will act [it means activity in the international arena]; and turned back to his own land [1991-1993. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. Russian troops returned to their country]. At the appointed time [he] will return back.” (Daniel 11:28, 29a, literal translation) The return of Russia in this context means crisis, which will eclipse the Great Depression. Not only the eurozone will break up, but also the European Union and NATO. Then many countries of the former Eastern block will return to Russia’s zone of influence. Russian troops will be stationed here again.

    Russia, however, will not return everywhere. “And [the king of the north] will enter into the south [many indicate on Georgia. This may be also Ukraine, if the Russians will not recover influence over the entire country], but it will not be as the former [2008 – Georgia] or as the latter [and now Ukraine. Here also a success, and no military reaction from the West], for the dwellers of coastlands of Kittim [USA, in the beginning without Britain] will come against him, and he will be dejected, and will go back.” (Daniel 11:29b, 30a, literal translation)

    What will induce the “king of the north” to enter into the south? Jesus said: “For nation will rise against nation”, as in 2008, and then …

    Moses writes: “But ships from the direction of Kittim [US Navy], and will afflict Asshur [Russia] and will afflict Eber [remaining enemies, including Iran and China].” (Numbers 24:24a).

    This will be a nuclear war. (Revelation 6:4) “A great sword” in this context means a nuclear sword. As Jesus foretold, it will be “the beginning of birth pains”. (Matthew 24:7, 8)

    In 1882 British troops occupied Egypt. Great Britain then took the role of “the king of the south”. Around the same time, Russia expanded its influence in the region, which previously belonged to Seleucus I Nicator, and took the role of “the king of the north”. (Daniel 11:27)

    All the details of this vision are being fulfilled from the time of ancient Persia, in chronological order. It is true that this vision is variously interpreted. As one can see, it has a lot of details. Therefore the insightful person is able to detect any error or sophistry. (Daniel 12:10)

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