What Is The U.S. Army Doing Just 300 Yards From Russia Border?

What Is The U.S. Army Doing Just 300 Yards From Russia Border?
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Located in the easternmost part of Estonia, Narva is separated by a river from Russia

As tensions between the West and Russia continue to escalate over the Ukraine crisis, American military combat vehicles and British soldiers paraded Wednesday through the Estonian border city of Narva. This symbolic move highlights the stake for both sides, especially considering Narva is just 300 yards from Russia border.

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Why did they choose Narva for Independence Day parade?

The U.S. Army vehicles, including armored personnel carriers, paraded through Narva in a show of Western unity against the Russian aggression. The event was Estonia’s Independence Day. Soldiers and vehicles from the U.S. Army’s Second Cavalry Regiment were taking part in the Independence Day military parade. In total, over 1,400 NATO troops marched the streets of Narva. The choice of location has sent a clear signal to Moscow.

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Narva is situated in the easternmost part of Estonia. The border city is separated by a river from Russia. Narva has been cited as a potential target for Russia if it turns its attention from Ukraine to the Baltic states. Estonia, along with Lithuania and Latvia, joined NATO in 2004. Experts believe that it was the fear of Ukraine joining NATO that prompted the Kremlin to get involved in the Ukraine crisis, including the annexation of Crimea.

U.S. reminds Russia of its presence in the region

Russia has long complained about NATO’s aggressive expansion. Vladimir Putin has accused that the Western military alliance was intruding into Russia’s “sphere of influence.” Baltic states have said that the Ukraine crisis demonstrates why they wanted to join NATO.

American tanks also paraded in Riga, Latvia in November for Latvia’s Independence Day. Over the past few months, the U.S. has sent hundreds of soldiers to join NATO exercises in the Baltic states. These moves should act as a powerful reminder of American military presence on the ground in eastern Europe.

The parade in Narva comes as Russia-backed separatists continue to fight Ukrainian forces in eastern Ukraine. Separatists have violated a ceasefire agreed earlier this month. Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko said that the ceasefire was “non-existent.”

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  1. The people of Crimea are the tatars. I can hardly see any “brotherly support” for tatars, I only see that their homes and businesses are confiscated and many of them disappear without a trace like in the good old days of Stalin.

  2. Virulently Anti-American: 81 Percent Of Russians Now View The United States Negatively.
    Russians view the United States much more unfavorably today than they did during the end of the Cold War era. As you will read about below, an astounding 81 percent of all Russians now view the United States negatively, and only 13 percent have a positive opinion of this country. In all of the years when Russians have been surveyed on their attitudes toward the US, they havenever been this negative.But of course Americans generally do not view the Russian people unfavorably. So why is this happening? Well, it all comes down to the actions of the Obama administration. The Russian people are convinced that US organizations organized, funded and armed the rebels that violently overthrew the democratically-elected Ukrainian government. And once it was overthrown, the Obama administration immediately recognized the rebels as the legitimate government of Ukraine. And now most Russians are convinced that the US government is trying to promote a similar revolution inside Russia. In recent years, the Russian people have become increasingly nationalistic, and at this point they view US meddling in their affairs as a direct threat to their way of life. Even while most Americans are extremely apathetic about what is going on over in Russia, an increasingly large chunk of the Russian population is angry enough to go to war.

  3. US destroyer “Donald Cook” with cruise missiles “Tomahawk” entered the neutral waters of the Black Sea on April 10. The purpose was a demonstration of force and intimidation in connection with the position of Russia in Ukraine and Crimea. The appearance of American warships in these waters is in contradiction of the Montreux Convention about the nature and duration of stay in the Black Sea by the military ships of countries not washed by this sea. In response, Russia sent an unarmed bomber Su- 24 to fly around the U.S. destroyer. However, experts say that this plane was equipped with the latest Russian electronic warfare complex. According to this version, “Aegis” spotted from afar the approaching aircraft, and sounded alarm. Everything went normally, American radars calculated the speed of the approaching target. And suddenly all the screens went blank.
    “Aegis” was not working any more, and the rockets could not get target information. Meanwhile, Su-24 flew over the deck of the destroyer, did battle turn and simulated missile attack on the target. Then it turned and repeated the maneuver. And did so 12 times. Apparently, all efforts to revive the “Aegis” and provide target information for the defence failed. Russia’s reaction to military pressure from the United States was profoundly calm, feels the Russian political scientist Pavel Zolotarev:
    The demonstration was original enough. A bomber without any weapons, but having onboard equipment for jamming enemy radar, worked against a destroyer equipped with “Aegis”, the most modern system of air and missile defence. But this system of mobile location, in this case the ship, has a significant drawback. That is, the target tracking
    capabilities. They work well when there is a number of these ships which can coordinate with each other somehow. In this case there was just one destroyer.
    And, apparently, the algorithm of the radar in the “Aegis” system on the destroyer did not load under the influence of jamming by the Su-24. It was therefore not only a nervous reaction to the fact of flying around by the Russin bomber which was common practice during the Cold War. The reaction of the Americans was due to the fact that most modern system, especially its informative or radar part, did not work adequately. Therefore, there was such a nervous reaction to the whole episode.
    After the incident, the foreign media reported that “Donald Cook” was rushed into a port in Romania. There all the 27 members of the crew filed a letter of resignation. It seems that all 27 people have written that they are not going to risk their lives. This is indirectly confirmed by the Pentagon statement according to which the action demoralized
    the crew of the American ship. What are the possible consequences of the incident provoked by the U.S. in the Black Sea? Pavel Zolotarev forecasts:
    I think that Americans are somehow going to reflect on improving the system “Aegis”. This is a purely military aspect. In political terms, there is hardly any likelihood of demonstrative steps by either side. That is enough. Meanwhile, for Americans it is a very unpleasant
    moment. In general, the missile defence system which they deploy involves huge expenditures. They have to prove each time that it is necessary to allocate funds from the budget. At the same time, the ground component of the ABM was tested in ideal conditions and showed a low efficiency. This fact is concealed by the Pentagon. The most modern component, the sea-based system “Aegis” also showed its shortcomings in the present case.
    The system with which the Russian Su-24 shocked the American destroyer “Donald Cook” has the code name “Khibiny”. This is the name of the mountain range on the Kola Peninsula in the Arctic Circle.
    “Khibiny” is the newest complex for radioelectronic jamming of the enemy. They will be installed on all the advanced Russian planes . Recently the complex has undergone regular testing exercises on the ground in Buryatia. Apparently, the tests which were conducted under conditionsas close to real as possible, were successful.

  4. It is quite clear that you suffer from some form of mental illness with all of the ranting and raving that you do. It’s a pity. Still with the name calling and bullying. What a coward you really must be while posing as an Internet tough guy. lol

  5. Hey Vikas, are you Estonian? What happened to that poor Estonian who was kidnapped by the evil Russian border guards? Oh, sorry, was the media misleading you again? They really meant the Estonian smuggler who was arrested.

  6. Sh%theads like you only know one thing – how to suppress and ignore facts, and just go directly to schit-throwing and name-calling. You must be full of schit, because you write a ton of it.

  7. Unbelievable that you would have any friends given that you are a ranting know-it-all. Probably not real friends but they humour you because of your nasty disposition.

  8. Fox news isn’t any better and the Tea Party are made up from a bunch of old senile Cold War idiots that haven’t adapted to the 21st century and the new challenges it’s bringing.

    Before you bash me being with your typical right wing idiotic “liberal” chant, I’m not Democratic nor Republican, I’m Independent with both Conservative (2nd Amendment) and Liberal (Freedom of speech, religion, 4th Amendment and such) views.

    I vote for the people that care about the true everyday Americans like me, not those corporate yes men that take bribes in the form of “political” contributions. How did a Tea Party “hero”(VA Governor Bob McDonnell) get caught with being bribed in Virginia? I thought the Tea Party was the “hero” group you idiots chant about?

    I also didn’t vote for neither Obama nor the 2 previous idiotic Republicans in the clowns that both McCain and Oven Mitt are too.

  9. Hahahaha, I know you envy us Americans, you want to be like us, too bad Russian Commie, I will laugh at how broke you are and I will make fun of you standing in line for bread while I have an entire cart of grocery and many snacks too that cost me only a fraction of my paycheck. I also live in a much nicer house than you and I live the American Dream hahaha.

    Keep hating Russian troll,

    U MAD BRO?

  10. The US is actually going to annex Mexico one day to end the immigration problem and also have access to all the vast resources and then the USA could give the finger to both the russian and chinese Commies when we have the resources and the work force to do so. Also, Hispanics (we have European ancestry too from the Spaniards and Brits) will be the majority in the US in a decade or 2, you are powerless to stop it and deal with it. Muhahahaha!/Sarcasm.

  11. Jack Mc, if you didn’t serve in any branch of the US military, then can you kindly shut the f$ck up ! The US military would destroy any country in the world if we did not care about collateral damage you idiot.

  12. Um, our shale oil deposits in the Rockies (the largest in the world too) alone can sustain the US for centuries, don’t forget all the untapped oil in Alaska too. We don’t need the oil anywhere else, also the US is currently running out of space to store oil and that means the prices will fall even more.

    Lay off the crack ok? I’m sorry you went through that but saying that nonsense is plain stupid.

  13. That’s because the US military doesn’t go around blowing everything up when there are many civilians or it’s unnecessary waste of ammo. Sure, some die, but it’s nothing compared to the warfare it was during WWII that was far more brutal. If the US military didn’t care about collateral damage, you bet your a$s they US would devastate the enemy and it would be a shock and awe campaign too.

    Our military is too politically correct now too, you are lucky they are that way today. But don’t ever dare attack the US, Imperial Japan learned the hard way and they had a far superior Navy than the Soviets did and even the Nazi’s too. The US is still the most powerful nation in military strength because of our mechanized forces are far superior than Russia’s.

  14. Yes, lay down the crack pipe OK Anna? Us Americans want nothing in Russia since we have all the untapped natural resources to sustain our nation for centuries to thousands of years without needing anything imported including oil here in the US. Alaska was ALL we needed from Russia to sustain our nation for centuries alone without counting the natural resources in the vast continental US mainland.

    We will recover fine even if we became an isolationist nation like pre-WWI USA was; we will still be a leader in innovation too along with still being a 1st world nation.

  15. actually i am from Germany, and germany pays every year over billions of € to the US army stations in Germany. when you dont know what you are talking better shut up.
    And “Invaded” was kind of Ironie. but why i should think you americans would understand that.

  16. United States invaded seven countries in the 21st century alone! Ask yourself what blunder you just wrote in your comment.

  17. Spoken by a person defending a country that proudly parades Swastikas and other Nazi regalia every year on their streets for all the World to see. Last time I checked 28.8 million Russkies died at the hands of Nazi Germany and their Fascist satellite states, so rest assured, Russkies won’t start wars, but they’ll sure go all the way to end them. Napoleon and Hitler are the best examples of this.

  18. Meatball, how about you read European Commission report and learn who invaded who in Georgia and Osetia before posting another line?! As for Ukraine, in over a year now there is no credible evidence that Russian troops are in Ukraine. Even Ukrainian Army Chief of Staff made a statement saying that there are no russian troops in Ukraine but somehow you know it better than him?!?

  19. Russia military is stronger than 27 NATO countries out of 28 combined. And if USA decides to join the party they will have several thousand miles of resupply nightmare over wasted land as Russians will most certainly take them to hell and back. Good luck

  20. Way to antagonize Russians! Well done numb nutz. Let me ask you a question: is there any proof of “Russian aggression”? I’m not interested in public opinion, I’m asking for facts and circumstances. You’ve been massively misinformed sheeple! Watch Eisenhawer speech…

  21. Of course you don’t. Those who care have been resting in Guantanamo and Abu-Greib persuading selves in real democracy and concerning of human rights in US

  22. US Navy: Have not we already shown our strength in the Middle East? How more dead people do we need around? Yes, we should show our strength, but it should be done in a meaningful way. Our military and our economy are the strongest in the world, and all, including Putin, know that. There is no reason to mess into other people affairs needlessly. Show your leadership in peaceful way through diplomacy, cultural exchange, trade.
    At least our recent “show of strength” has not been too beneficial to us, nor was it for any other country.

  23. Sorry man, i Raised up in the War in serbia. you are talking sh$t.
    USA bombed hospitals schools kindergarten they bombed whole citys ? So you want to say me that serbian children killed and raped womans. or why you killed them ?

  24. Who is paying you to spread hatred? Tell what is wrong with my opinion of the subject? If you don’t have anything meaningful to say, get out and don’t waste your and other commentators time. and now I can tell my opinion of you – idiot!

  25. 2 weeks before 9/11 Larry Silverstein maked a Insurance for the twin towers against Terroristic acts. 2 weeks after 9/11 got destroyed. comon dude everyone knows that 9/11 was a BIG FAKE. George W B, was the devil in person. He used 3000 lives to get a reason to invade Afganistan iraq to get the Oil reservs.


  27. Yes. By force because Put In (as$) will force them to. Just like Hitler. Enjoy your dictator…until you disagree with him and he throws you into a gulag LOL. Us lucky Americans enjoy freedo you only dream about. Hahah!!!


  29. Oh my how convenient it is to speak about some of the truth…..Iran wants to kill us and has said so. They are working on Nukes and have now ICBMs….. Russia wants to ally with them

  30. Attention all Jerks She asked a question it was not a so much a statement. Jessica said. “Can you have a citizenship in the UK or in the USA if you don’t speak English?” Not living here she would not know that Obama change things in last six years before Obama you had to speak English to gain citizenship.

  31. You speak the truth and lies can not hurt you. All Russian government’s Since 1918 have been EVIL and so are the people who supports them. We do not hate the Russian people Just their laziness in putting up with Putin KGB dictators

  32. Its that NY education that is the problem all that left wing cool aid I have lived in a lot more country’s than you so what does that prove. Please take off you welding glasses and see the light of truth.
    Do you believe in God and that people should be free??

  33. Russia is the Aggressor here. The credit card company’s Should pull out, The central Banks should stop all payments and credit to Russia. They would be broke in a month and starving for western goods in 3 months. We will starve you out of the Baltics and Ukraine…….

  34. A real history buff Pacman..The Brits were getting their butt kicked, they could not help themselves WE (USA) had to start the lend lease

    program to help them and send food and aid and military equipment to both the Soviets and Brits

    They held out at several places – Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad only because we air lifted supplies to them. Get it right

  35. Invaded??? Since when does the US occupy another country? Since when has the US TAKEN OVER another country? He may be 12 but you are 10.

  36. Really!! We have overtaken oil production so Russia can not sell their oil and they are crying. As soon as we get Obama out of office we will be on top again YOU Obama Looser.

  37. Stop eating the coco puffs Americans do not want your damn country. We do not want to invade you. Please stop your invasion of other country’s like Ukraine, and Georgia, and the Baltic States.

  38. The moron is you…learn to read the articles. Each one said the Russian bombers were in international airspace. You only read the titles, which are designed to stir anger feelings in uneducated clientele like you.

  39. Really !! Independent means freedom from external force. I just got back from there I do not think you would like living in Georgia with the Russians causing all the trouble there now as we speak.

  40. And you should stick to your reservation…It is way better to be a servile Russian, then whatever you are, uneducated filth.

  41. He said YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH. Can’t is a contraction that Americans use. It means “can not” Get it right Boris ……Being #1 is a Judgement call.. Who made you the Judge ???

  42. Lets not forget the millions that Russians killed in the name of Stalin or the millions that the China killed in the name of Mao. Or the millions killed in Cambodia by the Commies… America has not killed more than 2 million even if you add up the nukes we used on Japan and all of the small wars from 1945 to 2015 we were in. The Commies killed 40-50 million of their own people not counting all of the rest.
    So who is the bad guys here???

  43. You said ” can we defend the Baltic states against a massive attacking Russian conventional force without resorting to nukes or counter-attacking the Russian heartland ?”
    Read my answer I did not dodge your question…To invade is to hold ground, starving Russians can not hold anything Ask the Germans that invaded Russia during WW2…. As for taking
    responsibility it is the nature of good over evil to help were we can.
    The only trouble we have is do nothing President who will soon be gone. We cannot stop the Russians from invasion of the Baltics but we can starve them out of the Baltic States with out any loss to us. Putin wants to start a war FINE lets get it on. I will gladly answer to God for every Commie I have killed.

  44. The twin towers on 9/11 and 3,000 dead Americans is all the proof we need.
    1. Russia and her thugs invaded Georgia
    2. invaded Ukraine
    3. trying to invade the Baltic States which is part of Nato
    The Serbs were killing women and children. Yes we bombed them.
    Lets see your proof that we gave any terrorist weapons, what crap !!
    So APC’s are tanks What a dummy you are.
    Commies twist the truth to suit themselves

  45. He is a left wing nut job that is pure commie. They can not be talked to like a adult. Find out who he is and stuff him in a box, Mail Frank to Putin.

  46. Even if America had not helped Soviet Union the British would have. Every bit of external help mattered for the Soviets. Give the Soviets credit – they held out at several places – Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad

  47. no problem with what you stated …

    you dodged the question – why do you want to take responsibility for defending countries that cannot be defended

    what kind of a military officer are you ? to allow your bosses to put this country in trouble.

  48. You are brainwashed. Nobody in their right minds wants to have anything to do with Russia, least of all occupy it. Unless Russians consider other countries like Ukraine, Moldova,Georgia, Baltic States to be part of Russia, when they don’t want to be part of Russia

  49. I know very well who you are. So does my Eastern European family back 4 generations. So does the entire world. That is exactly why everyone is against you. People don’t want to have anything to do with bullies. A bully only understands when he is kicked by a bigger bully. America has its problems, but I was not talking about America. I was talking about the many small countries that you keep invading. I know that in the minds of many Russians those smaller countries deserve to be occupied and robbed. People were beginning to forget the communist horrors. It is great that Putin reminded the whole world who the Russians really are, a barbaric horde like Gingis Khan. Putin reminded everyone that Russian expansionism was not limited to tsars or communists,but it is a permanent idea in Russian minds. Putin even claimed the North Pole! Hilarious! Why don’t you guys board him on a space ship and send him throughout the galaxy to stick little Russian flags on every planet up to the black hole.

  50. As a former Naval Officer in Nam let me answer that Question.
    At the Naval War College we learned to use heads not our bullets. The first thing we do is keep the price of oil low and out sell the Russians in oil. Keep all forms of credit cards payments out of Russian hands, and stop the central banks from doing business with them. Cut their money supply. In 90 day’s they are starving
    for western goods. This will make them contrite and manageable.

  51. We will say its superpower,its techonology,its the 20th century that we are in it,’.Gosh we are nearing the end times.READ MORE IN REVELATION.if you doubt read the BIBLE.u will see.

  52. Yes you are…..A load of crap The only thing you got right You Commie butthead I killed a lot of Commie’s in Nam Looking for a bright future to kill more.

  53. Of which noting was signed by anybody and that means that there is no agreement whatsoever! Possible small talk doesn’t count!

  54. We should get out Europe, but that is not the question. Russia is the Aggressor here. The credit card company’s Should pull out, The central Banks stop all payments and credit. Russia would be broke in a month

  55. can we defend the Baltic states against a massive attacking Russian conventional force without resorting to nukes or counter-attacking the Russian heartland ?

  56. Scott has it right….Putin is a F#@# You can tell who is not ready to meet God, They have a Yellow stripe down their backsides and NO Guts.

  57. We need to exercise and show force around the world including Russia’s door step. I love it! It’s about time we march strong militarily in front of the Russians and let them know that the buck stops here on Soviet Aggression. For you non military experience making statements, the U.S has to show it’s power and if it includes Russia, so be it. We show weakness when we don’t show we are willing to use force like they have shown on a phony cease fire in Ukraine. We are powerful and we are letting the Russians know it! Go Mr. President. Project peace through show of Power. We will use military might if we have too. We won’t be bullied either. America can’t brag about being a U.S Super Power when you show no force around the world regardless of the foe including Russia. Ronald Reagan would have stopped Russia in Ukraine!

  58. What NATO country? Ukraine? Go back to your trailer and disconnect your PC from internet so you don’t type nonsense on sites like this anymore please. As an alternative you could get a job, make some money and invest it in educating yourself as you just expressed yourself like an uninformed and probably very ignorant human.

  59. If, If, If… study your history they are in NATO So you want to ignore our treaty’s By the way when did we use conventional weapons defending the Baltic states from Russia. I must have been in Germany at the USO when that happened.

  60. Tu eres un tonto, Vous etes un idiot, Dummkopf, no matter what the language you are still a coward who never saw a day service
    for the USA….. JUST SAYING LOL

  61. If you will read little bit about the War in 1812 (with Napoleon, with the France), and you will understand that Russia doesn’t need to fight directly with the USA military if American soldiers will step on Russian Land, Russian People will find space to go to, and will destroy all the its cities, so ‘American Government’ WILL NEVER RECOVER, DO YOU HEAR ME, NEVER. IN 1812 KREMLIN WAS IN FIRE, RUSSIAN PEOPLE BURNED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMERICAN GOVERNMENT WILL NEVER GET RUSSIA AND RUSSIAN PEOPLE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Americans STAY AWAY FROM RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WOULD BE WONDERFUL TO WATCH AT YOUR REACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. I’ve always liked India, and have had many Indian friends, but I’m increasingly shocked at the racist, hostile and intolerant comments of Indians on comment boards. I get that India has bought arms in the past from Russia, and has some old non-alligned ties, but India has little common interest with Russia, and it perplexes me to see Indians supporting Putin’s kleptocratic, hegemonic autocracy. I hope you rethink this affection you have for a brutal, atavistic society.

  63. somebody plz help me ……… All My Property, wht ever I have all my earnings of all my & My husbands life for my kids have been taken away by the “goondas”. The Real Terrorists…….of my same Country- State – city……& Now Threatening for my Land & Property …………. Somebody Help Me Plz OR I Wish Let & I Wait for W W 111 & all Die So No…… Extortion & No Body Takes away My Land & The Hard Earned Property Which Only Belongs to My Kids………G H Shah

  64. They will have no alternative if we and NATO do not stand by the treaties we have signed. If we do not stand up for the Baltic States that are part of NATO what will the rest is the world think about any US alliance.

  65. Then you wouldn’t mind Russian armor parading in Canada, or in Mexico, as an independence day style presentation? Proximity.

  66. Putin is the most stupid person on this planet right now..hes also the most dangerous…This little man just woke up a giant..in NATO..made up of 28 nations..with nuclear weapons…now his people are suffering and hungry…and NATO is at his door step..Russia will fall just like Germany, and Japan did…..WW3 will come but Russia will be destryed..by Gods Contry..the USA..if you dont like her…get the h# out..

  67. You may wish to review that statement that you made. The U.S. State Department has admitted to providing billions of dollars to Ukraine, in an effort to destabilize it, and to prepare it for the coup that was conducted by the West, while Russia was hosting the Sochi Olympics. It is pretty funny when people somehow think that the nation that spends more on it’s military, with a long history of catering to banks, corporations of the Military-Industrial-Complex, and special interest groups, is the underdog good guy, especially with the long documented history of bullying, conducting coups, and invading other nations. How is it, exactly, that you equate Russia to being the bully when it is the U.S. that is knocking on it’s door, on the other side of the globe from the U.S., and when the U.S. spends ten times as much on it’s military than Russia does? You’d probably think that it was the 8 year old who was the bully if a grown man were to walk over and beat the hell out of him.

  68. I think calling Russians shallow, racist and ideological is unfair. If you were to call a right wing Republican shallow, racist and ideological….that would be fair….

  69. The bogus idiots at our Pentagon must not have any children or grandchildren that they would like to have a life to live. The damned military-industrial-congressional-media complex in the U.S. has got to have constant war so that they can drain all of our tax dollars into the pockets of war-related corporate America and other super-rich. Evidently they’re ready for the end of the world.

  70. I think the politics is here is sad….there are desperate, extreme elements in the UK and the US that want a different polarity…they want the world to be as it was, with the West and East as Good and Evil……but their efforts at driving a wedge between Europe and Russia will fail…..the alignment of 2 empires has been close for thousands of years, only interrupted briefly by Adolf Hitler, ,,,,…..

  71. Just who is the bully? The Russians invaded Georgia, Ossetia, and Ukraine….who’s bullying who? If you want to call America a bully of invading Iraq and Afghanistan, so be it but the Ruskies are bullies and won’t stop until they’re challenged either militarily or economically. He might be crazy (Putin) but he’s not foolish enough to start a nuclear war. It would be mutual assured destruction.

  72. Absolutely!!! Makes you wonder why some of these bleeding hearts are critical of what we’re doing. I’m not particularly a fan of the administration’s policies but this is spot on. Russian bombers can fly close to our borders and no one says anything but let us respond in kind we’re bullies. SMH

  73. Any country will disperse arms to civilian populations when the war is going badly…look at ww2 japan

    If we invaded china there would be 1 billion armed chinese waiting for us

  74. I am a proud American but believe we have the strongest military on the face of the earth, but I believe it is very unwise for our country to bully the Russians like we have bullied other weaker nations. As far as I’m concerned, the more desperate the Russians become, the more of a threat they pose. It was a humiliated Germany that put the Nazis to power after losing WWI and started WWII to save face. Now we face a weakened Russia following the collapse of the Soviet Union. When the US pushes Mr. Putin’s back against the wall then watch out! He may just be crazy enough to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the US

  75. the more desperate the Russians get, the more dangerous they become in my opinion. Russia is more of a threat now than the more powerful Soviet Union ever was. It was Germany’s

  76. Let’s see… you’ve jumped to the conclusion I watch Fox and CNN… I don’t like either. I’m entirely anti-ideological… don’t identify with liberal or conservative ideologies. I’ve lived in four countries — US, Norway, Germany and France. Have liked all four. Speak three languages plus some German. Have travelled extensively and have a graduate degree from UCB. I’m the dummy? I jumped to the conclusion you’re Russian because you think like one — shallow, racist, ideological… yeah… just like a Russian.

  77. Sorry for the racist Epsilon comment. He says he’s American… but I doubt it. Well… he says he’s a TeaParier… so maybe he is a screwed-up American. I’m an American with plenty of great Mexican friends.

  78. I live since the last half Year in Ukraine OK!
    I know what they are doing and i see it everyday !
    But tell me sometink what i dont know about the war here.
    i saw dead children on the streets, i saw how they shooted whit rockets on a Normal Bus who whas driving and everyone burned out in the Bus. this is some serious shit here. but USA need to put tanks on the border to stop this or what… yes well helped.

  79. How a Country can talk about PEACE when they still have Guantanamo, Abu ghraib.
    Who gave tchechenian terrorist weapons and sendet agents there.
    Who bombarded Places of iraq afganistan without even one true proof of “terroristic acts” in this Area.
    Or bombarded Serbia for helping Kosovo to be a “democratic state”…
    And now sending tanks to the border of russia. this is Insane what they are doing, but of course is everyone beliving them.

  80. Reading through all the comments I can EASILY tell which ones were
    written by Russians and which by Americans. How? Because the ones
    written by Americans use logic and intelligence. The ones written by
    Russians threaten WW3 and nuclear war… they sound insane. I have
    news for everyone. The US would destroy Russia in a war… end of
    story. Neither country would “nuke” the other because they would be
    “nuked” in return. So stop with all your threats. The US is not the
    one invading another country right now, it’s Russia. Putin is an animal
    and needs to be put down!

  81. US army should get there a$ses out of Europe. And not provocate a offensive reply from Russia.
    USA is spending more Money for military then for they own people, no wonder that the country is going in shit

  82. Jeah well thx USA to provocate a War between Russia and Europe is Iraq and afganistan not enough or what.? This is realy not helping ukraine what Usa is doing, this is just making the Conflict harder then it is now.
    And talking about Peace and then putting tanks on the russian Border, Nice try to fool the people.

  83. There likely won’t be a conventional war with Russia. Putin will do something similar to what he’s doing in Ukraine to the other Baltic states and then hide behind his nuclear arsenal to de-incentivize NATO from interfering.

  84. Russians didn’t seem to mind when they were encamped on Ukraine’s border for weeks on end before invading to bale out separatist rabble and ignored every call to pull back. A parade in Estonia is nothing mare than a celebration of independence day, not a show of force as the Russian’s did on Ukraine’s border with tens on thousands of troops. As usual the Russkie’s are happy to dish out but not when the boots on the other foot. Russia is acting as an aggressor and must not be allowed to continue with its actions without retribution so US and EU have to continue to bring pressure on Russia by any means possible.

  85. Hmmm… I despise Hannity and most of Fox news… I don’t deny that the CIA helped overthrow Iran’s gov’t in the 50s. Yes, lots of information is available through our FOIA. Does Russia have a FOIA? I don’t think so. And what about Stalin’s Reign of Terror, and Katyn Forrest, and KAL007, and the occupation of Eastern Europe after WW2, the Prague Spring assault by soviet tanks, the Berlin Wall? How about creating North Korea… in the Russian image? They’re still one of Russia’s only allies… Why is that? Face it Saxon… you people are backwards and vicious… that’s all you are.

  86. You’re right about one thing — Russians are used to hardship. That’s because they were the last people in Europe to get out from serfdom… after they were used as cannon-fodder against the German Army in WW1. Theirs is a backwards society, politically and to a large extent culturally as well. Note the high level of racism in Russian comments on these boards. Even some Russian expats I meet are openly racist. I think a better way of dealing with this backwards country isn’t through appeasement, but by demonstrating how pathetically Putin has managed their economy; how undiversified it is… and weak… and vulnerable to sanctions, like the most primitive third-world economy. Another fine way would be to send Russian conscripts fighting in Ukraine under Putin’s order… back to their Russian mothers in zinc boxes. Let Putin continue to deny that… and tell their mothers they all died in training accidents. Remember the sinking of the Kursk? Remember how little the Russian Gov’t cared about rescuing the sailors… They still don’t give a crap about their soldiers… but the soldiers’ mothers do. Their reaction to dead soldiers might change Putin’s behavior.

  87. Nobody wants to invade Russia… Nobody. The only things Russia makes are vodka and weapons… and our vodka is just as good… and our weapons are better… so nobody wants to invade Russia… that’s just a myth Putin uses to scare Russians into supporting his kleptocracy… and get Russians to look the other way while he steals them blind. It’s really that simple.

  88. You can actually have citizenship in USA without knowing how to speak English, you idiot.
    Its funny how you have no problem with the USA occupying you now with tanks, even though you keep complaining about russian tanks.
    Your hatred against ethnic russians who are citizens of Estonia only expose you as a bigot and racist

  89. About the US not being able to make a rocket engine!? … tell that to SpaceX… they’ll be surprised to hear it. Old soviet engines were cheap… an example of their poor economic planning… and they have a higher failure rate than American engines… so they’re being discontinued. If Russian technology is so great… why is most of the tech world dominated by US and European/Japanese/Korean products? Seriously? You think we should fear a Russian edge in technology? Like their Lada cars?

  90. What, do you wave your middle finger out the window when you pass a police car?

    Of a thousand places for NATO to have war games, why are most of them on the Russian border? What’s the point of having war games on Russian border unless it is to deliver threat?

    Answer the question instead of resorting to infantile name-calling or you’re just a waste of time and obviously a detriment to America.

  91. How old are you, 11? Maybe you better adjust your tin-foil hat while watching CNN and Fox?

    You’re the kind of person who laughs while Letterman makes jokes about raping Sarah Palin’s 13-year-old daughter, and yawns while her church is firebombed.

    I already proved you’re a moron, when you jumped to the wrong conclusion I was Russian.

    Case closed, moron.

  92. The only thoroughly hate-filled racist people l read the posts of… are Russians… and now you. You represent a great cautionary tale… for those who think they might be Tea Party sympathisers. Hey everyone… this guys a Tea Partier! … that should scare people away.

  93. Estonians are trying to provoke a war! I see… so they can march on Moscow and kill Russians! You must be truly insane… I’m not being metaphorical here. Get a clue.

  94. actually we officially defeated saddams army and “won” in a month in iraq, and afghanistan only took a few months to kick the taliban out of control of the country, we did what we set out to do in both of those countries..if you think the few insurgents left hiding and only sneaking out to trhow some bombs in the road is a win for them…you are ignorant.

  95. You’re a moron. Your love of the Sarah Palins, Michele Bachmans and Glenn Becks of the world speaks volumes about your intelligence. You’d fit in perfectly in Russia.

  96. So now Putin imitates Hitler by invading his neighbors.
    That’s how WW2 started. Of course, at that time Stalin was an ally of Hitler.

  97. Oh yeah…. the USA is teaching Russia a lesson now…. look out Russia. The truth of the matter is this, Russia could bomb London and the USA would still stand down. The world needs to know right now that the US isn’t loyal to any country no matter what is said to them. We (the USA) would tuck tail and run in an instant from Russia, China, and most likely even North Korea. Israel also needs to know that they cannot rely on the USA other than to sell them arms. US arms may actually be used in defense of another country, but no US person will be there to fire them. The USA are now the “p#ssies” of the world.

  98. Really??!! You want peace talks but then you do this crap?? What is your real agenda American Government/Nato? We are watching very close on your moves. You tell us one thing then do another, so no wonder why we don’t trust you.

  99. I’m unaware of anything I can’t get legitimate access to from the Internet… an American/Western invention btw. I’m not familiar with the metrics used in the study you cite… but I’m suspicious. My personal favorite news outlets are French [AFP] and British [Economist and FT], but the US has plenty of reliable and responsible and relatively unbiased sources of accurate news. Does Russia have such freedom of press? Really… the Russian press is “free” to report news that’s in opposition to Putin’s regime without being shut down or investigated for tax fraud? I think not.

  100. Like I said, you’re Russophobic.

    You are justifying your hatred on things that happened in the past, 3 generations ago, and penalizing those living today, who had nothing to do with it.

    You probably agree with Obama, that white people owe blacks lots of money for “reparations” because their great-great-great-great-great-grandfathers were slaves. Oh, never mind my ancestors were from New York, and 700,000 white people died in battle in the Civil War to free the slaves.

    I will always be judged guilty, and Russians will always be judged guilty. How about Germans, are they all guilty, today, for the World War 2 atrocities? Probably not, since you buy their cars and electronics.

    What genocide did “Estonians” carry out on the original native inhabitants of the land now known as “Estonia” ?

    “Peace to Everyone” she says as it parades weapons and tries to provoke a war and claims Estonia is justified in seeking to undo the past.

  101. Like I said, you’re a pathetic joke and a Russophobic bigot.

    You are justifying your racism on things that happened in the past, 3 generations ago, and penalizing those living today, who had nothing to do with it.

    You probably agree with Obama, that white people owe blacks lots of money for “reparations” because their great-great-great-great-great-grandfathers were slaves. Oh, never mind my ancestors were from New York, and 700,000 white people died in battle in the Civil War to free the slaves.

    I will always be judged guilty, and Russians will always be judged guilty. How about Germans, are they all guilty, today, for the NAZI atrocities? Probably not, since you buy their cars and electronics.

    What genocide did “Estonians” carry out on the original native inhabitants of the land now known as “Estonia” ?

    “Peace to Everyone” the pathetic joke and Russophobic bigot says as she parades weapons and tries to provoke a war.

  102. You Russians always speak of your “interests” in neighboring countries. When I think of your “interests” I’m reminded of Katyn, or of the deportations of Crimeans and Estonians; I think of pointless wars of aggression with Finland; I think of the conquest of Chechnya. How about the “interests” of the Ukrainians and Baltic peoples. Don’t they have legitimate interests? Or is it only Russian interests that count? Germany doesn’t bully Holland or Denmark over it’s “interests”. Get over yourselves.

  103. I live in Kansas. Born and educated in New York. I vote Tea Party, when the RINO’s don’t get their corrupt coward installed. I have lived 2 years in Russia, and 1 year in Ukraine, as well as 2 years in Germany.

    Watching CNN does not supply you with reality. There are other peoples in the world besides Americans.

  104. Polls consistently show that a majority of Donbass residents don’t want their region to become a part of Russia. Most of those who support Putin are older pensioners, who are nostaligic for the soviet era and believe they’ll get a higher pension from Russia. The younger generation sees the corruption of Putin’s kleptocracy [which even Russians don’t deny] and they would rather that Ukraine affiliates with a democratic and rule-of-law Europe.

  105. You know nothing about this. Who does China do business with… Russia? Hahaha… The EU is China’s largest trading partner, followed by the US. China isn’t eager to support Russia against its largest trading partners… forget about getting bailed out by them. Besides… soon enough the Chinese will come looking for the part of Siberia Russia took from them a century ago.

  106. I’m with you on that. Let’s do it already! Russia doesn’t respect any other culture or border… why should it be allowed to participate in the civilized world’s commerce.

  107. You’re a wonderful example of why people don’t like Russians much. You’re hostile, have an outdated mentality, and you want to be feared, not respected. As a culture, you need to grow up.

  108. If you cannot defend Baltic states with conventional weapons we should not allowed them into NATO
    They are not worth a nuclear exchange

  109. I see how much you hate Estonians. Russia deported Estonians, babies and elderly people to cold Siberia two times, last time in 1949. Many people died on the road. Russia took my grandparents land, horses, cows, barn, house. We lived 8 people in the same tiny room. I was bear feet in summer time, no shoes. Not enough food. I needed to pick up berries and sell them to get money to by clothes. At school I was punished because I celebrated X-mas.
    At communist time people stood two hours in the line to buy food or clothes. When I asked two pairs of shoes (I have twins) they didn’t sell me. They said why do you need two pairs? Everything was limited. It was poor time. Russians soldiers walked in the streets every day.
    OK, we still have some problems in the country, but these are our problems. Russians live 50 years in Estonia and still don’t speak Estonian. Can you have a citizenship in the UK or in the USA if you don’t speak English? No, you can’t. Learn Estonian language, be tolerant and there is no problems to come and vote.

    Peace to everyone.

  110. Stalign, I couldn’t disagree with you more. You really need to know the facts about history before you spew out ignorance like that. The US did not have to get involved in Europe’s war. We were under no threat from Germany. You Russians are extremely lucky we came in and saved you from superior forces and technology of the Nazi military. All you had was numbers and oil to resist the Nazi’s. You barely had an air force or Navy at the time. They were pathetic. Sure, we got directly involved later in the European side of WW2 than you, but that’s because we were busy fighting Japan, which you didn’t do until Germany was already defeated and we almost completely wiped out the Japanese military already. Additionally, I will say that the US sent billions of dollars of aid and weapons to Mother Russia starting in the beginning of 1942 and kept sending until the end of the war. And let’s face facts: Without all that aid and the US fighting Germany, you simply would have lost to Germany just like you did in World War 1. You can also thank Walter J. Christie, an American for designing your beloved T-34 tank. Yes, it was an American design given to the Soviet Union to help you against the Panzer and Tiger tanks from Germany.

  111. The US has won all wars of which they officially declared “War.” Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan were not technically wars. The US was not late in ww2. They were busy defeating Japan, fighting in North Africa and Italy. The Russians demanded another front to be opened in Europe so Russia could push the Germans back. Russia wouldn’t have been able to fight off Hitler alone. Get you facts right.

  112. The US was foolish for bringing these former Soviet bloc countries into NATO. Are we actually going to WWIII if Russia wants Estonia back?

  113. beanbag: is your “bean”head really in the “bag”? You’re supposed to comment on the “issue”, not to attack a person. your attitude is another proof that some commentators know s..t of he matter, (you included). If I’m not right, just say in what way I’m wrong. We’re trying to come with understanding of what is going on. If you don’t know things get out of the internet, or better learn something.

  114. America invades countries through debt. America acts like an economic hitman by cheating developing countries into debt and then take control of them by securing their resources in exchange for the debt. If they refuse the offer, we label them an enemy of America and plunge their country into turmoil.

  115. If the greatest majority of American people INDEED thinks or believes that all these actions (including bombing of Serbia, establishment of Kosovo super democratic state, better life in Lybia, Iraqi, Somalia, Vietnam, etc…. ) are very justified and that they must finance it, than only God can help this planet….

  116. Hussein Obama is indeed Muslim Anti Christ who must be impeached, removed as US president, prosecuted and convicted for all of his war crimes and for crimes against humanity.

  117. I stopped to feel sorry for US and American people about 10 years ago. As long as there are criminal Washington freaks are in power and lying, deceiving and paid Washington shills as you are along with useful idiots exists there, US slowly, but surely will go down the tubes.

  118. Russian technology is dangerous, but even more dangerous is their aggressive attitude toward independent neighboring countries.

  119. We have seen your ‘democracy-building’ in Vietnam, Libya, Aphghanistan and Iraq. We didn’t like it.

    Speaking of the democracy of russian kind – we already have it.

    P.S. Speaking of democracy – when are we supposed to see any other party in US Congress, besides democrats and reepublicans?

    PPS. Weak economy…you should have looked after the most successful economy, which is incapable of avoid bankruptcy of Detroit or resurrect New Orleans after the hurricane. Russian cities grew up faster even after WWII…

  120. You have the highest taxes in Europe, and so you can get “free” bus rides, “free” medical care. You are more tightly regulated by the government than the Soviets could ever imagine.

    Ethnic Russians are not allowed to vote in your “free” country” or to own businesses that contract with the government, or to be teachers.

    Some “Freedom”! LOL. You are nothing but a bunch of Russo-phobic bigots.

  121. the West, NATO has never thought of others; for Ukraine, Estonia or else. They are only trying to make Russia succumb to their influence, by surrounding it from all sides; which is practically impossible. They are trying to make small nations surrounding Russia believe that they are in danger. Estonia was there before the Ukraine conflict, nothing happened from the Russian side; wake up my friends you are bullied by the US propaganda. The US has never won a war in its history; in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, … came very late in the 2nd WW after the Russians almost won Hitler. THE US MUST RESPECT EQUALLY STRONG NATION. The world sanction has no meaning when it comes to strong Russia. go ahead Putin!!!!! and PROTECT YOUR COUNTRY’S INTEREST.

  122. Compare to West they showed modern way dealing with country!!!
    No suffer, Most of people happy, No destruction!! mass murder!!!
    Which west cannot do!!
    All the time when they messing million of innocent are dying !!
    I would say that they are lucky!!
    Better be with poor Russia than with such Ukraine

  123. Many will ask what on earth is the US doing there, as they will ask also ,what is the UK doing sending troops to the Ukraine ?

    It is also as if both governments horrified that Minsk 2 cease fire will hold and are desparate to pull the rug from under the deal that France and Germany have brokered . This is the only explanation for the US and UK actions . Should the cease fire not hold in principle , we will know whose fault it is but it is more than likely it will in spite of the UK and US encouraging the Ukraine government all sorts of sweeteners to break it ! Certainly the Russian separatists have a lot too gain to make it work ,it does not get better than this for them !

  124. As far as I remember Georgia is still independent country!
    but Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya hard to say that they free now!

  125. of cause you cannot be there to invade Russia.cause you cant even do that given everything in this world.we are just saying that is the same provocation the US scream about whenever is at its door step.

  126. you are such an ignorant american;so,’if you are watching as you’ve been doing for a long time” what can you do to change whatever Russia plans to do? of cause nothing.

  127. Why would you watch him? You want to create new chaos like in Libya,Syria and Iraq? You can`t even handle your debth. Only idiot will borow money to fight around the world…like Nicholson sayed:”you can handle the truth”…You are not No1 any more.

  128. No, the majority of the people in Ukraine are not Russians. However, in parts of the eastern Ukraine some provinces are majority Russian populations. Tell the whole story though about why that is. It was Russian policy under the communists to dilute the national populations in their Republics. So parts of Russia were added to certain of these republics to make them more Russian, and nationals were forced from their homes and moved to Siberia to further dilute the national populations. So for instance, Riga, the capital of Latvia is a majority Russian city thanks to Joseph Stalin. So, since the capital of Latvia is majority Russian should we allow Russia to have it. Hell no! Putin is a liar and it looks like a lot of his lackeys here are liars also, not telling the full truth.

  129. It’s about time the USA and other NATO nations are letting Putin know we are watching him. He has been on quite a tear of late invading two different provinces of Georgia, taking the Crimea, and now ripping wholesale parts of the Ukraine away for his empire building. Plus he has already threatened other of the former Soviet Republics with invasion, just to take back Russian areas of course. Of course that’s also what Hitler said, only the German areas. Hitler was a liar and I don’t believe Putin either!

  130. What USA military are doing in Estonia? And everybody is talking of Russia aggressive plans! By the way, Narva is a Russian town from early 18th century, taken from Sweden, and included in Estonian republic. There is a significant Russian population in the city.

  131. am affraid that US will be wiped….russians are not dummies, and their technology is very dangerous for sure….us is not able to make an engine for a rocket, and russians have Khibiny electronic equipment….

  132. …and today you are full of freedom with NATO tanks….your comment is funny…. however, we should not forget that estonia gave a lot of nazi soldiers durin ww2, so that’s where the fear comes from….

  133. I am an Estonian and would like to explain. We celebrate Independence Day every year in different cities. Narva is Estonian city and as planned before, it was a place this year to celebrate. There is nothing about provocation. We don’t hate Russians, but we wanted freedom. To be a free country. We were occupied by Russians fifty years. In 1991 Russian tanks were in my city again. Ready to kill the people who wanted freedom. But Estonians didn’t fight, we started to sing. All people around the country got together and we sang the songs that weren’t allowed at communist time. We have a reason to be afraid of Russia, and we joined with NATO. We are happy to see American soldiers in our cities. Thank you for that. Russians, if your people like freedom, understand, others like freedom too. I remember communist time, it was awful.

  134. Bring it the citizens of the United States are very well armed. I feel very sorry for any country that tries to invade us.

  135. Viet Nam is what happens when Politicians get involved. We just need to let our soldiers go and you wouldn’t last very long.

  136. Looks like the (Estonian) author doesn’t know his asz from a hole in the ground when it comes to politics, or “How to win friends and influence people.”

  137. The only reason the USA is in wars all over is because thats where we belong between tyrants like Putin and countries that just want to be left alone.

  138. But what is missing in Ukraine, Estonia and other former Soviet bloc countries is the full understanding of the post Soviet relationship that allowed these former satellites to go free. For example in Sillamae, Estonia there was a Soviet nuclear factory that was owned by the Russians and my wife was once a supervisor there. This factory is right on the border but technically in Estonia. I’m sure the Russians had some form of agreement (And they might be the kind of people to not do it all in legal writings but by a simple handshake) that would let the Russians have these Russian mostly conclave towns. Sillamae was occupied by mostly Russians and probably still is. V era one of my wifes best friends there had a son that was in the cosmonaut program and her husband was an Olympic coach. There are many that will be loyal to Russia first and NATO is barking up the wrong tree in Ukraine as well. The real reason Russians are winning in Ukraine is because the majority of the people in Ukraine are Russian. But just like Obuma the Anti Christ to care more about minorities than the voting majority.

  139. Barak Insane Obuma the Biblical Anti Christ will bring us nuclear war; he was first to reestablish a nuclear presence in Europe when only a few months ago he put nuclear ground missiles back in Europe and aimed them at Russia. How bizarre that those same NATO, UN and EU military refuses to send ground troops back in the middle east but will incite nuclear war with Russia who is a much bigger enemy than all the Muslim countries combined.

  140. What, are Estonians nuts? If i invite my Estonian friend here, and I show him around my city, is he going to wave his middle finger out the window when we drive past a cop car, just to see what will happen? I know, we can go to the black section. and he can wear a KKK t-shirt!

  141. We are not there to invade Russia. Russia is invading the Ukraine as we speak. We are in Estonia to encourage them not to let Putin bully them and to let Mr. Putin know that it will cost him to invade the former satellite nations bordering Russia. As lone as many Americans aren’t bothered by the suffering of nations coming under bondage of the likes of Russia or ISIS it is OK. I am ashamed of many who would let the whole world be slaughtered as long as they can continue without being bothered.

  142. it is funny as hell to me that we can fly an American flag that close to their border but yet our courts order children to stop displaying an American flag in CA. because it upsets the Mexicans who are having their Spanish Holliday ! and the Mexicans are allowed to display their Mexican flag instead ! and this happened in the united states !!!! this is beyond pathetic when you can not fly the flag of your own country in the country but flying it everywhere else in the world that will cause trouble is ok !!!!!!!!!

  143. You need to read the news sometimes. New York Times ran a story just two weeks ago stating that evidence showed absolutely that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. We have spent millions buying up the left overs and many of our soldiers came home with symptoms of these chemicals. When we first attacked Iraq I was living in Russia and had friends in the middle east who sent me photos of piles of rockets with nerve gas, and other WMD. Underground labs assembled by France were clearly developing materials for a bomb. Who is brainwashed?

  144. Regardless of what anyone thinks. If war breaks out and turns into nuclear there will be no winners. Even if Russia is 100 % destroyed and the US 50 %destroyed, do you want to live in a world where people will be dying for generations from radation poisoning. All you people who are shouting for war, be careful what you wish for. You may come out a winner, and maybe not, But in some cases the dead will be luckier than the living. You should read about the aftermath of Hiroshima to give you a little peak of what survivors had to endure.

  145. Yes, Americans aren’t brainwashed. CNN ABC FOX only tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Oh I forgot Brian Williams lied. I guess that was a rare exception. Oh News Flash ! Now people are saying Bill O’Reilly may have lied too. Oh how could I forget the big lie by Colin Powell in front of the UN screaming Saddam has WMD’s, which later proved to be a LIE. But hey ! We are Americans we can lie better than anyone else.

  146. Wrong ! China and Russia are buidling a system independent of SWIFT. Japan just announced that they will join the system. What it will do is unseat the US dollar. Look at all the facts before making a rash statement or decision.

  147. Well, somebody invited the Russians into Ukraine — the pro-Russian regional government of Crimea, for example, the pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk, not to mention the last constitutionally elected President of Ukraine. Of course, they’re all bad guys. Maybe you want to argue that it’s different if you’re invited by bad guys. But don’t say “nobody”.

  148. Well. I sure don’t want the rest of the world looking like places like Detroit(broken), Chicago (high murder rate), which what a world with Russia would look like. GS you got your nose too close to the ground to notice that compared to the rest of the World the US looks like one dangerous place with a lot of deranged people.

  149. there is no reason for a american to die for the estonians latvians or ukrainians bring all our troops back home. expanding nato was a giant mistake

  150. Get real Saxon, your “Mother Russia” is a f*cking sh*thole of epic proportions. Everything you guys touch turns to sh*t. From your oppressive government down to your terrible food, every aspect of Russia is just a complete mess. Whether you want to admit it or not, even at our worst, the entire world revolves around the United States. So many of your downtrodden countrymen storm into America looking for a better way of life and better opportunities under the Capitalist system. Meanwhile, back in Mother Russia, you sit around in your crappy communal apartments, utilizing dated technology to watch some crappy Steven Seagal movies. Russia is garbage buddy and your envy of the United States is just soooooooo enjoyable to a Bostonian such as myself. Well, if you find the time, please drive your cheap Zaporozhet to your local internet cafe and refute this post. Oh, and don’t worry, here in the United States, when not in a position to access my Macbook, I can just view your posting on an iPhone that cost more than your car.

  151. We are INVITED to take part in a PARADE by one of our allies, and the Russian trolls are foaming at the mouth spamming how we are the “aggressor”… meanwhile Putin INVADES AND ANNEXES Crimea, no that’s not aggressive at all… LOL… gotta love the Kremlin brainwashed trolls…

  152. !
    your President and your policy against Russia>ask yourself why>could it be Putin? And therefore there will be sanctions and more coming if he does not cease and desist. leave those people alone with their own lives to live.Innocent in all of this his ego and power grab.

  153. And after that you want to say that the US is the most peacefull country? And from wich side goes this provocation?
    not a clever action…looks like a circus…

  154. Actually, it’s a reminder that American officials are not trustworthy. First, they give passionate promises to never move an inch eastward after reunification of Germany and next, they parade tanks next to Russian border. And then, they whine day and night that it’s all Russian fault. Pathetic liars and provocateurs.

  155. Like a gangbanger walking his pit bull through the hood to prove what a bad a$$ he is. The U.S. is acting like a twelve year old. A few hundred soldiers teasing Russia, on their border, is not going to frighten a country that whipped the N@zis.

  156. Russians know little about the rest of the world for that matter. They travel far less than Americans and have less news exposure [that’s not propaganda]. Our impression of Russians is that they conflate respect with fear. They want primarily to be feared in the world… and they equate this with being respected. They have atavistic political sensibilities… still thinking in “spheres of influence” while the rest of the world has moved on. Is Poland in Germany’s “sphere of influence”? Is Holland? It’s rubbish… There are no Western European countries plotting to invade Russia, or undermine it. You just have a corrupt regime that’s stirring up uber-nationalist sentiments with mostly fake news; you’re being lied to constantly by Putin; and you can’t be bothered to figure out the truth. Meanwhile your economy is going to hell… and you don’t really understand why. It’s sad is what it is… No one can help the Russians because they don’t want to know the truth. BTW, I’ve lived in three countries in Europe, liked them all, and I’ve had cocktails with a Moscow City Counsel member, so I’ve at least tried to be informed.

  157. Americans coming online acting like they are patriots don’t offend me, just amuse me. Imagine your country is becoming a Banana Republic as your borders are a sieve, and you’ve lost the last couple of wars you have fought. Your trillions and trillions in debt, your kids will never know the prosperity you once had. Oh yea you still sing the National Anthem and get a little pride when the Air National Guard flies over your NFL football game. Republicans would like to think its morning in America and there are a thousand points of light but deep down they know those days are gone.

    Imagine knowing that if you turned against your President you would be shamed, called a racist, a homophobe, or worse a Christian, lose your job never to regain it. Imagine that life of a Gay marriage, transgender rights forced down your throat and if you still have a job knowing if you say anything against that, thousands of Political correct police will find you out and get you fired. I feel bad for Team Merica, praising a country that lost its way 20 years ago.

  158. I know a lot about Russian history because I always took the time and interest to learn. This is why I defend them, and the rebels, though I get called ‘Putin troll’ on these threads. I am not related to Alexander, by the way. Or would any other American know who I am talking about?

  159. Putin would not do a thing if US did not go around sticking its nose in countries on Russia’s border where it has interests. US caused all the problems in Ukraine, the blood is on its hands.

  160. IF I were Russia, I’d ignore the childish rants and provocations of the pathetic Nato, so desperate to keep Russia a bogeyman to justify its long outlived usefulness. Russia should just ignore this stupidity, or laugh.

  161. It’s not there, it’s pro Russian citizens fighting the US installed puppet regime. IF Russia IS there, it’s to help those people the Kiev gov’t is killing with full US support.

  162. No WWII russian can’t won but german powerful more than Russian same Cold war US powerful more than Russian. Russian was surrender to US from Cold War in 1986 so now let know US vs Russian i know Obama didn’t war against Russian but RNC desire against Russian for future short

  163. What’s it doing? Stirring Sh*t, antagonizing Russia, bear baiting. Not cool. Not the kind of behavior that creates peace or international trust. It’s bullying tactics worthy of a poorly behaved 12 year old. Shame on US.

  164. As the IMF/Fed is about to bring about the death of the US economy, the occupied US government is doing everything in their power to instigate a war… anywhere. War is a great tool to hide the actions of these banking cabals, they’ve been doing it for ages.

  165. you are fooooooool more you are crazy Russian have wrongdoing threat against West why russian want create to ukraine
    1.Russian didn’t allow miltary in Canada because Canada military are powerful more than Russian military through WWII has succeed more and again England has first creat to Canada land UK decision give new name country to Canada through English effects it was UK are in Canada .
    2. Mexico I don’t know history from book.
    3. If US president love war is son and didn’t relationship russian and other countries they will be fear more like Republication US President Reagon that’s why. World leader weak US president russian start rise threating against US very bad. US has help russian from WWII before Russian against US has cost military waste body so now German minister military want war against russian and take your russianland but chanceller has secret more same dutch will step to step recover to russian. Russian didn’t know how they are grow secret clever more than you. I know US president Obama is Bad but why Russian enter Ukraine seek heartland like empire imperial. If Russian World leader response US decision seek other countries enter to cyprus part to US How russian will feel ?
    If US or ANy President have wisedom can take your russianland part to unknown new country name.
    Your comment fan and encorage to putin decicion gone to take crimera land from Ukraine like Germany hitler they are secret clever than you but you didn’t know. You are fooloolool stop your comment bad against US

  166. This guy is an investor, his pro west propaganda is so bad, I would hate to take investment advise from him, maybe thats the problem, he has no clients and is forced to write an uninformed hit piece like this to eat.

  167. Russians coming online acting like they are Americans don’t offend me. Imagine if you were in a Banana Republic, no international respect, no free press, no freedom of speech, govt can take your property if you insult an Oligarch, and your best days behind you, etc. Wouldn’t you try to make your country look better?

    Imagine knowing that if you turned against your president you would be imprisoned or killed. Imagine the life of a Russian troll forced to constantly praise Putin when they hate and fear Putin for a salary of $400 a month. I feel bad for Russian trolls praising the Moscow Midget. Their lives are miserable.

  168. U.S wanted a pro western puppet in Russia, but Putin Won. The next best thing was a pro western puppet in Ukraine. That also didn’t work. Maybe its time to stop all this crap with supporting brainless pro west idiots in other countries? You know, Less death and more cooperation would be a good thing.

  169. You are worshipping and bowing down to the beast now which mark 666 (or 999, which means $99,9, $9,9 or profit and it is the mark of the beast), his other name is Mammon. You hate anyone who does not bow down to Mammon. In the US we are tought to worship wealth and hate anyone who does not worship wealth, who is poor, who does not live to make money. We are tought the purpose of life is MAKING money, the more you make the better. We are tought to hate Russia or any other country where level of life is “lower”, the 3d world countries. Jesus Christ tought us – we do not live to make money, but we make money to live. You talk about religion but hate the Jesus Christ teaching. Now there is a spiritual war going on. The war against the modest way of life,against communim. Many in Eastern Europe (e g Ukraine, Poland, etc) bow down to the beast now, to the US teachings., forgot about their national identity, they gave themselves to the beast ecome its slaves. Nothing good comes out of this, we will see. There is another civilization living on Earth with us now. They are watching us. They have different purpose of life, they live under the God’s law. And we had been throun out of their world into the parallel world we live now and until we change and accept the Jesus Christ teaching, we will never be allowed back. We live in Hell. They live in Paradise, for where is your heart, there will be your soul. If you hate you will stay in the Hell. You can saythere is no God Paradise. Well, our ansestors had a contact with the parralel world on our planet. They are not aliens coming form other planets, they are the masters of planet Earth.

  170. You are worshipping and bowing down to the beast now which mark 666 (or 999, which means $99,9, $9,9 or profit and it is the mark of the beast), his other name is Mammon. You hate anyone who does not bow down to Mammon. In the US we are tought to worship wealth and hate anyone who does not worship wealth, who is poor, who does not live to make money. We are tought the purpose of life is MAKING money, the more you make the better. We are tought to hate Russia or any other country where level of life is “lower”, the 3d world countries. Jesus Christ tought us – we do not live to make money, but we make money to live. You talk about religion but hate the Jesus Christ teaching. Now there is a spiritual war going on. The war against the modest way of life,against communim. Many in Eastern Europe (e g Ukraine, Poland, etc) bow down to the beast now, to the US teachings., forgot about their national identity, they gave themselves to the beast ecome its slaves. Nothing good comes out of this, we will see. There is another civilization living on Earth with us now. They are watching us. They have different purpose of life, they live under the God’s law. And we had been throun out of their world into the parallel world we live now and until we change and accept the Jesus Christ teaching, we will never be allowed back. We live in Hell. They live in Paradise, for where is your heart, there will be your soul. If you hate you will stay in the Hell. You can saythere is no God Paradise. Well, our ansestors had a contact with the parralel world on our planet. They are not aliens coming form other planets, they are the masters of planet Earth.

  171. Russia has done it’s fair share in the middle east. Also lets be 100% clear, if Mexico invited Russia to build bases and make a Russian version of NATO the US would do nothing. If they brought over any type of WMD that would be another story and of course the US wouldn’t stand for it. Vice versa if we took nukes over to the eastern part of Europe I would expect Russia to be pissed.

    Also to be clear lets get a few things out of the way historically: Cuba both the US and Russia won equally we both got short and medium range nukes out of our backyards.

    WWII Russia won because of US support through lend lease. Without this it is highly likely that Russia would have lost or the war would have dragged on for quite a few more years. It was a team effort, the only thing Americans hate to hear is when Russian’s claim that they single handedly beat Germany.

    Unfortunately I fear that most Americans don’t know about Socialism/Communism, the difference between just those two, how Russia became communist and why etc. etc. So I will give you part on that.

  172. Why are you so foolish to underestimate America?

    E.G. No one expected how quickly we would defeat Iraq in the first gulf war. Now, the world has fallen back into a lull. No one really remembers America’s true military might but I can assure you 100% we have not forgotten what Russia has, also they don’t have much and can’t really upgrade their military or build many new pieces of equipment. Their economy is collapsing around them currently.

  173. Do not forget about our Radar and Electronics jamming equipment that can (and has) taken out most advanced USA weapons targeting system in Black Sea, Aegis…

    Google Donald Cook Black Sea incident…

  174. You know I’m a sexist, I don’t let my Mother speak about geopolitics because that’s a true embarrassment. Hmmm the Russians have over 4000 active nuclear weapons and about that same number in reserve. Just as the United States, they array those weapons in a triad of land based Intercontinental missiles (ICBM), submarine based ballistic/cruise missiles and use there Bear and Backfire bombers to lunch nuclear tipped air launched missiles. As former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara stated, this creates Mutual Assured Destruction or it’s famous acronym (MAD) This is what sane people are trying to avoid.

  175. As to your questions. I know why the world hates the US government. Their arrogance is appalling even to me. Their desire to have the rest of the world abide by the agreements they make and act like the only police department available to enforce agreements when leaders like yours fail to do so when often times they do not.
    I don’t need to drink because I do not imbibe in alcohol beverages.
    I do not know if I have ever listened to Dan Rather and so I am not sure what he has said or not said. I am not sure if he is still a reporter or newscaster or on what channel he is or was on.
    My neighbor that speaks Russian fluently is a good source for me to ask when I am not sure what the Russian publications or videos are professing. At times she laughs as loudly I do at the almost obtuse comic reports.

  176. In the cold war. You had a Nuclear Sub in the Gulf of Mexico in the COLD WAR. We’re leagues ahead of you in technology now. Not then.

  177. LOL. I only laugh at you stupid Americans who like to insult everyone in the world… I give you personal invitation to come to meet me here in Mother Russia… lol. Tough guy.

  178. We, the planet have much bigger problems to solve, these shitty conflicts are here to take our eyes from te fact that we will leave our childred in debt and an even shittier climate, life expectancy and quality will drop if we do not pull our heads out of our asses.Dear idiots with a gun, damn you , your natzionalism and whatever beliefs you are regurgitating. Fix the planet . Youre supposed to be grown men. We are the first generation to feel the changes and the last one with the chance to change it.

  179. Clueless American… if Russia toppled the government in Mexico, had a military base in Cuba, and then brought in naval ships to the Gulf of Mexico, what would your government do?

    And before saying it’s all Pravda propaganda, how about telling me how the Shaw of Iran got installed? hmm? CIA-MI5 toppled the government…

    Americans. Don’t even know their own history, and look at the whole world as if it’s there’s to do with how ever they like. Even thinks I am stupid “Liberal” American. Warmongering idiot.

  180. Apparently your mother is clueless…..had she known what an Idiot you are, she would have aborted you the day she Sh****t you out in the outhouse.

  181. Do yourself a favor and shut your pie hole. You’re embarrassing yourself.

    The US would wipe Russia off the face of the earth you Liberal Buffoon.

  182. I read the article, which is exactly why I asked you the questions you didn’t answer, and if you had a different perspective except “USA#1” news, you’d maybe understand why I asked you those questions the way I did.

    Do you have any clue the way your CIA-Government plays games? No? I didn’t think so.

    How about you go google this:
    CIA and MI5 that toppled the government in Iran

    and read the NYT article about it… maybe you will actually learn something about your own government instead of coming on here and asking me if I read some silly “analysis” being reported on by the “last free news outlet in Russia.” LOL

  183. So, like. You realise you’d lose a war against the U.S. if China didn’t join, right? we’d have full ability to stage from Germanies borders… it would be like fighting the U.S. and Germany at once without Germanys troops moving in.

  184. I agree that this Russia has supplying its share of provocations. The Ukraine is not a member of Nato.The dispute in the Ukraine is about ethnic boundries and historical injustice,which we can,t hope to correct. The Ukrainian government has in the past been sometimes less than fair to its Russian subjects. What used to be called saber rattling has no place in the this new interconnected world. The prosperity of the Eu could disappear overnight in the clash of armies.Let both sides be prudent.

  185. Comrade troll Saxon14.
    You’d better seriously re-think your wish for War with NATO or America.
    Your weapons are a pile of rusting junk. T-72’s make great flares. Still flyin’ them jets with the plywood wings ?
    ICBM’s that can’t launch because they’re not maintained won’t help. Half of them will probably go off on the launchpad anyway.
    T Wait ’til you meet the Third Armored Division. They have winter coats.
    Oh yeah, and your subs will never get a hatch open. We know where they are. All of them. All the time.
    We’re good like that.

    Try it.
    Comrade Troll.

  186. Is also dividing Europe away from USA. Most Americans are cluesless about Russian history except Communism, Russia should kiss USA butt because of WWII, and all Russians are alcoholics.

    That’s about the average knowledge of Russia of any American.

  187. ‘Putin must stop or there’ll be war.’

    No. USA must stop threatening Russia. Russia does not have military parades in Mexico or Canada.

    Find a different news source besides FOX news.

  188. You can always tell someone who doesn’t have a clue when it comes to the Russian peoples mind set, values and beliefs. This is a very strong people who are very used to hard ship. They probably do have a 19th century mindset but the West is doing all the wrong things to change that. The best course of action for the West is indifference, as placing more sanctions etc., on the Russians is just uniting them more against the West.

  189. russia, for months have been probing nato air space and many submarines have been probing Swedish waters….and you want to talk about a parade?

  190. Arrogant American BS propaganda. Do you sit in front of FOX news all
    night long, having people like Sean Hannity spin your thoughts in your
    brain for you? Because that’s who you sound like.

    America is the one threatening Russia. America CIA toppled Ukriane for 2
    reasons, but you don’t even know what 2. You don’t even know (or
    believe, because Hannity et al. hasn’t told you) about USA supporting
    the Nazi regime in Ukraine, (whom your McCain met with shortly before
    all this went down.) All you know is what your own Pravda-style media
    has told you.

    America always needs an enemy. Whether it’s Saddam Hussein, Khaddafi, Osama, or now Putin.

    sheeple of USA don’t even know their own history. Don’t even know it
    was the CIA and MI5 that toppled the government in Iran and installed
    the Shaw puppet regime… this is how your CIA does things…. of
    course, you’ll deny it, even though you can find all of the declassified
    memos gotten from a FOIA request by the New York Times, if you even
    cared to look for yourself.

    But it doesn’t matter, because now Putin is your new trumped up enemy you have to fight…
    Americans love war.

  191. Arrogant American propaganda. Do you sit in front of FOX news all
    night long, listening to people like Sean Hannity ? Because that’s who you sound like.

    America is the
    one threatening Russia you fool. America CIA toppled Ukriane for 2
    reasons, but you don’t even know what 2. You don’t even know (or
    believe, because Hannity et al. hasn’t told you) about USA supporting
    the Nazi regime in Ukraine, (whom your McCain met with shortly before
    all this went down.) All you know is what your own Pravda-style media
    has told you.

    America always needs an enemy. Whether it’s Saddam Hussein, Khaddafi, Osama, or now Putin.

    sheeple of USA don’t even know their own history. Don’t even know it
    was the CIA and MI5 that toppled the government in Iran and installed
    the Shaw puppet regime… this is how your CIA does things…. of
    course, you’ll deny it, even though you can find all of the declassified
    memos gotten from a FOIA request by the New York Times, if you even
    cared to look for yourself.

    But it doesn’t matter, because now Putin is your new trumped up enemy you have to fight…
    Americans love war.

  192. Or just the opposite, a Gulf of Tonkin type incident. Put your military in the middle of a hostile population Some Russian ethnic’s get a little drunk, maybe throw some rocks something more and what do you have next?

  193. Arrogant American propaganda. Do you sit in front of FOX news all
    night long, having people like Sean Hannity spin your thoughts in your
    brain for you? Because that’s who you sound like.

    America is the
    one threatening Russia you fool. America CIA toppled Ukriane for 2
    reasons, but you don’t even know what 2. You don’t even know (or
    believe, because Hannity et al. hasn’t told you) about USA supporting
    the Nazi regime in Ukraine, (whom your McCain met with shortly before
    all this went down.) All you know is what your own Pravda-style media
    has told you.

    America always needs an enemy. Whether it’s Saddam Hussein, Khaddafi, Osama, or now Putin.

    sheeple of USA don’t even know their own history. Don’t even know it
    was the CIA and MI5 that toppled the government in Iran and installed
    the Shaw puppet regime… this is how your CIA does things…. of
    course, you’ll deny it, even though you can find all of the declassified
    memos gotten from a FOIA request by the New York Times, if you even
    cared to look for yourself.

    But it doesn’t matter, because now Putin is your new trumped up enemy you have to fight…
    Americans love war.

  194. Comparing Iraq with Russia is comparing apples to oranges. First of all if a war would break out it would be an actual war not an invasion where there is no army to fight like in Iraq. The reason why Iraq and the middle east has been such a difficult “war” is because there is no enemies in uniform there are no real armys to fight just rebel fighter that shoot from mountain tops, suicide bomb, or vantage points and hide.

  195. Parading, marching, this is all good. I just hope that someone doesn’t miss the turn and then all of us miss the sunrise tomorrow.

  196. Not because Narva is predominantly populated by Russians. The only reason they chose Narva was to intimidate the population not to uprise.

  197. Cruising for a bruising, looks like Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama learned nothing from the failures of Iraq, a conflict with Moscow in that region of the world would result in 5,000 deaths on the first day of battle.

  198. How insightful of you Saxon. So you think that Americans have limited media choices? Controlled by whom? Certainly not by either of our political parties, because they grind each other up in the media. While look what rubbish you get in Russia; Putin’s gained almost complete control… and you weak little Russians have let him steal your country without a wimper! He’s stolen your naissant democracy and enriched his kleptocratic oligarch friends and you all know this… and tolerate it. That’s a real weakness of character that I find disgusting. Personally… I think the US has a lot of problems that need attention… but they’re rather miner compared to the catastrophe of Russia’s economy and society. So I suggest that you plead with your new czar to diversify your economy, stop wasting money on vanity projects like Sochi and weapons, stop threatening neighboring states, re-establish democracy, create rule-of-law, re-develop freedom of the press. Who knows, even VKontakte’s founder might return from Switzerland…

  199. Truly unnecessary and overwrought, what did you hope to accomplish by this at once sophomoric and dangerous provocation? A European brokered peace process is underway because they don’t want WWIII to come down on their heads, and US officialdom can only think to undermine it. We have crazy people in the highest echelons of the government, finance and the MSM. Fix the bankrupt trans-Atlantic financial system the origin of this disaster in the making, out all in reorganization, there is no other alternative. Playing chicken is insane. Political leadership have no right to further the Global Greatest Depression and thermonuclear WWIII. All humanity is depending on the stabilization of the United States.

  200. i think nato needs no more countries especially when half of them have no back bone and the others like turkey are snakes in the sand.we should not be in ukraine but on the other hand putin should be stopped its not money because he already is filthy rich off his country. he is power hungry and if he takes control of all ukraine he will be on natos door step which is what his gripe is now. here in america we are fed all sorts of information from different view points and its hard to know which one to believe sometimes. in russia they dont have that problem because putin tells them what to think and say and any one that differs goes to jail or house arrest.

  201. You ask a question with a personal insult, and you wonder why the world is hating Americans.
    (You probably don’t have a clue how the rest of the world views American arrogance, and arrogantly, you don’t care.)

    You are the one who *doesn’t* need to drink, because your own arrogance and stupidity is the best drug you’ve ever found.

    Do you know who the reporter of this “analysis” is? (no) Do you know any details except what CBS News, (of Dan Rather’s bogus GWB military service memo fame) tells you? (no)

    Do you know any other sources except your own war mongering USA#1 news sources? (no)

  202. It’s not as simple as that. Putin can’t simply threaten to overrun Ukraine or the Baltics… and everyone’ll just be okay with that. This is truly a conflict between a nineteenth century Realpolitik mentality and a twenty-first century democratic mindset. Putin must stop or there’ll be a war. NATO has been quite patient up to now, but one more push and something’s going to break… and Russia’s going to lose the most in any scenario. Look at its economy even now… what a mess! Seriously… the mismanagement is phenomenal; the largest landmass of any nation by far… and a GDP smaller than Italy or California… and less diversified/ less healthy. Come on Russians… get rid of this new czar before his corruption wrecks the modern world.

  203. You obviously have little historical awareness, or knowledge of human nature. No one said anything about the US counting them. With the Rooskis counting, however, I expected exactly what was announced.

    Idiot indeed!

  204. The idiot here is every American who blindly believes what his/her government tells them about Putin / Russia Ukraine and has no other opinion except USA! USA! USA!

    “We helped you in WWII so kiss our butt.”

    It is you who should be kissing Russia’s butt. We defeated (alone) the best of Hitler’s Wermacht at Stalingrad. But all you know is how to act like you won WWII all by yourself.

    American arrogance and ignorance knows no bounds.

  205. Saxon14. Did you happen to catch the news reports about Putin’s government planning to annex Ukrainian territories before the overthrow of the government there. This was in violation of Ukrainian constitution and the 1994 agreements that Russia signed. Bye the way. It was a Moscow paper that reported it so you should have access to it when you take your vodka break.

  206. Ivan… you remind me of my many Russian expat friends here in California. Americans don’t want to harm Russia in any way… for the most part we don’t have strong opinions about Russia, and certainly don’t want to encircle it or invade it. But we’re not happy seeing war clouds once again in Europe, which has been fairly peaceful for decades. Russians have to find a way to get rid of Putin… soon… or there’s going to be a catastrophic war. You’ll be better off in the US if that happens. I wish you well.

  207. Idiotology is warmongering Americans only knowing and believing what you’re told by your media, and not listening to anyone else’s point of view. This is idiot-sheeple of USA. To quote one of your favorite movie sayings “You can’t handle the Truth.” Even if you see it, you will deny, because: USA! USA! USA! More war so we can chant, USA! USA! USA!

  208. I dont think we ought to baiting the Russians.I am reading a book by former president Bush and Brent Scrowcroft about the the negotions to reunite Germany. One of the promises made was that Nato would not seek to extend the alliance to tthe former Russian satilites. This dangerous gamesmanship and oneupmanship being engaged by both Russia and Nato should stop.We do not need a renewal of the cold war or to start WW iii

  209. God must have been on a smoking break in 1994 when your Maikop Motor Rifle Brigade entered Grozny… what a mess. You must hate god for all the crap he’s sent Russia’s way…

  210. Nope!..we’re trying to help the country that cant defend themselves against bully like Russia, ISIS, Taliban, etc…too many Genocide against religious group, and other things

  211. Instead of wasting your breath trolling for Putin, why don’t you try to figure out why Russians can’t build a democracy decades after every other large European society has achieved it? Or figure out why you have such a weak, single-trick economy that produces little than any other country wants to purchase… Those issues should occupy your thoughts awhile.

  212. It does not matter.

    You are aware that Joe Biden’s son was appointed to the Board of Directors of large Ukraine Gas company shortly after McCain-CIA toppled legally elected government of Ukraine?

    No. Of course not. This is meaningless. There is no connection. Nope. Nothing to see here, these arent’t the facts you’re looking for, move along, move along…

  213. I do believe that Udon was lamenting that because there are so many trolls posting that any informed or intelligent comment would probably be lost in the rubble the trolls post.

  214. WtF are you saying Saxon14!…
    no country in Europe-Asia-or any other continent can attack a country in American continent
    have you done your research before typing that crap
    Once you attack this continent, you attack Great Britain, US, France, Canada
    Otherwise, back @ WWII Hitler would probably do so & that was his idea tho

  215. You do realize they the US was a net exporter of oil products for the last two years. i.e.: They exported more oil than they imported. Most if it from Canada and Mexico.

  216. No. I hope that they will tell the truth to the people. but I laugh because I know they won’t. How many more people have to die for USA gas?

  217. David –you can’t fix an idiot. It is a true shame he was not around in the 1930’s to about 1945. Otherwise, he would kiss every inch of American soil he could.

  218. agressive Russia comes closer to US troops time after time. Now russians are only 300 yards away from peaceful soldiers…We strongly demand for new sanctions!!!

  219. Saxon14!…you’re worst than ISIS and should join them
    you are just a bully like your Dad Putin
    Stop going to every body’s comment and attack them
    Trying to be positive and understanding instead being the way you are

  220. Ferdinand–you need to study History–unless you approved of Nazi Germany–because that is where you would be now IF we had not stepped in. Go to Normandy and Thank every one of those crosses there. You really don’t deserve what they did for you–with your attitude.

  221. Did you say join military not very smart either; then you need to be living in the middle east
    You’ll understand our military presence
    lf everybody say they same thing; USA will be like ISIS territory by killing all the Christians, Gays(which l will agree w/) and convert America to muslim

  222. If Russia toppled government of Mexico and moved in with forces to Gulf of Mexico, what would USA do?

    This is what USA did in Ukraine. But all you know is what your military industrial media complex tells you.

  223. …l0l’…that was mad funny Melchizedekian!
    They watch/play too many Xbox, PlayStation
    while they seat on the couch doing God knows what
    They’d understand the effects,meaning of WAR if they go enlisted in military then participate(deploy)

  224. It is USA which threaten war to whole world. Now bring war to Russia. It is not Russia in Mexico or Canada flying Russian flag.

    You want war. USA loves war for oil. Now you come to start war saying it is Putin who is doing…

    You cannot see past USA! USA! USA! USA#1 show Russia who’s boss etc. etc. Its is AMERICANS that are the most warmongering people on earth.

    And you wonder why I say, come to Russia..lol. Maybe you will learn something…

  225. ? ?? ??????! ? ?? ??????! ????????????, ??? ??? ????? ??? ??? ?????? ???????????? ?????????…??????? ??????? ??? ?? ?????????? ?????? ???!

  226. American, but not so proud of it ever since they told me to go to Vietnam and kill people who wouldn’t bow down to the dictator we were supporting.
    Learned then the difference between loving your country and loving the jackasses that are running it.

  227. Yes, you want to declare war against Russia. Thank you for finally admitting that is your goal and has been the aim of CIA-USA since beginning.

    You only know what your media lies to you about. Have no other perspective of world excpet: USA#1 USA! USA! USA!

    As your country goes all over world for oil. This is all about the oil pipeline into Europe. That is why USA-CIA-IMF toppled legally elected government of Ukraine.

    America lies to whole world and threatens whole world. But you are too blind to see because you are too busy chanting USA! USA! USA! While you are led by the nose into another war.

  228. ???? ?? ?????????, ?? ?? ????? ?????. ???? ? ??????? ????? ????? ???????, ?? ? ?? ?????? ????????????? ???? ????????? ????????? ?????????????? ??????? ?? ??????????? ?????…

  229. Why are you going to any comments and attacking others
    They’re even mention USA & other powerful country not doing anything
    and YOU SAXON14 being instigator asking USA and others to come thru
    Ain’t you just mention Russia doesn’t want WaR

  230. No the funny thing is Russia and Europe is blind dont worry of America Germany is the one in two war tried to control europe and now in peace they Do go EURO and they dont use it LMAO suckers

  231. Has Russia finally closed its bases in the Baltic States? A few years ago, when these small states asked them to leave, Russia had a hissy-fit and said no.

  232. What came first the chicken or the egg? You state so many trolls that there is no point posting but yet you did…..huh……???

  233. Now you know why Putin annexed Crimea and parts of E. Ukraine. If he hadn’t of then it would’ve only been a matter of time before our government was once again reminding the Russian’s “of our powerful American military presence on the ground in eastern Europe,” just for a different reason under a different pretext. THAT’S why Putin has been doing what he’s been doing in Ukraine.

  234. Talk about being stupid. You just asked “I wonder how did they overcome 3rd world status”
    Do you even know what 3rd world means idiot? You are CLUELESS! Bye idiot!

  235. Are you serious right now?
    the entire world knows which country is the aggressor
    Russian submarine even went to test Great Britain submarine

  236. I am glad you are laughing. Laugh now, while you can. That is good.

    Sit in your house, thinking you are safe in USA, while your Government lies to you and threatens the whole world into war. Only listen to your own news, like in a bubble of stupidity.

    You don’t need alcohol, your country is passed out from stupidity.

  237. Only your stupidity???? killing innocent women and children>remember shooting down a civilian Aircraft >Real Intelligent Fucing idiots thats what you have.

  238. Did you just mention that Russia doesn’t want WaR
    lf so, Why they still being aggressive towards Ukraine after cease of fire
    NATO, Germany, France,USA, nor Great Britain want War against Russia fool
    Otherwise, we’ll do something aggressive to declare War against Russia

  239. It is obvious occupation of Ukraine and threat to Russia. Occupiers
    shall be kicked out as they play with deadly fire. Americans shall not die for
    Poroshenko and his cronies.

  240. Also, why didn’t USA get invited to the Minks talks? Because everyone knows USA does not want peace, USA wants to steal Ukraine for themselves. Biden and other politicians already got a piece of Ukraine.

  241. After reading how stupid Americans sound, I wonder how did they overcome 3rd world status? Then I realized, it was from them stealing the worlds resources and oppressing other countries. Americans are so dumb, their #1 TV show is the kardashians, their #1 Movie is about a coward sniper that kills women and children, their #1 news channel is Fox News. It figures… I’m European and I don’t know ANYONE that likes USA here. The only ones that pretend is the governments but only joined NATO so they do all the fighting. If NATO really needed everyone in a war, not many would rally behind them. The entire world hates USA. The world knows USA are evil who invade other countries to steal their resources and installs puppet governments.

  242. You wish for war. Not Russia. You want war. America loves war.

    This is another USA war for oil and gas. That’s what it is all about. Russia did not start, but Russia will have to finish.

    You are fool. Google Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Google Donald Cook Black Sea Demoralized troops. See what you get.

    You only know how to chant USA! USA! USA! like a dog.

  243. You are fool. Russia does not want war. Russia did not start war in Ukraine. USA-CIA started war in Ukraine for oil.

    Why is Joe Biden’s son first appointed to Ukraine gas company after fall of Ukraine? No connection. No, no, no connection. No connection for gas to Europe. Nope. All Russia fault.

    USA wants war. McCain wants war. CIA wants war. IMF wants war. But you only know what your media tells you. You are simply a pawn doing your part chanting “USA! USA! USA!”

    But it will be your children’s blood on the soil….

  244. Well, let’s take each of these neocon talking points as they appear. 1. Hamas never said they wanted to wipe anything off of any map. There are a few people who claim Iran did this about Israel, but no credible translation backs that up. Palestine and Israel have been fighting since Israel evicted them into refugee camps upon creation of the Israeli state. The UN has ordered Israel to let them return to the homes they were unlawfully removed from. Israel has refused. Surrounding Arab states have refused to accept them as doing so would reduce pressure on Israel. 2. Two legally elected governments in Egypt were removed by military force. Since the military are stronger allies to the US than the governments that supposedly controlled them, we don’t stop it. 3. At no point during the Orange Revolution did Putin interfere directly. He offered loan guarantees and then allowed senior personnel of the old regime safe haven.
    In each of these cases, our government decided against Democracy because it suited our interests to do so. Each of my points are based on easily researchable information.

  245. What is in Stalingrad fool?…is that the only area Russian can defeat America?
    Every time you say something, you have to mention Stalingrad
    We’ll attack Russian anywhere on its on soil, because we don’t fight/use any land in American continent to fight foreigners.
    Be careful of what you wish for Saxon14; and if anything ever occur, you better go enlist right away in the Military

  246. We are at home. NATO is an alliance. Aggressor Russia go home and mind you own Horrible depression. Last time they were down to eating saw dust and the US and Europe pulled Russia out of the mess. Nice return for our kindness.

  247. Thanks to American and United Kingdom cutting their supply lines. Read some history. When America and United Kingdom stepped into Europe it created two front for Germans to supply. If we would not have entered Europe there would not have been the Soviet or Russia. Stalin really had to work on getting the allies to enter Europe. And the United States supplied the Soviet with raw material and money to rebuild the Soviet Military. Stalin was living underground and told his soldiers not to retreat if you loose you will be dead. Nice guy Stalin.

  248. Bill, you poor deluded individual, you watch too much Fox and CNN. Try actually looking at facts, history and the fact the US and NATO have violated every agreement made with Russia in the last 30 years. The CIA with the Mossad caused the Maiden massacre and the US spent 5 billion to overthrow the govt. Russians had an agreement to maintain bases in Crimea, an historically Russian area…there was no invasion. Eastern Ukraine has always historically been Russian. your an idiot, or more likely a troll…

  249. Maybe you wanted USA to count the votes because they aren’t corrupt? You liked Ukraines votes but not Crimea? Idiot.

  250. You are the one hiding in your home in USA while you threaten my nation.

    Here is preview of what you will see: Your reliance on your technology will be your greatest defeat. Your Aegis system will die, like at sea when we your Donald Cook ship was helpless against our Sukhoi Su -24, and so will your moral die, like all the sailors on that ship.

    Of course you know nothing about the incident, because your media is 24/7 USA! USA! USA!

    Google for yourself…

    We have warned you.But you will not listen.
    You come here, you threaten here. We are not there, threatening you there. We are not 300 yards from Mexico or Canada.

  251. We’re US not Germany(back in WWII) nor l believe Germany will do the same mistake at Stalingrad
    We USA military are well equipped at any climate
    Don’t get too confident Saxon14; Russia just been a bully attacking the country that can’t defend itself
    We can’t be aggressive and ignorant like Russian; also why can’t Russia attack one of the country that affiliate with NATO
    Then, Russian will have their wish to teach us what they are capable of

  252. What the f#ck is wrong with all you political knuckleheads??? Can’t we all just get along and work together??? Come on, USA, NATO and Putin, become friends, business partners, work together to keep the peace in the world and develop your economies, especially Russia. Didn’t history teach any of some useful lessons. None of need a f#cking World War III. By the way, I’m Russian, I live in Russia, I used to live in the USA for several years and I loved it, but I don’t support neither Putin’s nor USA policies on this stuff. Russia and USA (NATO) don’t have to be enemies, we have to be friends and allies. The main reason I don’t support Putin’s policies is because, he’s a shEtty resident, basically he’s killing his own mother country, by corruption, cheap communist-like propaganda (lots of people buy this bullshit because they have communism in their gentic code) and stealing money from the budget all the time. He and his government are trying to prevent Russia from developing economically, because it’s much easier for them to run their own corrupt financial business agenda, use and abuse their own fellow citizens as cheap work force and taxpayers, who get nothing in return from the sate, in this chaos that’s happening in Russia right now (Very little paying jobs, sky-high prices, no roads, no quality health care or education).

  253. Yeah if it were not for America. China would have Siberia and the Satellites would have Russia. The flag would have been Nazi over the Kremlin.

  254. that was four hundred years ago with one and an idiot for the other. The world has changed a lot since then so go ahead and be brassy.

  255. For those of you who are perturbed about the presence of US armament in Narva during the Estonian Independence Day parade and celebrations, please be aware that, as a tourist from Chicago I was immensely surprised and pleased to witness the very inspiring cheers coming from the spectators when the US armament passed with the US flags and waving soldiers…. and this, in a town with an 82% ethnic Russian population! Hey, that’s saying something very potent!

  256. They have tried, but Russia is afraid of close associations with western countries. They fear that they will come off looking like something of a wreck compared to EU nations and the U.S. There was at one time even talk of offering NATO membership to Russia, but I don’t think the Russians felt they could get anywhere close to the 2% of GDP to NATO requirement and they also probably had trouble meeting the NATO Charter non-aggression requirements NOT to attack other NATO nations.

  257. And on this video in Narva there’s a man with a RU flag singing a different song, it’s RU hymn, u tube ?? ?????? ? ?????, ?????? ??????? ????????? ??????? )). What’s interesting is that he is all by himself and is not afraid.

  258. Oh Jesus, There is no country on this Earth that even wants Russia. Well maybe the Chinese. We know about the cold and what two wear and supply, were not stupid like Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte. We know the mistakes they made anyway it won’t come to that because we are staring at each other holding immense quantity’s of nuclear weapons. Russia’s Putin would be the Mad man who would launch first.

  259. We in Russia look forward to leaving your body rotting on the ground thousands of yards inside Russia.

    What are you wating for? Come, come now, tough guy. You want war, you love war– to quote your former President: ‘Bring It on!”

  260. Im just going to move to the Midwest..find a cave build a house in it stop watching the news and tell em to have at each other..its getting ridiculous

  261. In a war with the enemy hiding within the civilians like cowards it will always be complicated smart guy.
    But put on your Russian hat and a badge on your uniform (not like your Putin pigs are doing in the Ukraine) and we will go at it in a real conventional war to see what happens buddy.

  262. your right in saying that the war would be fought in russia if it happened seeing as how i doubt russia could get near one of america’s coasts besides alaska without being destroyed

  263. Who watches TV. man you Russians are behind because of mass propaganda. We don’t watch Russia Today, or Russian TV. We hardly watch TV. Most off us can’t stand the garbage on it.

  264. Sure, as soon as you stop invading your neighbors. Trust me, nobody in the west, and I mean NOBODY wants Russia. You guys would be an absolute money pit of a disaster to try to make into a working democracy.

  265. This will not be like one of your computer games you play where you can hit the “reset” button and start over… but we here in Russia await you, your children, and your friends to come and play…

  266. We don’t need to parade our forces. The are there, and another 25 million trained Americans behind them. We could not show our military it is too large and we don’t boost like Putin. Playing Tin soldier fails to impress most Americans.

  267. Oswald, are you the LOONEY penguin from gotham? If any other nation set camp near US boarder do you think we will just say HI im Oswald welcome and enjoy your stay! NO! That means WAR! I see you really can’t wait to lend your children for your GREAT cause.. imbecile

  268. Unlike in Ukraine, life in Estonia is much better than in Russia, including pensions that are 2-3 times higher than in Russia. Plus, even those Russians who do not have full citizenship in Estonia can travel in EU freely. Why would they support separatists?

  269. Man, what kind of history do they teach you in Russia? You were the ones who got their heads handed to them in Afghanistan, we are still there in limited numbers and at the request of the democratically elected government. We are back in Iraq in limited numbers at the request of another democratically elected government and we will leave after the international coalition we assembled ends ISIL. Korea was a tie at worst and where would you rather spend a vacation, in N. Korea or S. Korea? Vietnam was a bad war and mistakes were indeed made, the biggest being allowing politicians to micro-manage a military conflict, but today, we have VERY good relations with Vietnam, so even that has worked out nicely.
    And as for your childish “come here” comment, we are there goof-ball, it’s called NATO.

  270. No fool. You are welcome. Come here, come, we want to shower you with presents for being so helpful to us… I await you at the gates of Stalingrad.

    Come on, tough guy. Glory awaits you and your American friends here in Russia.

  271. No Hamas is a terrorist organization because their favorite pastime is shooting rockets at Israel while surrounded by innocent civilians, also there’s that little mantra they have about never stopping until they wipe Israel off the face of the map. The Muslim Brotherhood was removed by the Egyptian military not the US. In Ukraine if Putin had not decided to instigate the situation they would not have a civil war right now, plus no one has any idea what Ukrainians want, all that comes out is Russian propaganda…

  272. The American military is not even afraid of the Russian Military. The US can take care of its commitments. You don’t know any thing about the capabilities of the United States. If you did you would be a bit disturbed.

  273. It is America that always tells whole world about “sphere of influence.” It is time for someone to teach USA that it is finished leading this world by corruption and greed for the few. It is the Wolfowitz Doctrine that will destroy you.

    Come here, please. Let us teach you who you really are… come. Stalingrad awaits you…

  274. These little outings of few hundred troops mean nothing but inflame Putin to react, which he will sooner or later and roll into the Baltics to reclaim what he feels is “Russian” territory. He’ll get away with it because NATO will be too chicken sh#te to do anything about it. If I was a citizen of one of those countries, I’d seriously think about leaving now!

  275. No the United States did not start Russia declaration of war against Ukraine given by the Kremlin. After he invaded Crimea the continue to destabilize Ukraine. Putin dropped the Declaration of War and started covert activity with his Secret Service. They formed Pro Russian militias now know as separatists. The US is bound by NATO, and the Budapest Memorandum which Russia Violated leaving the United Kingdom and the United States to defend Ukrainian Sovereignty. Putin has already place medium ranged nuclear weapons and troops on the boarders of the EU an NATO alliance. The aggressive actions of Russia we must defend Ally countries. That is why the are so close to the Russia Boarder. If Putin keeps invading and destabilizing countries it may well lead to conflict between NATO and Russia.

  276. What Is The U.S. Army Doing Just 300 Yards From Russia Border

    Not enough..The US and major parties had agreements with Ukraine to defend it’s borders from invasion and sat back and did nothing while Russia invaded and annexed land. If you ask me the US is thousands of yards on the wrong side of the border.

  277. The POTUS has already burnt his two hands. Soon US will found itself in two fronts of war; Russia on the West front and the mighty China on the East front ; not to mention a potential front in the Middle East (Iran, ISIS, Iraq of Shiite…)

  278. It is time someone teach Russia that they do not have a “sphere of influence”. This is an obsolete concept, in fact an euphemism for puppet governments set in place by Russia to obey their interests.

  279. Saxon14 you and Russia are welcome ,lets not forget usa had treaty with Germany but had to help when the nut case/hitler invaded USSR We couldn’t let Russia fall at that point hitler was cornered battle coming from the east and your front from the west hello clowns!

  280. Pocking a Bear with a stick is not very smart. Then again, people join the military because they’re not smart anyways, so it figures.

  281. atheist’s who can’t spell. it’s not your fault you were dumbed down by common core, but you CAN still educate yourself. ZEUS!

  282. That’s what you think, 17T in debt fool. Difference is, we are used to hardship– you– not too much. But you will be. And you will cry like a baby.

    BRICS is setting up. We don’t need your or your $. We will ditch you, and your debt, and then the rest of world will follow… what will you do then when it is YOUR economy in ruins?

    Stock up on tissues and diapers… you will need.

  283. Our universities in the USA are top notch and all people are brainwashed by their governments, Russia is no exception

  284. Had it been Russia parading in their own borders near a NATO country, NATO would’ve been condeming them and calling for sanctions. The Fox News propaganda filled rednecks would be calling for war.

  285. YEAH, we helped the Afghanistan’s kick your ass with our technology. Nice to know Russians died from our weapons handled by a group of 3rd world individuals. Big tuff ruskies.

  286. Impeach Obama now, dismantle the CIA tear down the pentagon, total public investigation into the FBI, every single lib and rep politician gets put on a boat driven to the arctic and sank, NSA gets Darpa chips installed in their heads and we use them as drones to clean up the mess. Area 51 gets ransacked, Lockheeds coffers get thrown down so all can see.
    Ahh we can only dream of a world without the devil on our backs, one without the idiots parading around the world in their coat of lies calling it honor. No doubt in my mind where everyone belongs.

  287. Indeed 82% of the Narvan population is ethnic Russian according to wiki, so might be worth a pit stop for the Russian separatists.

  288. That is very shameful and a hypocritical double standard of USA to do that. Provoking a war with Russia while claiming Russia are the aggressors, how typical of American’s who also view the coward baby killer Chris Kyle as a hero…

  289. Remember in Nam it wasn’t total war, if it comes to total war we will win. Because it will be all of europe and north america (exl MX) against the pig bear.

  290. Pu55y. Always need someone else to fight for you? Yes. Russia is not Afghanistan (where you lost) or Iraq (losing now) Korea (lose) or Vietnam (loser.)

    Come here, America tough guy… you will cry like a baby when someone takes away your cable TV.

  291. Hold you breath, count to 10…
    I think it funny Americans are to stupid to see what is going on right now.
    The monsters have taken over our entire government. Black sites in Chicago, Texas, Nevada, New York, S.Carolina, all over the country. Just taking people..
    Spending American hard earned capital on supporting corporate take-overs, selling out left and right.
    Last time I checked the entire Europe doesn’t even believe in God even Rome is talking ET talk. How on earth can we trust anyone in our own government, they’re all LIARS and you know it but the very moment they say c’mon gang grab your guns and bombs time for war with Russia!!! Your like okay thats true lets rock & roll!
    100000% insanity land.

  292. What are we doing? The usual. Provoking and goading Russia, trying to get a new cold war going to distract people from the fact that our government hasn’t solved a real problem in years.

  293. do ya’ll remember how Reagan broke the soviet union?, we spent them into the ground. fast-forward, Russia, china, and who knows else are dumping petro-dollars like a full diaper. that means economic collapse, all of our dollars around the world coming back to the roost, inflation through the roof. economic destruction. I just hope you all count on yourself for food and not f-ing Wal-Mart. God bless us all.

  294. Sissy boys ?!?! lol, says the untermensch, and with your corpses we will feed them to pigs, and those pigs will be cannibals. lol get? bye bye swifts:)

  295. Keep on dropping the price on oil, I wanna see more of mother Russia fail to epic proportion than we go in and kick her in the face and let the state of Georgia and Ukraine rape her in the a hole and send Putin to Isis

  296. If any fool country or countries gets brave enough to put boots on the ground inside Russia,
    they won’t walk away. Get off their borders and leave them alone.

  297. We call Hamas a terrorist organization because Israel tells us to. The Muslim Brotherhood was elected by a majority of their people. And in Ukraine, half the people do not want closer ties with Europe.

  298. well you showed us when you opened your mouth! RIGHT-WING MEDIA? when was the last time the media was right leaning? yeah I can’t either. go back to sleep liberal, oprah or the view is bound to be on shortly.

  299. Wrong. Russian weather defeated Hitler just outside of Moscow, after that endless supply of Russian civilians ready to die for Mother Russia defeated.

    But as usual, your American “edumacation” “yah yah America!” school system only teach you propaganda.

    I will wait for you outside of Stalingrad, American.

  300. As Narva is mostly populated with ethic Russians, the parade, most likely, put a lot of money in their pockets. They could probably dream of having NATO base in Narva, as a huge bust for commerce. Otherwise, we can only rejoice that 32 years after Cuban Missle Crisis, a very similar setup does not put the US and Russia in apocalyptic mood.

  301. You’re an idiot, without America, hitler would of rape your whole god damn Russian bloodline. Learn ur history dummy, or did ur stupid leader suppress your own country history?

  302. another American blinded by the lamestream media. the only thing obutthead left out of his campaign slogan was the truth: NO hope and NO change.

  303. following the annexation of crimera, is a clear picture of the cowardness of nato to intervene militarily.
    as one eastern city after another is taken by the separatists with russian military aid.
    in order to put a stop to these annexations, nato has to go to all out war or ukraine needs to just surrender while there still is something of value within ukraine.

  304. Those APC’s look spiffy but would just be death traps in that part of the world. In fact
    they used armored monsters in Afghan and Iraq.

  305. You might want to reconsider your statement for it shows your ignorance of all things military. Korea was a draw, but that was the goal. The objective was to repeal North Korea and China from South Korea and restore its physical integrity. Mission accomplished. Vietnam was not a military defeat. When the North Vietnamese refused to sign the peace treaty, President Nixon took the gloves off the USAF and started the Christmas bombing campaign. B-52s were allowed to strike all military and governance targets in North Vietnam something they had never been allowed to do. Aircraft losses were initially heavy, but the North Vietnamese fired all their SAM missiles, more than 1,400 and had no more left. With resupply from China only a trickle of what they needed to protect themselves they immediately ordered a ceasefire and signed the peace treaty to get the US military out of theater knowing they faced certain defeat. The South Vietnamese lost their own country years later because they were corrupt and would not fight for their own soil. Grenada was a clear US victory. Panama was a clear US victory. The US Navy campaign against Iran (the tanker wars) was a clear US victory–the Iranian Navy was virtually sunk. The Persian Gulf War was a clear victory. The Iraqi War was a victory–Saddam Hussein was hung and Iraq is now an independent country with a democratic government. Just as with South Vietnam, what they do with that freedom and independence is their concern. The Afghanistan War remains underway, but counterinsurgency operations take a long time. The Afghans now do almost all the fighting. Its their war…so mission accomplished. We also won the Cold War against Russia. Why exactly do you think the Russians have their inferiority complex against the US? Guys like you don’t really matter. I’m sure you are no patriot or you would already know all the above.

  306. pretty well put. we don’t have to “dream” of a world without the devil on your back, just stay true to the word, Jesus is coming. And for everybody that doesn’t like that, satan is here and wants YOU! God bless us all.

  307. It’s so funny listening to Americans puff up. Mother Russia will not go quietly… Napolean tried it, Hitler tried it… and now it’s time for the biggest fools to try it…

  308. @ Paul Revere, this is not your name I believe it is actually Vitally Zalupa and this time Jsiiue beat you to the first comment so no kupongs from G.U.M. store for you! now Jsiiue can purchace some tampons. Ever notice that ruskie trolls are the first to answer on these stories. I actually watched the parade, it is rotated in most Estonian larger cities, this time in the majoraty speaking russian town of Narva. The locals seemed to enjoy it more than one would think. Usually there is aslo an “air-force” flyby however as this was so close to the border it was not done. Hell even your leader sent Estonia a well wish for idependance day. Do you really think that all russians living outside in Estonia or Europe want russian rule? seriously? perhaps some traditions, some acknowledgement but not russian rule.

  309. Go home? Wait they are home! They’re in a NATO country!!! They have every right to show their solidarity against Russia’s military adventurism.

  310. We don’t recognize Hamas because they are a terrorist organization. The Egyptian military got rid of Morsi. In Ukraine the people didn’t want to join Russia’s Union and wanted closer ties with the EU, Putin didn’t like that so he started a war…

  311. Baker’s notes (as Bush’s representative) from his agreements with Gorbachev was that, in return for the unification of Germany, NATO would not expand further east.
    It was not in the 4+2 treaty. It was an agreement between leaders. Which we found convenient to ignore.

  312. you aren’t a very bright fella are ya. cause if you think Bush is the reason for a high debt, you sir are an idiot who needs to be in a mental institution.

  313. Can’t we all just get along? Why can’t the western countries have a joint trade agreement that includes Russia and Ukraine. Merkel and Hollande and Putin – work on it!

  314. Hamas is the legally elected representative of the Palestinian people. The UN observed the vote and said it was free and fair. We disallowed their election. Same with Egyptian elections. Same with Ukraine elections. A pro-Russian elected official was kicked out. We supported the revolution because the people who came into power, unelected by the way, were friendly to the US.

  315. Ugly Americans are the ones who only care about ‘Merica and forget there’s a whole world out there outside of our borders. You sir being the prime example. Unlike you I had the privilege of being born in another country so I know the other side of the coin and how people in other countries view America and they detest idiots like you who think everyone outside the US is a Mexican…You must be a Tea Bagger your ignorance gives it away…

  316. Gleb: You are wrong, The US knows Russia will invade a NATO country. US military presence will let Russia know when that happens Russia will then be declaring open war on US Military forces. Russia is strong against its neighbors.
    Lets see how well Russia’s Air-force, Navy and ground forces do against the US Air-force, Navy, not to mention all of NATO will fight, once they will know the US is taking the lead to counter Russia.
    While Russia is getting clobbered by all of NATO it had better watch its eastern territory, I know plenty of Chinese that believe China will invade Russia to alleviate its tremendous overpopulation of its over 1.3 Billion people. Almost 10 times the number of Russia’s population. These Chinese believe when Russia is losing to NATO led by the power of the US Air-force and Navy, China will strike.

  317. How do you know they didn’t want democracy? Millions showed up to vote so there was some kind of desire…Also, look at the Arab Spring there’s definitely a desire for the democracy in the ME, the problem is the extremist scream louder than anyone else.

  318. Yeah, real Americans like you who only care about you. Who gives a s**t about other people around the world right? Do you even know where the ME is you real American you…

  319. Idiot – you know nothing about history. And for the record and the facts every country in the middle east that the USA has meddled in is a complete disaster and worse off now than before. You are an “Ugly American” and one that we as “Real Americans” dislike and do not want you to vote.. You are blogging like an ignorant Libtard or a stupid Republican !

  320. America has a parade in a foreign country?!?! HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa! Yay! Look at us! We’re losers! We haven’t won a war since WWII. Now we have a war with Russia. Say Bye-Bye!

  321. You are totally unhappy fella. If you are an American, please pack up and leave both your behind and your citizenship. No one misses you.
    If you are a Kremlin troll, good work, expect good paycheck this Friday.

  322. NATO is all over Europe and none of these countries is saying they feel hemmed in. Why you may ask, because they do not have the desire to invade and annex their neighbors and Russia does,. Russian’s neighbors know it and Russia knows it. So knock it off with the Russian propaganda line, no one is listening anymore to that crap anymore, now that Russia has shown it’s true self with it’s own actions.

  323. You and everyone that thinks like you are no better than those maniacs in ISIS or Al qaeda. If it was up to me I would deport you and everyone else that thinks the way you do, and then Nuke the destination.

  324. Stop taking orders from “Failed Not So Britain” idiots. They want to drag the world in
    another World War. We don;t need another war!!!!

  325. You are confusing Obama with G. W. Bush. That’s okay, we understand that you allow yourself to be bombarded daily with spin and the deceit of right wing propaganda media that will go to any length is disown the G. W. Bush and the Republican debacle that got us into the Mideast mess, the great recession, the twice quadrupling of the national debt, the widening of the wealth gap, the one percent have ninety percent of the wealth of the US and – money is free speech, enabling the corporate take over of our government – while the right push for smaller government and more government revenue reductions to starve the government into submission to the deregulated capitalist. But we understand, you’re just not to bright which makes you a good right winger. But the good news is that we can all arm ourselves with assault weapons for the upcoming economic and social civil war. But the good news about that is that the gun makers will make a lot of money to give political contribution kickbacks to the right wing party and the Koch Brothers can rule from behind the curtain.

  326. What are they doing? They’re wasting time and money, just like Obama did during his famous red-line song-and-dance with Syria.

  327. I tell you why… because Estonia doesn’t have enough young male population to parade troops on its own (entire army was present there). Search Wikipedia on population of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Note a steep decline since 1991. These countries are free now… free to die and leave their country. They were “suffering” so much from Russian “occupation” between 1940 and 1991 (with population growing all the time). Now they die free independent.
    This is how 21-st century colonies look like. Yesterday we saw occupation forced parading on its streets.

  328. Drop the price of oil another 40% and see how Vlad the Invader likes that. Put bases and troops in eastern Europe in earnest. If the fool in the Kremlin wants a real war, he will no doubt have one.

  329. only way show him anything is shoot some down ,,or old thing we use to do is ram one their war ships or run over one their subs ..lol

  330. They are there to cause yet another world crisis. This time if they do cause, will be far more costly that the last two recent ones: Iraq and and Afghanistan.

  331. Yars, you are very wrong. I hope Putin takes this seriously. It would be a calamity for anyone to seriously test the Americans.

  332. The sad part is that there is a lot of noise coming from the people who never suffered a war on their own homeland. Keep in mind that unlike overpowering Iraq, Libya etc., any direct confrontation with Russia will almost surely bring war on American soil. Do you really want that ? I don’t

  333. 33 years as bid and cost Estimator,, in till Obama crashed the market,, and Lib’s Kool-Aid drunks screw whole county up…AND you?/ mommy basement NOT career,,thow most think so

  334. The desire for change has to be internally driven. Pushing our version of Democracy (which only works if they elect leaders friendly to us) doesn’t work if that’s not what the people want. Imagine Israel imposing a Theocracy here. It won’t work because we won’t want it.

  335. At least I can spell and form a coherent sentence. From your rambling it’s obvious that the one with no career, job or grants is you…

  336. Russian planes are allowed to fly over US territory as we are to fly over theirs. This is part of the Open Skies Treaty that we entered with Russia and a few other nations back in 2002. Also shooting a military plane down with out a declaration of war is against the World Court’s laws of war, but I guess you’re one of those people that thinks the US doesn’t need the rest of the world.

  337. NATO isn’t a country, Dippy. It’s an organization of countries and therefore doesn’t have ‘borders”. Any nation can join Nato if they so choose to. Unlike Russia, NATO cannot invade and annex a neighboring country.

    Actually, I’m a centrist. imbecile extremists on one side of the aisle or the other generally make the mistake of placing me in the other camp. This is called a “genetic fallacy” and often asserted by those who recognize they are too stupid to form a more valid argument.

  338. You mean the Iraq where people lived in fear everyday, or the Afghanistan where people always lived in poverty and anarchy? Everything is the same as it was, except now they can at least vote and people are not hostage to the Taliban like they were. Now they need to figure it out, we’ve spent enough money trying to help them rebuild…

  339. US is constantly brandishing its arms on the Russian borders which just proves that Russia was right all along: US is building aggressive plans against Russia and Russia has to defend itself whatever it takes

  340. Well Tony you can only lead a horse to water…Plus Democracy doesn’t just happen, it took the US many years and a Civil War before we finally became the nation we are today.

  341. Which is why Afghanistan is the democratic, tolerant beacon to the world that it is. We took a broken state and made a failed state that produces even more terrorists.
    Look at Iraq. We “fixed” the country so good that it fell apart while we were still there. That isn’t a fix. We made it worse. And innocents are paying for it.

  342. I’m ashamed that someone like McCain is in our office. The Ukrainians don’t want to fight this is not there war ,It is a war America started to hurt Russia. They knew if America overthrow the government in Kiev and started to put Ukraine into the EU and NATO that Russia would seize the Crimea where Russia has it’s military base and Port.
    Most of the weapons the freedom fighters had came from Ukraine when many of Kiev’s military changed sides , and many of Kiev’s soldiers throw there weapons down and deserted. 80% of the west Ukraine fighters don’t want weapons and don’t want to fight for Kiev. This is almost over but if another country sends weapons many young and old people will be forced into war by draft and be killed.
    Crimea was a democracy ,without a question . No one was killed people there voted out of Ukraine then another vote in with Russia. Then the people partied in the streets and looked very happy parting in such big masses. Judging by over a million fled into Russia ,I could only think they trust Russia more then the West. (People flee to safety and to what they trust).
    This war America started is turning all our allies against us , soon America will be isolated at our own doings. The American people for the most part are good but our government is way out of hand, and uses Smear campaigns , Propaganda wars , bares false witness , and is quickly becoming untruth worthy . Time to stand up ,and kick out the multi Billionaires running America and the EU

  343. Great right at “Puking”, in his own backyard, the effhead…Maybe a picture one B-2, took of the other right over Moscow, at night would really shake the b#tthole up…

  344. American own all air space 200 miles off our coast and when come to war plains we act in any way that comes with in 1000 miles ,, SO STOP SUPPORTING YOUR COMMUNIEST buddys asz Ho

  345. Jon the All Mighty USSR couldn’t do anything to Afghanistan after 10 years of war. We got rid of the goat herding Taliban in about a month…

  346. You mean Iraq where they are voting today, or maybe the Afghanistan that doomed the USSR, where again they are voting freely today, thanks to the US? Or maybe you meant Lybia where we helped get rid of Ghadafi, who I’m sure you Russians thought the world of. Russians act as if you’ve done anything other than get slaughter by the Germans until the US joined the Western front. The US has destroyed every USSR started Revolution in pretty much all over the world. Don’t be mad because we are simply better than you at….EVERYTHING!!!

  347. WRONG”’MORON at less 7 times last fight into U.S and Canada ,,fighters was send after them;;fly over West coast down to Mexico and over central America in to the Gulf

  348. Where the hell do you think we have been dufuss? 13 years of direct combat, the same people Russia ran from in 1989. Let him laugh.

  349. Bull! NATO or the USA NEVER promised not to move closer to Russian borders! And it was the countries bordering Russia that wanted to join NATO because they feared Russia! And they were right! Putin doesn’t have the balls to attack a NATO member because he knows that the Russian army would be butchered in about 3 weeks! Putin attacks only smaller and weaker countries!

  350. You are quick to write off the US. The other countries you listed are insurgency wars. The US military is built to go against a military that is equal or greater than it’s own. It is build to liquidate their opponents weaponry. Countries like Russia is exactly what it’s built for.

    When it comes to Iraq and all of the other countries, there is only so much you can do about a guy wearing shorts and a tshirt standing around the corner with an AK next to an apartment with a bunch of innocents.

    And for the rest of the garbage you listed, only the media cares about that. No American gives a f*** about Kim, Lady Gaga, Miley, or the Oscars.

  351. better question is why we let the Russian fly bomber over our coast without shooting down..
    remember to solve problem with middle east we need too;;= NUKE THE MIDDLE EAST==in 30 mim’s it be none,,their no fear of Fall out,,if was any IT never happen in Japan,,nuke-nuke-nuke

  352. Would you like to back up that assertion with any evidence? According to reality, since the break-up of the Soviet Union, NATO keeps growing closer to Russia’s border not the other way around. Something NATO lied they wouldn’t do. And, are you a servile neocon?

  353. Oh I’ll bet Putin is looking for a skirt to hide under right now – what with all this show of force…

    Conversely, he is likely laughing at the situation, as he Knows the U.S. has no spine for ~Real~ War. Not Iraq. Not Syria. Not Lybia. Not Afghanistan. Not shooting fish in a barrel in other words… And besides, who would want to upset American’s preoccupations with Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus – the Oscars too…!!!

  354. Russia, a super power? Not in my books any more. More like a regional power/player. The sooner Putin accept his predicament the better and safer for him and Russia.

  355. US / NATO were this close…and a lot closer to the Russians in West Berlin…and as much as they fantasized about getting us out of W Berlin they never dared do it.

  356. Title contains rhetorical question.Yanks troops are provoking Russia.Russia 2,000 paratroopers are ready for something right next to border.Looks like stupid yank govt plays dangerous game.As usual.

  357. nonsense, it is the only thing we can do – aka what was West Berlin, never enough force to ever been anywhere near a serious threat – but always enough to assure that WWIII would start if the Russian tanks on the other side of Check Point Charlie busted through

  358. Trying to get everyone killed? Imagine if Russia had tanks 300 yards from the US border – we’d already be about to die from world war 3. Russia is a nuclear super power that has been attacked a few times from the West. Brandishing weapons so close to their border is literally one of the dumbest things we could do.

  359. “What Is The U.S. Army Doing Just 300 Yards From Russia Border?”

    They’re doing their best to try to instigate the neocon wet dream of WWII.

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