Tesla Motors Inc, Apple Inc. In Fight Over Talent Acquisition

Tesla Motors Inc, Apple Inc. In Fight Over Talent Acquisition
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To get an edge in today’s world of cut-throat competition, Apple and Tesla are increasingly recruiting each others’ employees

Tesla Motors and Apple are giving a tough fight to each other in recruiting the top talent, according to a report from Bloomberg by Tim Higgins and Dana Hull. The EV manufacturer has hired at least 150 former Apple employees, which is the highest amount from one company.

Tesla CEO compared to Steve Jobs

Former Apple employees who joined Tesla Motors said their decision to ditch Apple and switch to Tesla was based on the company’s electric cars and CEO Elon Musk, who is a lot like Steve Jobs. Just like Jobs, Musk places a high focus on the details of his products and is a strong, visionary leader. Musk apparently is a secret admirer of Apple and takes pride in his comparison to Steve Jobs, a former Tesla employee told Bloomberg.

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The Tesla Motors CEO told Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas that hiring someone from Apple is easier for him “because when he does the interview process for a serious software engineer—a big human asset—he’ll meet with the person and geek out with them.”

Among the high-profile employees who previously worked with Apple is Doug Field, Apple’s former VP of Mac Hardware Engineering, who now leads new vehicle development at the car company.

Rumors surrounding Apple and Tesla

Apple and Tesla have held talks in the past, resulting in rumors of Apple considering buying Tesla. Following the rumors, Musk stated that both companies have had “conversations,” although he did not reveal the points of their discussion.

There have been various reports and rumors that the iPhone maker wants to step in the car industry. Recently Apple was seen leasing many minivans, which were seen rigged with cameras and being driven all over San Francisco Streets. There were claims that these are self-driving cars, but another report asserted that the company is just working on its Street View-style mapping system.

Tesla Motors took in some great talent from Apple, but Musk said also that Apple has hired a handful of their employees after offering a $250,000 signing bonus and 60% salary increases to the employees, according to the report.

Even though Tesla has recruited more talent from Apple, the Bloomberg report does suggest how Apple has influenced one of the most-talked-about car company in the world right now.

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