Sony SmartEyeglass Launches With Lower Price Than Google Glass

Sony SmartEyeglass Launches With Lower Price Than Google Glass
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Sony SmartEyeglass – Japanese tech giant Sony makes a bold entry into the wearables market with a budget-friendly version of smart glasses

Google Glass presents a revolutionary technology like no other, but Sony is set to compete with a lower-end offering. The SmartEyeglasses are now available for purchase. Those who want wearable technology but don’t want to spend a small fortune on Google Glass can score Sony’s version for just $840.

Sony SmartEyeglass – Sony steps into wearables market

The new SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1 is the first set of glasses to come from Sony. Pre-orders for the device are available in the United Kingdom and Germany. The device will hit retail stores next month in the U.K., U.S. and Germany. The glasses will also be available exclusively to business customers in the following countries: Belgium, France Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.

Google Glass was one of the first wearable devices introduced to the market. Although Google’s goal was never to market the device to mass markets (the search giant stopped selling it earlier this year), it made huge waves. The camera-based wearable brings the internet wherever the device wearer goes. Unfortunately this device also prompted major concerns about privacy issues.

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Sony SmartEyeglass  – Sony’s new wearables appeal to low-end market

The new glasses from Sony look just like regular glasses complete with a transparent screen on lenses enabling the wearer to view emails or notifications. When the device is paired up with a smartphone, the glasses also display details on apps without having to view the phone.

Unlike the sleek and stylish Google Glass specs, Sony’s SmartEyeglasses feature a bulkier design. CNET‘s blogger Rich Trenholm, who got the chance to try on Sony’s glasses late last year, admitted that the glasses were a little cumbersome. Another downside to the SmartEyeglasses is the fact that it connects to a large puck-sized control unit that contains the battery and microphone.

The new Sony SmartEyeglasses don’t offer the full-fledged wearable experience Google Glass does, but for those who don’t mind a limited experience, the glasses are a steal.

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