How To Remove Unwanted Toggles from Quick Settings Menu on Android 5.0

How To Remove Unwanted Toggles from Quick Settings Menu on Android 5.0

It’s easy to remove unwanted toggles from the Android 5.0 quick settings menu

Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system brought a lot of changes in terms of both functionality as well as looks. Previously, there was only a notification bar, but in Android Lollipop, users are also provided with a Quick Settings menu. A simple swipe down from the top brings the normal notifications bar including emails, messages and other apps, while a second swipe will open a Quick Settings menu with options for WiFi, Bluetooth, Network connection, Location, Cast screen, Airplane mode, Auto-rotate, Flashlight and more.

However, when you turn on features like Invert colors or the Hotspot, then those options will also be automatically added to the Quick Settings menu. Many users might find this annoying and may want to hide the new feature icons. Thankfully, there’s a neat little trick to do just that offered by a Reddit user.

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How to hide Hotspot and Invert color toggles from Quick Settings menu

As noted by Reddit user eak125, these new toggle icons will automatically disappear from the Quick Settings menu after 30 days of inactivity. However, if you don’t want to wait for 30 days, then here’s what you need to do to make them go away.

A really simple fix to this problem is to toggle the setting to off, and then set your calendar back one month and one day. With this setting, you’re basically doing some sleight of hand time traveling, but it does the trick.

You can perform this little trick by going to Settings > Date and Time, and unchecking the automatic time and date and then manually setting your date. You just need to ensure that you are moving one month back and you’re in business. After you’ve completed the process, the new toggle icons will disappear for good.

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