North Korea Leader Kim Jong-un Tells Army To Be “Fully Prepared” For War

North Korea Leader Kim Jong-un Tells Army To Be “Fully Prepared” For War
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North Korea President Kim Jong-un encouraged its military to be combat ready ahead of the joint military exercises between the United State and South Korea. The communist country is performing artillery drills near the border of South Korea.

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President Kim Jong-un is supervising the military drills, according to the state media. During a speech delivered to the Central Military Commission, the North Korean leader emphasized that the country forces should be “fully ready to any form of war to be ignited by the enemy.” He also emphasized the necessity of simplifying the machinery of the Korean People’s Army (KPA).

North Korea’s Central Military Commission also discussed a “radical turn” in national defense operations, according to report from the KCSA news agency. The state media did not provide details regarding the matter.

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North Korea will take every measure to show its military power

The North Korean leader’s speech came after its military conducted a drill on February 21, which features a simulated attack and capture on the front-line island of South Korea.

Earlier this month, Worker’s Party, the founding and ruling political party of North Korea emphasized that it is necessary for the country to develop accurate, powerful and cutting edge military hardware to be able to cope with modern warfare.

North Korea conducted a test-fire of its new anti-ship cruise missile. The communist country said its military drills are practices for invasion, and it will take every measure to show its military power as long as it perceives persisting threats from the United States.

Earlier this month, it had been reported that Russia is negotiating with North Korea, Brazil, Cuba and Vietnam to conduct joint military exercises. Moscow is not only strengthening its military ties, but also its business relationship with Pyongyang by developing a Business Council for Cooperation. The North Korean leader is scheduled to visit Russian on May 9.

South Korea is closely monitoring North Korea

South Korea is closely monitoring the military drills of North Korea. Its spokesman said. “North Korea should stop taking issue with the joint military exercises, which are defensive and held annually in a transparent way.” He added that Seoul will “keep a close watch” on Pyongyang.

North Korea condemns the joint military exercises between South Korea and United States as provocative. The U.S. and South Korea reiterated that the drills were defensive in nature and both countries have no intentions of attacking North Korea.

A spokesman for South Korea’s Defense Ministry said the U.S. plans to send more soldiers to participate in the operation Key Resolve and Operation Foal Eagle joint-military exercises, which are conducted annually.

The Operation Key Resolve is a command post exercise that ensures that the alliance is prepared to defend South Korea while training the forces of the alliance to respond to any potential event in the peninsula.

On the other hand, the Eagle Foal exercise is a series of a joint and combined training exercises including air, naval, expeditionary and special operations.

South Korea and the United States are scheduled to conduct the joint military exercises next month.

Meanwhile, it had been reported that the United States is demanding North Korea to suspend its activities related to its nuclear program before a resumption of negotiation could happen. Over the past seven years, North Korea made three nuclear tests. The country threatened to conduct another test after the U.S. imposed new sanctions.

A senior official of the U.S. administration previously stated, “We want to test of they have an interest in resuming negotiations. I think we’ve made it very clear that we would like to see them take some steps first.”

The relationship between North Korea and the United States became sour after the hacking incident involving Sony Pictures. The U.S. alleged that the communist country was behind the hacking incident wherein a large number of confidential e-mails and internal documents were released online. North Korea denied any involvement in the security breach.

North Korea bans foreigners from 2015 Pyongyang Marathon

Separately, North Korea banned foreigners from joining the 2015 Pyongyang Marathon on April 12. The Korean government cited concerns over Ebola virus as main reason for banning foreign participants.

The ban was disclosed by Koryo Tours on its website. The travel agency wrote,  “We are sorry to announce that our North Korean partners contacted us this morning with news that the 2015 Pyongyang Marathon has — as of today — been closed to amateur and professional foreign runners.”

The communist country also cancelled the Annual Mass Games, a gymnastics festival that attracts foreigners. The government did not provide any reason for the cancellation.

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  1. They keep saying that this is an annual exercise, but they have TWO annual exercises. One in the Spring, and one in the Fall. Yet they try to make it sound like it only happens once per year. I don’t see why these drills have to be done right on the border. N.Korea has a dangerous govt., but I don’t see why they need to exacerbate the situation in the ways they do.

  2. “Fully prepare for a war”? What war are they talking about? The truth of the matter is…, they do not have a military strength to wage a war with anyone, let alone against U.S. They are developing nukes to maximize the effectiveness of showcase display rather than modernizing conventional weapons systems on which require astronomical amount of budget that they simply don’t have. NK’s aged and aging weapons are all duds or obsolete by modern standards. Though less in numbers, SK defense force has weapons that will annihilate Pyongyang in less than an hour…no nukes, but with modernized conventional weapons systems. SK has its own 400K fighting men, well trained and disciplined, plus 28K of U.S troops….world’s most feared fighting force.

  3. Dear fellow DPRKers, you should take great
    comfort that our fabulous and most bestest country in the world is being
    militarily lead by a fellow, a/k/a Dear Leader, who never served/spent one
    second in the military, was then promoted to a four star general and now leads
    us towards our, make that my, own version of paradise. The only way this all
    can work is if you truly believe in me and accept my, and the geriatric note
    taking idiots I surround myself with, word and action of paranoia and its subsequent
    risks. My sole reason to exist is to keep you afraid, no make that, very afraid
    that the enemy who would rather watch and comment on ladies gowns during a
    military inspired morale event known as the Oscars, than attack us is laying in
    wait. The greatest military mind in history, next to mine, was my father who as
    you know, kept each of you imprisioned and starving for so many years. He knew
    the enemy well and frequently watch the infamous “red carpet” (named after us)
    presentation of the enemy’s latest weapon systems. My small army of decrepit
    advisors and I daily keep you shielded from the exposure from the likes of Jared
    Leto, one of the enemy’s most feared weapon systems. In closing, welcome to my delusional
    and paranoid mind. I am fat and happy while I recognize your sacrifices to keep
    me this way. With all of the love and silly smiles I can muster, Your Dear
    Leader says “Whoa, here they come.”

  4. This news article fails to report. Past 70 years difference between North and South Korea ( Economic development). South Korea population 56 Million as become G20. North Korea population 27 Million as become Mafia State.

  5. North Korea is not communist, why cant you stupid people get that in you thick skull. I hate NK as much as the next person but get a damn education.

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