Microsoft Adds Universal Office Apps To Windows 10 Preview

Microsoft Adds Universal Office Apps To Windows 10 Preview

Microsoft updated its Windows 10 technical preview with Universal Office apps, including Microsoft World, Excel, and PowerPoint

Microsoft’s new apps are universal, which means they will work on desktops and smartphones. This move is on par with making Windows 10 mobile-friendly. The company unveiled the upcoming operating system two weeks ago. Interested parties can try the Windows 10 beta to test it out.

Interested users who signed up for the preview of Windows 10 can download all three apps via the Windows Store Beta. The current preview version already comes with OneNote. The Outlook and Calendar apps are set to arrive later this year.

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Office apps for mobile

Microsoft designed the new Office apps for Windows 10 for touch screens. The upcoming Office 2016 suite for desktop users will debut later on this year. The new Office will include many features customers expect, along with some extras.

Windows 8 users already know there are separate versions of Office apps for the “Metro” user interface. OneNote even comes pre-loaded on the Surface Pro 3 as an example of a modern app with basic functions. OneNote 2013, which came with Office 2013, is the more powerful desktop version. Since Windows 10 probably won’t be backwards compatible, users with older versions of Windows may have to upgrade to Office 2016 if they are looking for a new Office suite.

Windows-updated apps are specifically for mobile users

The new version of Word allows users to create and edit documents. It enables users to review documents, mark them up if necessary and share work as part of a collaboration. Bing-powered Insights for Office in Read mode lets users bring additional resources from the internet. The new Excel helps users create spreadsheets, analyze data, and visualize it all in charts. It also has a touch control feature to simplify mobile use. PowerPoint comes with a Presenter View and Ink Tools so users can annotate slides in real time.


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