Intel Corporation Snaps Up Chip Designer To Build IoT Business

Intel acquires a European chip design company to boost home network technologies and better compete with rivals Google and Samsung

Intel strives to grow in the Internet of Things business sector, which is why it just snapped up chip designer Lantiq. The German-based chip maker creates systems-on-a-chip and other similar technologies for network products. This transaction is still under government approval.

The details of this deal, including the financial terms, are unknown. Intel hopes Lantiq will expand offerings to other markets, including LTE, DSL, fiber, retail, and Internet of Things. There will be over 800 connected households by 2018 experts estimate.  Intel strives to bring new home computing experiences to everyone.

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Intel invests in Lantiq’s patents

Intel believes this acquisition will bring a larger range of connectivity solutions. Lantiq’s chief executive officer, Dan Artusi, feels both companies share a common goal of connecting the entire home. Artusi added that Intel and Lantiq can further transform it all into a connected home. Intel will make use of the over 200 Lantiq patents, including some for xDSL connections, 1Gbps lines over copper cables, fiber to the distribution point, Ethernet, voice, network processors, and more.

Smart technologies are taking the world by storm, and the home is the next frontier. The next big thing involves mobile technologies and connecting them to home appliances.

The future is bright for IOT

Intel has kept a strong focus on the Internet of Things for some time now. The company hopes to see its low-powered chips in sensors and wearables. The chip maker even launched its IoT platform last year. The platform includes software and hardware building blocks. It also includes partnerships to allow customers a chance to design complete systems.

Intel’s IoT gateway provides both hardware and software building blocks for hardware and software without replacing infrastructure. One important part of Intel’s gateway strategy is to collect data from IoT sensors and devices. It enables devices that were never part of the network to be connected by translating older data.