Which Hedge Funds Topped the League Tables in 2014?

Preqin has analyzed the performance of over 5,200 hedge funds worldwide throughout 2014 to identify the top performing funds. Along with the league tables of the top performing vehicles by various strategies and regions, Preqin has also looked at key characteristics of these funds. Some of the key findings include:

  • Three-quarters of the 20 top performing hedge funds in 2014 employed an equity strategy.
  • 57% of all top performing funds in 2014 have been active for over five years.
  • 27% of all top performing funds in 2014 are managed by firms outside of North America and Europe.
  • The median return throughout 2014 for the top 10 performing equity strategies funds was 59.03%, higher than any other strategy.


The top performing funds presented in this report are based on a ranking by net returns over the periods 2014 and 2012-2014. The tables are based on data reported to Preqin in early January 2015 and include preliminary data for December 2014. Unless otherwise stated, the information in Figs. 1-6 reflects the characteristics of the funds appearing in all tables in this report for the given time period (2014 or 2012-2014). Although fund rankings are not expected to alter significantly, final performance tables are subject to change.

Top Performing Hedge Funds in 2014 By Strategy

Hedge funds 1

Hedge funds

Hedge funds

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