Google To Release Chromebook Pixel 2 Soon

Google recently confirmed Chromebook Pixel 2 is in the works and will debut in the near future. It was previously rumored the device in the works, but it’s now official.

Google’s Chromebook Pixel 2 is set to debut soon, but the company’s executive Renee Niemi did not give an exact date. The computer (codenamed Samus) and it first showed up on Chromium bug tracker.

A look at Chromebook Pixel 2

There is no confirmation on computer price or specifications. Given the original device’s $1,299 price, the new computer will probably retail at the same price. The Chromebook Pixel 2 will feature a display the same size as the previous model. The new Chromebook will look very similar to the previous model with a few minor changes.

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The Chromebook Pixel differentiates from other Chromebooks as the high-end option complete with improved specs and a high-resolution display. However, not everyone was impressed with Google’s luxury laptop. CNET’s Seth Rosenblatt thought the computer wouldn’t appeal to many users and even rated it a low 2.5 stars out of 5 possible stars.

The new Chromebook Pixel 2 designed for developers

Despite the low rating, Google wants to make the most out of Chromebooks. Niemi added during the Teamwork 2015 event that the device will also be a development platform and proof of concept. Google aims the new Chromebook Pixel 2 at developers. She added Google users and developers use 85% of what they produce. Google declined to comment on Niemi’s announcement.

In other Google-related news, the tech giant plans to roll further out a new service called Inbox. The company started the redesigned email service for mobile and web. Although it remains in the invite-only stage right now, it recently enabled Google Apps for Work administrators to request access the service. Business executives who already use Apps for Work can send Google an invite request.