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Google Inc Acquires App Developer Launchpad Toys

Google is buying a startup that specializes in fun, educational apps for children in an effort to grow its user base

In an effort to appeal to children and future Google users, the tech giant has acquired Launchpad Toys. The kid-friendly app maker has created two notable apps, including story-telling tool Toontastic and augmented reality app TeleStory.

A representative for Google declined to comment on the matter but confirmed the acquisition. What Google has planned for its latest buy is still up for speculation. Given the tech giant’s dedication to everyone, it is not surprising the company is ready to cater to the younger crowd.

Google puts focus on education

Google is an active participant in education for both children and young adults. Notable efforts include yearly science fairs, summer camps and Kids Studio. The latter allows children of employees to test out new products before their release. The Google Chromebook is a popular laptop used in schools across the nation. The small notebooks make learning easier and provide a cost-effective alternative to tablets. Google previously claimed it was designing child-friendly versions of its biggest products. This change will include a safe YouTube website for kids ages 12 and under. Google knows kids use its products, which prompts the need for privacy controls and advanced filtering.

Vine and Apple go family-friendly

Google isn’t the only tech company making kid-friendly products. Popular video streaming app Vine launched Vine for Kids last week as a stripped-down version of the app. Also Google’s top rival launched a Family Sharing feature last summer. The feature simplified controls for parents so they could limit their kids’ downloads. Apple previously got into trouble with customers when their kids made unauthorized app purchases on iPhones and iPads.

The search giant knows children are the future and that education is key. The company wastes no time reaching out to the younger set. There is a good chance Google will use Launchpad as another platform for education.


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