Google Executive Slams Apple Over Pricey Products

WDnetStudio / Pixabay

Sundar Pichai of Google accuses Apple of being irresponsible for “over” pricing the iPhone, iPad and other products. He said there was something “creepy elitist” about Apple and that the company’s only priority is making heavy profits. His rant later changed as he talked about his company Google. He claimed users choose Android products because they like the operating system and it provides a lot of value. Many of the company’s services also happen to be free.

Apple vs. Motorola

He even mentioned Motorola’s president and chief executive officer, Rick Osterloh, who values product customization. Pichai’s statement comes after Apple’s design lead, Jony Ive, critiqued Motorola for customizing phones with different back panels and cases. Ive though providing customization for products defeated the designer’s responsibilities.

Fortunately, Apple doesn’t have to worry about Pichai’s accusations. The Cupertino-based tech giant remains one of the most successful smartphone makers in the world. People are willing to pay a premium for quality products and a sleek modern design. Apple also targets a different market than Android. iPhone users are more affluent than Android users. They also tend to spend more money on app downloads than Android users.

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Android still appeals to many smartphone buyers

Google’s Android is also a very popular choice for smartphones.In fact, most smartphones on the market run on some variation of the Android operating system. These phones often appeal most to budget-friendly consumers.

In the interview, Pichai also said Google could separate Google+ into different services including Hangouts and Google+ photos. This report adds fuel to the speculation that Google+ isn’t doing as well as the search giant initially hoped. Hangouts and Google+ Photos are two features many people still use despite the lack of overall interest in Google’s social media website.