We are covering the 2015 Harbor Investment Conference. The embargo ended at 4PM EST so we are posting our coverage from the event. Below are very very informal notes from a Q&A with Bill Ackman and Ray Dalio.
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Bill Ackman started the session off by talking about the unpegging of the swiss franc and a few other macro events - Ackman then asked Dalio how he manages to  manage 160 billion in this environment.
Dalio turned it around on him to much fanfare, by saying how do you do it, almost as though Dalio couldn't comprehend doing what Ackman does. Ackman talked about  looking for companies that are mismanaged, and buys companies with the expectation of making changes  Ackman being Ackman, I felt as though he was caught off guard a bit. Dalio spoke about being  able to be long or short any asset class, keeping his investments very systematic and very liquid. He also said that he uses a good amount of "financial engineering"