Daily Telegraph Commentator Quits Over HSBC Coverage

Daily Telegraph Commentator Quits Over HSBC Coverage

Peter Oborne has resigned from his position as chief political commentator at British newspaper The Daily Telegraph over its coverage of HSBC.

Oborne has written a scathing attack on the newspaper for the Open Democracy website, in which he accuses Telegraph of “fraud on readers” due to its lack of coverage of negative stories on HSBC, because the bank is a major advertiser. According to his post the newspaper suffered a “collapse in standards” due to management worries over its declining circulation.

The Telegraph: a proud tradition lost

He claims that the situation grew even worse after the sacking of editor Tony Gallagher in 2014, and his replacement Jason Seiken oversaw the arrival of a “click culture” in his role as head of content. Before him The Telegraph had been run by a long line of brilliant editors, and the decline of the position left alarm bells ringing in Oborne’s ears.

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