Apple Watch To Include Medical Apps For Monitoring Health

Apple reportedly is working with a medical device maker to create a diabetes blood glucose monitor for the Apple Watch

A recent report from The Wall Street Journal claims DexCom will share data from a sensor beneath the skin as a graph on the face of the Apple Watch. We can expect even more health-tracking apps in the near future as well. Last year the FDA loosened up its restrictions on health monitoring apps, making it easier for developers to create new apps. Although developers still have to seek agency approval, they can now register without having to seek permission.

Apple Watch To Include Medical Apps For Monitoring Health

Apple Watch: Pilot test for Apple’s HealthKit

The new rules are a big change for Apple and medical app developers. Currently over half of hospitals are pilot testing Apple’s HealthKit, which functions as a central database for health apps and medical devices to plug right into remote health monitoring programs. The Apple Watch could simplify everything and allows patients to glance at their health data and receive notifications from physicians.

Apple prepares for Apple Watch debut

Apple has yet to approve of any apps for the Apple Watch. If this current report turns out to be true, the company¬†is off to a great start. Smartwatches and other wearables have been around for years, but so far nothing has caught on as a must-have gadget. Apple hopes to change all that with its version of the smartwatch. Given the tech giant’s history of creating coveted products, there is a good chance Apple won’t have any issues selling the watch.

Apple has a huge opportunity to make the Apple Watch a health and medical-oriented device. Unlike the majority of wearables currently on the market, this device could prove more useful in the medical field.

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