Apple Inc. To Partner First Solar, Inc. In California Solar Farm

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the partnership on Tuesday, marking the company’s biggest move to date in the field of renewable energy.

The two companies have agreed to construct a 1,300-solar farm in Monterey County, California, which Cook claims is Apple’s “biggest, boldest and most ambitious [renewable energy] project yet.” The site will produce enough energy to power the new Apple campus in Silicon Valley, all of the company’s Californian offices and retail stores as well as a data center.

Apple Inc. To Partner First Solar, Inc. In California Solar Farm

Genuine commitment to renewable energy

Cook reiterated Apple’s commitment to using renewable energy, stating: “The time for action is now.” He was speaking at the Goldman Sachs technology conference on Tuesday.

For its part First Solar said that Apple will receive electricity from 130 megawatts of the California Flats Solar Project, and the two companies have signed a 25-year power purchase agreement which is “the largest agreement in the industry to provide clean energy to a commercial end user,” according to First Solar. It announced that Apple has committed $848 million to the partnership.

Chief commercial officer Joe Kishkill hailed Apple, claiming that the tech giant is “leading the way in addressing climate change by showing how large companies can serve their operations with 100 percent clean, renewable energy.” He went on to add that the agreement “significantly increase the supply of solar power in California.”

Apple’s record breaking sales

Apple’s data centers are incredibly power hungry, but this latest move will help to mitigate environmental damage caused by the production and use of its products. Apple underlined its commitment to renewable energy by announcing plans to power its new data center in Arizona using energy primarily produced by a new local solar farm.

The company recently announced record-breaking sales figures for the iPhone, which even surpassed the expectations of analysts. Apple also recently announced the release of the Apple Watch, which will start shipping in April. Opinion is still divided on the prospects for the company’s first smart watch, but some British universities have already taken steps to prevent it from being used to cheat in exams.