Apple Inc. To Introduce Performance-Focused Update

The update may not introduce new features, but Apple may instead concentrate on improving performance according to Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac.

If Gurman is to be believed then engineers have concentrated on fixing bugs, improving stability and upgrading performance for iOS 9, the next software update for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices. It seems unlikely that there will be any radical aesthetic overhaul, as was the case when iOS 7 and iOS 8 were released, but instead the changes will be more subtle.

Loss of confidence in Apple updates

The last Apple update came in for criticism from consumers and led to speculation that Apple fans have now lost trust in the updates due to problems with bugs and the issue of storage space. The October launch of iOS 8 led to user complaints that they had to delete apps and media files in order to make room for the update. Apple claims that its latest iOS 8.1.3 fixes this issue.

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These problems were outlined by Daring Fireball’s John Gruber around the time of the launch of iOS 8. User adoption of the update was slower than that of previous update iOS 7, and Apple needs to regain the trust of their customers that the updates will provide tangible improvements in the user experience.

Reusing a successful strategy?

Apple has successfully implemented purely technological updates in the past, notably with its Snow Leopard update for the Mac back in 2009. Instead of adding new features, the company concentrated on making software run more smoothly and the update was praised.

Further details on iOS 9 are unlikely to surface until June, the traditional time when Apple reveals its new software for the iPhone before the joint launch of the new phone and iOS in the fall.

After years of rapidly adding new features, at the cost of overall performance, it seems like it may be time for Apple to get back to basics and head off growing discontent among long term fans over the performance of their devices.