Alibaba Group Holding Ltd Boosts Buyer Protection In Australia

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd Boosts Buyer Protection In Australia
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The move comes just weeks after Chinese regulators’ crackdown on the sale of fake goods on Alibaba’s platforms

Alibaba has stepped up buyer protection on its platforms in Australia, allowing them to trade more safely. The Chinese e-commerce giant has more than one million active customers in Australia. The company has established a new Trade Assurance program that provides customers with a number of safeguards such as receiving refunds when sellers breach the “trade assurance provisions.”

Alibaba’s new program offers 100% buyer protection

Under the consumer safety program, the Hangzhou-based company sets a Trade Assurance Amount for a seller based on their transaction volume in the past six months and qualification status. If a seller breaches the terms of the Trade Assurance program, Alibaba will offer buyers a 100% refund. The program also includes a seller feedback system for buyers, reports Damon Kitney of The Australian Business Review.

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The move comes just weeks after Chinese regulators’ crackdown on the sale of counterfeit goods on Alibaba’s platforms. Regulators have accused Alibaba of not doing enough to curb the sale of fake goods. They also claimed that Alibaba employees took bribes from sellers in return for favors. Michael Mang, chief of international business development at Alibaba, said Australia was the most important market for the company in Asia-Pacific region.

Alibaba trying to win the trust of consumers

Mang said Australian consumers had concerns about buying safely online. Based on the new measures and feedback system, Alibaba will try to enhance the trust and safety level of its platforms. Alibaba has also launched a new Aliprotect system to prevent any intellectual property violations. The company has been expanding its business aggressively in Australia after China and Australia signed a free-trade agreement late last year.

Last year, the Chinese company launched its payment system Alipay in Australia to give Australian sellers better access to its e-commerce platforms. Mang said many of Australia’s export industries were benefiting on the Alibaba platform due to lower Australian dollar.

Alibaba shares fell 0.33% to $85.19 in pre-market trading Tuesday.

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