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Doral Financial

Doral, One Of Puerto Rico’s Largest Banks, Shutdown By Regulators

Doral Bank is the first FDIC-insured financial institution to shutdown in Puerto Rico
reminiscences of a stock operator pdf

Berkshire Hathaway Letter To Shareholders – 2014

Berkshire Hathaway letter to investors for 2014 - for those who did not read it yet. We have one post on the topic, but...
Hedge Funds

Seward & Kissel: Newly-formed Hedge Funds Study

The Seward & Kissel New Hedge Fund Study 2014 Edition Introduction & Key Findings Driven by our ongoing commitment to understanding the dynamics of the hedge...
iPhone 8

iPhone 6S May Arrive Soon With 14nm A9, Samsung-Made DRAM

The next iPhone will have an LPDDR4 RAM that offers 50% higher performance than the fastest LPDDR3 RAM
gigafactory news Tesla Inc TSLA

Tesla Gigafactory To Manufacture Batteries By 2016

Construction of the site is being undertaken at an impressively high pace, with production slated to begin in 2016.
royalty companies

The Case For Investing in Royalty Companies

Why We Invest in Royalty Companies by Frank Holmes “Much of the gold mining industry is underwater and can’t make money with these prices. We’ve...
Groupon earnings

Groupon Services Demand ‘Stable’: Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley analysts found that demand for Groupon's services is stable, but declining take rates balances out the risk/reward profile
Vladimir Putin

Will Russia Or The West Come Out On Top?

In a time of geopolitical conflict, which side holds the strongest cards?

The Five Keys to the Future of Asset Management

The Five Keys to the Future of Asset Management by Peter Hans, President and Co-Founder, Harvest In order to sustain, one must evolve. In order...
reminiscences of a stock operator pdf

Netflix, Inc. Introduces Five New Shows For Kids Of All Ages

Netflix is bringing five old shows for kids back to life in a bid to expand to a wider base of viewers
Apple Allergan Hedge Fund Holdings

Apple and Allergan Top Hedge Fund Holdings in Q4 2014

The top 50 hedge funds continue to increase their equity exposure in the fourth quarter of 2014 Research firm FactSet published a report focusing on...
Wealth Inequality

Wealth Inequality Directly Related To Automation, Says New Study

New socioeconomic models needed as IT-based automation revolutionizes the workplace A recent paper written by Dagobert L. Brito and Robert F. Curl of the James...
reminiscences of a stock operator pdf

3 Canadian Asset Management Stocks For Value Investors

3 Canadian asset management stocks for value investors The Canadian wealth management space has several characteristics that attract investors including solid cash flow, low capital...
Finland Russia GPS

The Plan For Annexing Eastern Ukraine Leaked From Putin’s Office

Novaya Gazeta (a daily Russian newspaper) published parts of the document with Russia’s plan to split Ukraine even before the country’s president fled in...
Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy S6 Images And Price Revealed

Release date for flagship Samsung's Galaxy S6 smartphone ticks nearer