A War Between U.S. And Russia Or China Unlikely, Say Scholars

A War Between U.S. And Russia Or China Unlikely, Say Scholars
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On a scale of 0 to 10, the average perceived risk of war with China was 1.91

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Yesterday, former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev said in an interview with Interfax that the United States was dragging Russia into a new Cold War. Gorbachev warned that it could eventually turn into an armed conflict. Amid escalating tensions over the Ukraine conflict, European Union is considering further sanctions on Russia. On Wednesday, Russia sent two of its nuclear bombers very close to the British airspace, which defense experts say was an act of aggression.

Scholars differ from the mainstream public opinion

Meanwhile, China is involved in a conflict with most of its neighbors, including Japan, which has a security pact with the United States. If a war breaks out between China and Japan, the U.S. will have to jump in to protect its ally. Rising tensions in these geographies have sparked fears that a war is imminent. But international relations scholars believe that a war is unlikely between the U.S. and Russia or China.

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Foreign Policy conducted a survey in collaboration with Teaching, Research, and International Policy (TRIP). They interviewed 1,395 international relations scholars across the United States. Findings of the study revealed that the opinion of scholars was dramatically different from the mainstream public opinion.

What experts say about a new Cold War with Russia

When asked how likely was a war between the U.S. and Russia or China in the next 10 years, they said that war between these powers was unlikely. They added that war between the U.S. and China was far less likely than between the U.S. and Russia. Foreign Policy also surveyed scholars in Russia and East Asia.

US China War

US Russia War

On a scale of 0 to 10, for all scholars, the average perceived risk of war with China was 1.91. The figure was a little higher at 2.55 for the likeliness of a war with Russia. Then they asked scholars whether the U.S. and Russia were headed back to a Cold War. Less than 38% scholars believed that the two countries were on the verge of a new Cold War. Over 47% said a Cold War was unlikely, while about 15% were uncertain.

US Russia Cold War

By comparison, a Gallup poll conducted last year showed that about 50% of the general public believed that a new Cold War was highly likely.

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  1. India should stop taking the westerner and Zionist nation’s side and team up with China and Russia, because these are the same arrses that looted you, put sanctions on you in the 1980s, started proxy wars in your area, and consider you inferior sh/t skins where ever you go, while Russia helped India build its military up in the 1980s and China is the only partner that India has that would help it counteract the idea of India being turned into a sweatshop by the Anglo trash, plus historically the two nations and Iran use to be friends before the 1960s, remember, Eastern Slavs, Iranians, North Indians, Pakistanis, and Afghans are Central Asian descended Caucasoids, while Anglos, Germans, and other groups are descendants of Teutonic tribes of Scandinavia, there is a reason why white people hate Russians and other Eastern Europeans so much despite them being white too, because the Central Asian groups are R1a Aryan groups, while they’re R1b, the Zionist, Teutonics, and Africans are our enemies, the Han and Aryans have been friends throughout the ages, both originate from Siberia, despite different physical appearances.

  2. India should team up with Russia and China to counter the Zionist and Anglo trash trying to ruin the BRICS growth patterns.

  3. I understand the author is Indian and has a pro-India bias, but to state that the world’s most bordered nation “China is involved in a conflict with most of its neighbors” is totally FALSE when its borders have been resolved peacefully with all neighbors with the exception of India on the mainland and apart from some outcrops in the sea claimed by multiple countries.

  4. But on the contrary you GOON, nobody would win in a real nuclear war situation… Dumb d Dumb!! We would all be dead!! So stop with this hypothetical bull crap and speak reality!!

  5. These “predictions” are about as silly as asking the question of calamity for two men on a canoe in a sea of gasoline, each with a lit match, what the probably is for one of them to drop the match. Its wasted time, and ignoring the real issue.

  6. Well I guess these scholars better start looking at the news. Let Obama keep pressing the russians and see what happens.
    Knowing there are 3 bullies USA, Russia,and China. Sooner or later there is going to be a problem. By the way 2 of them are in the same camp together China and Russia. Both want this country to fall. Our leadership sucks at best and both parties can’t get along. They have problems solving the simplest things at home let alone world situations. Look at the middle east. Must I say more.

  7. Russia lost the first Cold War. What makes them think this time will be any different except for the fact that they do not have the same territories they had before, their military has slumped to 2nd class status and their modernization program is only underway now, the ruble is worth next to nothing, and their economy is in recession. What do they have going for them?

  8. We didn’t defeat them if they are still communists and have over 400 active nuclear warheads capable of hitting the continental U.S.
    The Soviet Union is still alive and kicking. They are gathering strength. The stronger they get the louder they will get.

  9. Not in the next 15 years. But WWIII is inevitable. There won’t be enough resources to support a society that is not responsible for it’s numbers or supporting them. Not to mention that we are going south the way of Rome rapidly.

  10. well during the 60’s a small war broke out between russia and china due to a small border clash they both sent troops and from what i heard russia won hands down it so its not a russia vs america or america vs china its more like a nother russia vs china clash which has a very,very,very slime chance of happening

  11. US defeated Russia in the Cold War with economic weapons, rather than military actions. Why sacrifice lives when you can take out your foe without firing a shot? Russia still haven’t learned from the collapse of the Soviet Union, as the same conditions that brought about the Soviet Union’s collapse now exist once again. China, on the other hand, learned extensively from Russian failures, and have adapted their economy to a point where the same economic weapons that the US used against Russia would be utterly ineffective against China.

  12. A week before first world war nobody really was suspecting the war is coming. Second world war was a different case-it could be predicted.
    Currently US attacked Russia. The war is already on. US is trying to destroy Russia economy. It is impossible for US to attack Russia militarily now-although Russian army strength is may be a third of US army with the exception of the nuclear forces which are better and stronger than American. In the case of American attack Russian would sooner or later use atomic weapons which would be the end not only of the US but the world we know it.
    Rating agencies downgrades, Rubel over-weakening etc is a work of US and allies because it can not be justified only by economic conditions. It is to be seen what will be the outcome. US started war with Russia and this war can last for many years to come. In this war everybody is losing. Russia, Ukraine, Europe and US. US is losing the most because it is throwing Russia towards China. We are having civil war in Ukraine but behind this war are Russia and US.
    This is why US will do everything to break the economy of Russia, introduce US friendly government in Russia to the point of trying to assassinate Putin-accidents happen. I really do not feel comfortable knowing that right now a few Russian ballistic missiles submarine with load a few times more than needed to cripple North America are standing by close to Los Angeles, Halifax, New York. I really do not feel comfortable any more. We are in the war and really nobody including Moscow and Washington has much clue how everything ends if any and when. May be soon American tanks and equipment will be coming to Ukraine. May be Russians will be supplying Iran with their newest weapons and installing nuclear deterrent forces in Iran? If most of us will not be vaporized by then.
    And what next? Destabilizing Saudi Arabia? And what would be the response of the US?

  13. yes, the very same experts that fooled allthe dumsh!t americans that the axis of evil US would never risk the repercussions of OCCUPYING IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN and pivoting to SE asia. dont breed you f4cken dumb garbage.

  14. Your so-called scholars are far too dumb to know if the war is unlikely or not. They are too busy with their fingers up their hinnys trying to espouse and twist the government’s propaganda for them. They will say whatever the government wants them to say, or else be black listed. Your scholars today would not even qualify for a BS degree 5o years ago! BTW- BS doesn’t necessarily mean bachelor of Science degree. It means Bull$h1t degree. And that is because that is all they know these days. How to bull$h1t everybody!

    Michael– Deo Vindicabamur

  15. US debt is 18 Trillion is growing…Obama is borrowing money to send to Ukraine and US taxpayers are paying for it… Who is playing the Russian Roulette? US is spreading too thin… Firm NO to WW3, there are no winners in it… Western media covers this conflict quite differently from US… Ukrainians voted, let THEM DECIDE THEIR FUTURE… First Ukrainian army was sent to shell E.Ukraine, killing 4000 E.Ukrainian civilians, now rebels are retaliating…Wars are ugly…Too many conflicts going on – US is spreading too thin, soon we may need all the friends/cooperation we could get….When obama is gone, we will live in a very different world…

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